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It’s about to be a girl fight

How could I resist...

Completed: 3-12 Par Avion, 3-13 The Man From Tallahassee, 3-14 Expose, 3-15 Left Behind.  39 episodes left, 59 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest that the survivors get off the island at some point.

What a great 4 episode clip! I think this must be the part of the series where the writers, much like the universe, course corrected. I am seeing more answers being given, the pace of the story has picked up and they even buried alive Enrique the Cook and Anna Nikki-ole (ew she really banged that old guy for $8M?) I was surprised to learn that people really hated those 2 since I only remember them being in 1 or 2 episodes but the show must feel a lot different when it’s viewed one week at a time.

So the recap: Prego (Claire) uses her nature channel knowledge gained from hanging out with comatose mom to tie a note to a electronically monitored migrating bird; the Hobbit (Charlie) & Desmond come clean to Claire about Charlie’s future death and we learn that Jack’s Dad is really Prego’s father (man that guy get’s around). Kate, Sayid, Frenchy & Locke go over the sonar defenses and through the woods to Others Camp to rescue Jack but are appalled to find he is working with The Others. Sayid & Kate are kidnapped and Locke is Other-Ben-whammied (new term for being Ben-manipulated) to blow up the submarine only to be given the gift of his biological father all tied-up. Back at camp, Hurley and the gang have a Hardee Boys mystery hour and figure out that Enrique & Anna Nikkiole were killed over diamonds but missed the memo about them only being spider-paralyzed so they were buried alive. Finally, the episode “Left Behind” treated us to a handcuffed mud wrestling match between Kate & the Ice Princess (Juliet) where the only winners were the males in the audience. Eventually they made up (sadly without kissing) and escaped the black smoke and found Sayid and Jack at Camp Others.

I know Prego only gets one flashback per season but they are always among my favorites. We finally get to see who Daddy Jack was trying to visit in Australia when Ana Lucia was in the car. I knew it’d eventually be someone important but I had no idea it’d be a grownup Prego! I’ll spare you all from my complaining about how long we will have to wait before Jack & Prego realize they are halfsies but just know I’ll be frustrated till it happens (prolly in Season 5 or 6 grrr!) I’m very intrigued that The Others know EVERYTHING about the survivors of flight 815 and they surely must know all about these connections. Maybe The Others will invite the survivors to a magic island thanksgiving and tell them all about the connections before slaughtering them. Stranger things have happened. At least Dez & the Hobbit told Prego about Dez’s future flashes.

Oh the man from Tallahassee! I’m beginning to understand why people love Other Ben. I’m instantly won over by such quotes as:
– “John you should probably know that my daughter currently hates me so using me as a hostage might now work”
– “No, John, unfortunately we don’t have a code for ‘there’s a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter’s head,’ although…we obviously should”.
– “That’s why I’m in the wheelchair and you’re not”

I hate him, I love him. And he finally gives us some answers. He confirms the island is in fact magic island and has healed Locke (and likely along with Rose & Jin’s boys) but we don’t know why it hasn’t healed Other Ben (perhaps he is immune because he’s lived on the island all his life?). He tells us why he wanted the sub blown up and we learn about his manipulative plan to capture Jack, Sawyer & Kate. What we are still left to ponder is…why won’t he let people leave the island? What are they doing on the island? Is there really a magic box and how/why is the island so magical. Where did The Others go? And HOW did they acquire Locke’s dad? I’ll make some predictions soon but for now I’m going to guess that Daddy Locke came in another plane with the most recent hatch anomaly that caused Desmond to use the fail safe.

A few words about Expose’. Any episode that has hott Nikki as a stripper dancing to rump-shaker, a Billie D Williams cameo as himself, Sawyer in the middle of a whodunnit, and 2 people buried alive is a classic episode to me. I LOVE how we got to see Enrique & Anna Nikkiole play small parts at vital times during this show’s timeline. So are they really dead?? I guess I’ll give them a couple more episodes before I call time of death but what a GREAT ending. I love how this episode explained little things like Enrique going off to the bathroom, why Enrique wanted to go to the new hatch and how the survivor’s knew about the guns in the marshal’s briefcase (I think I questioned how Shannon knew about the guns at one point?). It was great to see Other Ben and the Ice Princess planning in the hatch but I wonder why the Others leave those hatches abandoned.

Finally a few words about Left Behind. The connections are really coming full circle. It makes sense why Sawyer was in Kate’s Mom’s dinner…the lady from the long con must have lived close by. Now the Con Lady helps Kate get a moment with her mom and tells Kate about her being knocked up by a con man. She came SO close to using the name Sawyer it hurts! Kate is the reason Sawyer ended up in prison! Sawyer really does have a daughter! I really hope the survivors discover these connections. Last word on the episode..I love that Hurley conned Sawyer into being nice to everyone and taking over as leader. Those two should always be on screen together!

Next up on Finally Lost…Jack & company return home to end Sawyer’s brief stint as commander and chief and hopefully Sayid will interrogate the Ice Princess. Now we can find out everything! I still don’t trust her and wouldn’t put it past Other Ben to have injected her as a spy. She did after all go out of her way to handcuff herself to Kate in the middle of nowhere and then lie about it!


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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