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A15–you sunk my island!

I hope Jacob can breathe under water

Hey guys, I wanted to do a separate blog entry on each of last week’s Q/A questions from Steam of Consciousness, but I ran out time so you’re getting it in all one blog. One of last week’s questions really got me thinking about how the island ended up underwater while Ben was able to get off the island, and I wanted to post my theory before tonight’s episode, because based on the title, this question might be answered (Engelhardt keep your mouth shut!) Unfortunately the condensement means I won’t be able to post my favorite non-Finally Lost answer, but we’ll get back on track next week.

– What is Jack’s “mission”?
Jack’s mission is to go back-to-back episodes without shedding a tear. I think Jacob’s plan has been to get all the crying out of the way early on so Jack has no tears left. This plan is foolish because like the energy pocket he destroyed, Jack’s tears are practically limitless, and unfortunately there are no nukes left on the island to stop them.

On a serious note, I think Jacob wants Jack to kill someone Unfortunately it is probably Sawyer. FYI if Jack is responsible for the deaths of Sawyer and Juliet I am going to be in the market for a new flat screen TV because metal objects will be thrown into my screen like I forgot to type in the hatch code…

– In the ‘alt’ timeline, do you think Ben, Ethan and Dogen are just regular people, or are these some undercover Others?
In order to answer this question you must first answer whether you think the nuke sunk the island. Unfortunately I flip-flop on that issue worse than Juliet deciding whether to stop/help Jack detonate the nuke (tear). Today is a “nuke sunk the island” kinda day so I’m going to work with that.

In addition to sinking the island, I think the nuke fractured time and sent our Losties back to Timeline Prime’s present, while warping everyone left on the island to Tunisia. This could explain how Ben, Dogen & Ethan all got off the island. Assuming this crazy theory is true, then I think it’s safe to say that Ben and Dogen are retired Others, while Ethan is just a regular creepy man. Dogen strikes me as someone who was an Other before 1977 and as Richard said about Ben, “He will always be one of us now”, thus they become ex-Others. Ethan was obviously too young to be an Other but he’ll always be creepy.


Yes Mr. Bookie, put me in for $15,428 on the nuclear explosion causing the island to sink and jettison all the 1977 non-Losties to Tunisia. While I concede that there are surely better answers, this is the theory I’m going with because it’s the only way I can explain both the nuke sinking the island and Ben getting off the island. Sure it’s possible that the island was sunk later but that seems like a copout doesn’t it?? The nuke almost HAS to be the cause of the island’s subterranean state, right?? Just like I believed that the writers would have cheated us if the nuke didn’t reset the timeline, I also believe it would be cheating us if some other event sunk the island. Thus I’m sticking with this theory for another 12 hours until it is proven wrong. Which brings us to some interesting questions/thoughts:

  • If the island sinks what happens to Jacob & Smokey? Do they die? Deviating from my theory for just a second, I believe another way the island could have sunk sans the nuclear bomb, is Smokey leaving the island. That would fit really nicely with his promise to Sayid, AND maybe Smokey leaving the island kills Jacob for good!! Hmmm, another day, another topic…I digress…
  • Why is Tunisia the exit point? Widmore & Ben both seem to know about it, so what gives? Maybe Tunisia is another one of those unique pockets of EM that Eloise was talking about
  • Let’s assume for a moment that the island’s titanic grave kills Jacob. Then is Jacob’s death the catalyst for all the changes we’ve seen in Timeline X? This would be proof that Jacob has done more than just “a little” touching here and there (that’s what she said). Or the catalyst for the changes might be the absence of The Other’s not implementing Jacob’s off-island instructions. Remember when a bus “just happened” to run over Juliet’s ex-husband? Was this The Other’s doing, or Jacob’s doing?
  • Finally, what was the hatch “failsafe” that Desmond set off in the season-finale of season 2? It sure seemed like a nuke didn’t it? It generated an EM Pulse around the island which is a movie/TV consequence of setting off a nuke (only certain types of nukes set off EMPs in real life). So why didn’t the failsafe nuke sink the island?

I think that’s enough to think about for one entry and I’m all but certain I’ll be disproven in a just few short hours, I just hope we get an answer tonight!

Finally, I’ve continued my re-watch of LOST and I’m a third of the way through season 2 and have noticed a few more items of interest:

  • Kate’s New Kid’s on the Block Lunch Box that Jacob paid for became the time capsule that Kate & Tommy Brennan used! You know the one that contained the toy airplane and their tape recording?? Am I the last one to notice this or is this new to people?
  • The writers made a mistake in season 5! When the Losties are bouncing around in time, Locke sees the light from the hatch and knows it’s the night that Boone was injured. Sawyer then sees Kate deliver Claire’s baby. In season 2, Claire has have the baby one day after the hatch-light incident. woooops
  • Jin and Frenchy (Russo) don’t have a scene together but they are on the beach at the same time. This occurs when Frenchy warns Claire that The Others are coming for her baby, so it’s not a huge deal that she doesn’t notice Jin. I’m keeping an eye on the Jin/Frenchy situation though…

Sawyer and Sayid, your poll winners

Poll Winners

Say hello to the winners of the “who is your favorite character poll”…Sawyer and Sayid. Before we look at the favorite characters lets look at who didn’t get any votes:
– Jack: I guess he really does cry to much for his own good. No one voted for the fearless leader! It’s like teenage mutant ninja turtles, everyone loves Michelangelo and Rafael but there’s no love for Leonardo. All Jack’s done is keep the survivors together, safe, and given them hope. Plus he has a sick golf game.
– Kate: This surprised me more than anything else. I thought we’d have SOME Kate lovers. She’s a hott bad ass rebel with a heart of gold. She can fight, track, shoot and steal, what’s not to love about Kate?? Who else could manipulate a gang to rob a bank for a toy airplane??
– Charlie: Everyone’s not so favorite junky rockstar. I agree with this non-pick. While I like Charlie, he hasn’t really done anything that stands out. He is an underachiever among superstars (Locke, Sayid, Kate, Jack, Sawyer I’m looking at you). His codependence on Prego is pretty annoying and someone needs to tell him that he is not Aaron’s dad.
– Prego (Claire):  I like Claire, I just don’t love her. I do however love the psychic story line so I’m hoping the writers take her character somewhere beyond the crying mom that’s always defending her baby.
– Boone: He probably died too early in the series for people to really get attached to. Then there was the thing where he banged his hott step sister. Not sure if that helps or hurts his cause. Props for being Locke’s understudy, getting seriously injured while on the plane radio and for accepting his death in order to conserve the already scarce medicine.
– Sticks (Shannon): You all know she is not my favorite character. Sadly she also died too early (my bad). She could have made a comeback with the whole looking for Walt mission but I think it was too little to late.
– Michael: The character I hate most. What’s most frustrating is I only hate him when he’s dealing with Walt. If he’s looking for Walt or talking to Walt I want him to moonwalk right into the defense mechanism/invisible dino. When he’s playing with the adults (raft building time with Sawyer & Jin) then I really like Michael. Plus points for building the raft, minus points for bailing on your kid shortly after he was born.
– Walt: It was going to be really hard for the kid to get some votes. You got to like the fact that everything seems to go his way except of course when he gets kidnapped by The Others. I’m hoping he gets rescued and becomes more of an interesting character.
– Sun: I’m pretty shocked that no one voted for her. I think Sun is such a deep and intriguing character. She runs a garden, learns english on the sly and stays with her husband even though it may not be the best choice at the time. I forgot to put Jin up there and I hope he would have gotten at least one vote. He seems to be loyal to Michael and Sawyer and he still loves Sun. I’m looking forward to Jin developing as a more complete and beloved character.

Now onto the characters that did receive votes:
– Hurley (2 votes):  Known best by the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 for creating a golf course and hosting junkfood-thanksgiving, Hurley is probably the most well-liked survivor. Add the ingredients that he can’t keep a secret, is worth $130M, and knows about the numbers, and you have a lovable character.
– Someone I haven’t met yet (3 votes): I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is either Mr. Ed (Eko) or Desmond. I don’t know much about Desmond but Eko rocks. He saved my favorite character (Sawyer) and doesn’t listen to Mean Bitch (Ana). I also love that he gave up speaking for 40 days.
– Locke (3 votes): John Locke, the man, the myth, the legend. Conned out of a kidney by his own father, crippled for a so-far-unexplained reason, un-crippled for a so-far-unexplained reason, master hunter, master tracker, hatch discoverer, hatch opener and of course ALWAYS knows what is troubling the survivors (and often helps them through it). Minus points for the preachy faith thing, otherwise full-fledge bad ass.

And the WINNERS are (2-way tie):
– Sayid: I think I know why people love Sayid. He’s tough, he always knows what to do and he’s always fixing some ridiculous electronic device. He tends to fly off the handle a bit but that’s just part of his charm. I have high hopes for Sayid. I’m still holding out hope that he will meet his great Iraqi love if (when?) they get off the island. I also think he will be a key contributor because he’ll fix some yet-to-be-seen device to get them to safety. Sayid you are a winner!

– Sawyer
My favorite character. He’s the survivor you are supposed to hate but like Kate you can’t help falling in love. Like every misunderstood bad boy with a complicated and tragic past, he tries to do the right thing when you least expect it (telling Jack about his father, attempting to protect Walt). He also shares my hobbies of nicknames and doesn’t let the fact that he’s on a deserted island get in the way of him having the perfect amount of bad boy scruff. Looking forward to Sawyer becoming more domesticated with Kate as the show moves along…

Thanks to everyone that voted in the poll and please vote on the next poll: If you were stuck on the island, you would most likely be found doing which activity:….


Finally Lost Season 1 recap

Long way down

WOW what a season 1 finale. As you know Before starting I knew just about nothing about LOST (save they eventually get off the island, numbers are important and the island may be a government or alien creation) so there were quite a few things I did not see coming. Everyone got a flashback (which was awesome). Frenchy pulled a rope-a-dope and kidnapped devil baby (Aaron!) in order to swap for her 16 yr old son. The Others were really after Walt and it looks like they have a motorboat (why are they still on the island then!). Jack gives Sawyer a gun and Sawyer tells Jack about his encounter with Jack’s father (it’s like the writers read my last post). Hurley saw the numbers on the hatch. The Prof blew himself up with dynamite in a wicked cool scene (I’m sorry that the Prof died, esp since I’ve taken the trouble to give him a cool nickname). The invisible-dino is really a defense system which appears to be mechanical. Jin and Sun reconcile. Sticks shows heart, Charlie finds the heroin, the US marshal put the toy airplane in the safety deposit box, Jack is no longer married, Sayid uses gun powder to fix Charlie and the list goes on and on…

As I said before I really loved how this episode gave everyone flashbacks. They really made you feel how much the characters have changed in the last month. The theme of the flashbacks seemed to be how the main survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 almost didn’t get on the plane but fate stepped in and made sure they were. Interestingly enough we had our survivors sitting in rows 23,16,42, etc. And who is that hott chick that was hitting on Jack who just happened to be sitting in row 42 (last row in the plane). Would they bring her up and make her sit in that row if she wasn’t important? Could she be alive on the island and hanging out with Rose’s hubby??

All in all I am loving LOST right now. Season 1 had a tight the story and everything felt connected and purposeful. They probably gave us enough answers in the finale but I would have had trouble waiting between seasons to find out what happened to the folks on the boat and what’s in the goddamn hatch!! I think the next thing I need to explore is…what is the island??..because like Sawyer said, it’s too big to not have been discovered.

Next up on Finally Lost, I’m really wondering how they will bridge the time gap between seasons. So far only roughly a month has gone by. Will we pick up hours, weeks or months later? How the hell are Michael, Jin and Sawyer going to survive being 15 miles out with no boat? Will we EVER find out what’s in that damn hatch. Are the survivors going to start figuring out how they are all connected? Is hott girl #42 going to come back?


Sticks and stones will break Locke’s bones…

Seriously I've never heard of this hatch...

2 more episodes down and still NO idea what’s in the damn hatch! I only have the 2 part season finale left and there are still so many unanswered questions however this time we were given a few morsels of answers. Mystery 1 solved: John Locke knocked out Sayid and destroyed his equipment. I KNEW it! Wait let’s go back to the record…”Locke is very suspicious because he does too good of a job convincing Sayid it was Sawyer (even though the audience knows it wasn’t) and I’m not sure he wants to be rescued from what he dubbed “magic island” because unlike at home he has a role and is respected. That being said, I’m going to pin it on a yet to met character.” Good reasoning but went with unknown character who turned out to be Ethan. I’ll give myself half a point for reasoning, for narrowing it down to 2 good guesses and for identifying that there was someone already on the island that was going to cause them problems. Fair?

And we got some answers about Kate in her flashback. Kate did kill the man she loved and predictably it wasn’t at her hands although clearly it was her fault (BITCH that’s why no one’s voting for you on my poll!). We found out the significance of the plane!! Now that I know it, am I really expected to believe Kate would risk everything by breaking into a bank to get a toy plane? How did it get in that safety deposit box anyway? We still don’t know what Kate’s original crime was to set the law after her but maybe in her next flashback. I’d also love to know what she did to her mom to piss her off so much. PREDICTION: Kate was molested by her step-dad and ended up killing him by accident. That seems to fit and still keeps her hands relatively clean…

Before I get to Sticks I need to say something to the the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815: can you PLEASE tell each other more about yourselves! In honor of Walt telling his dad that he burned the raft I have my list of top info that would be really useful if shared:
– Hurley’s numbers (then maybe they’ll notice they’re on the hatch)
– Hurley’s numbers (it’s f’n important!)
– The fact that Locke can now walk
– Whatever the hell Locke knows about the island
– Prego’s psychic setup
–  The story of Jack’s father and Sawyer (this isn’t really important but it would be really nice for Jack and maybe he and Sawyer could then be bff’s)
– Am I missing anything???

One last thing about Walt. I’m starting to think he really does have some sort of super power. He touches Locke and then has a bad feeling about the hatch. In the past he always rolled the correct dice against Hurley and that bird showed up at his house when his parent’s weren’t listening to him. His step-dad DID call him the luckiest man alive…

And finally Sticks. What the hell were you thinking girl? Locke’s the bet shot you have! And how the hell did you know about the secret guns and that Jack had the key? Something was very odd about the shooting scene. I kept replaying it and it looked like she shot Locke in the stomach. Can anyone confirm? Is the island trying to protect Locke? Why did he get the use of his legs back again? Did it have something to do with the Hatch? I don’t think I like Sticks very much but Sayid is the man. His flashback was a great story and it made his scene with Frenchy more significant when he talked about giving up on finding his love. I really don’t see why he likes Stick’s other than she is pretty hott. But I guess on a deserted island that’s probably enough…

Next up on Finally Lost I get to see the Season Finale of Lost Season 1!! I’m predicting 4 answers and 2342 more questions. By the way today is the last day to vote for your favorite character, so please vote and I will do a write up on the winner.


All That For A Toy Airplane??

All that for an airplane??

Hurley creates a golf course  and starts a census (I’m starting to love him), Prego (Claire) has a freaky past and is kidnapped by Tom Cruises’ cousin (Ethan?), Sahid finds Frenchy, Charlie is almost hung to death and Kate risks it all for a…um…toy airplane?? Now I know hindsight is 20-20 but if I’m Kate’s mom I’m advising her to stay away from planes of all kinds, they’ll only get you arrested and stuck on deserted islands. I should have known something sinister was afoot when we were ACTUALLY going to get an answer! Jack makes Kate show us what’s in the envelope! For Kate to conspire in holding up a bank it must be…the Kennedy assassination papers?…info on the Roswell landing?…bank account numbers?…family jewelry?? Nope just more questions in the form of a toy airplane. At least Kate tells us/Jack that’s she’s responsible for the death of someone she loves. Finally some info on why Kate is so broken. The writing on this show is clearly top notch and you have to love the subtlety of Sawyer being the one that helps Kate find the suitcase while Jack helps her re-retrieve it (from Sawyer of course), open it and eventually is the the one she confides her secrets to. I still think she’s gonna pick Sawyer.

Now not to burry the lead but The Others kidnapped Prego! I guess I was totally wrong about The Others being the people from the other half of the plane which is bad news for me and Rose who is heart-warningly still holding out hope her husband is still alive (sucker!). Prego’s backstory is my favorite so far. Her clairvoyant psychic (ha get it) either sends her to her death OR sends her to the island. Maybe the psychic knows about The Others and wants them to have the baby. Or maybe The Others are just a creep cult that want to worship the devil baby. Either way can’t the tribe do better than “the trail went cold?” Jack has the right idea, find Frenchy and torture everything she knows about the island and The Others out of her! At least go back to Frenchy’s hideout and see if you can use any of her equipment to get off the island!

And then there’s the hatch (wow a lot of things are going on right now).  What the hell could be in there? The lab where the invisible dinosaur was created?The source of all the crazy magic? Something that I don’t quite understand (and maybe someone can explain it) was how did Locke escape the invisible dino-thing? Or was he being attacked by a boar? I didn’t get it but after he came back he was talking all this “I’ve seen the heart of the island” mumbo-jumbo and I thought maybe he knows something the rest of the tribe doesn’t.  Well I hope it’s how to make TNT because if he wants to open that hatch I think he’s gonna need to blast…

Finally I need to say something about Hurley. He’s the man. It’s about time someone on this island decided to have some fun. Just wait till he discovers Kate and Sawyer’s swimming blue lagoon and starts games of chicken and marco polo (writers please any excuse to see more footage of Sticks in a bathing suit). Conversely I’m hating Michael. He really needs to treat Walt like a person instead of just yelling at him all the time…and not offering his son a chance to golf when it was his turn up…that’s just cold. I’m not sure what’s going on but first you abandon your kid and now you just yell at him all the time. You won’t be receiving the magic island father of the year award anytime soon..

Next up Boone and Locke try to open the hatch and I’m hoping for a spectacular rescue mission for Prego led by Locke. Those guns from Kate’s briefcase just might come in handy…


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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