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See ya in Los Angeles

White screened

All episodes complete! 42 agonizing days until the Lost Season 6 premier, and like you I am completely lost.

Now that was one hell of a finale. Lost fans what did you do on your summer vacation? “Um we argued back and forth if the timeline of the show was reset when Juliet blew up the nuke”. I have a very strong opinion on what happened (surprised?) but I’m hoping to hear all your theories since you can now comment without fear of spoiling me. But first the recap:

We see Jacob & an unknown “friend” (being called nemesis in some circles) enjoying a typical 1800s day by the fully erect statue by the beach. There is a boat on the horizon (presumable the Black Rock) and Nemesis asks Jacob why he brought the boat to the island when people always end up fighting and killing each other. Jacob says until the final end everything is progress. Nemesis remarks that  he will someday find a loophole and kill Jacob. Next we see flashbacks of almost every significant Lostie and how Jacob interacted with all of them at some point. Jacob payed for the lunchbox kid-Kate stole, lent Sawyer the pen he used to write the letter to Sawyer, prevented Sayid from being hit by the car that killed Nadia, brought Locke back to life after his father pushed him out that window, congratulated Jin & Sun at their wedding, picked up Hurley outside the police station and convinced him to get on AA Flight 316 and left him a guitar case, and finally visited Boobie-Fett in the hospital and asked her to do him a favor. Interestingly enough, Jacob was not in the flashback where Juliet found out her parents were getting a divorce. Back on the present day island Locke tells Richard to take all The Others to see Jacob and tells Other Ben he has to kill Jacob. Other Ben agrees because Dead SlingShot (Alex) told him to do everything Locke said and because he feels slighted that Jacob never met him in all his years as leader of the Others. We find out Jacob lives at the bottom of the four-toed statue (what lies in the shadow of the statue…the one that can save us…apparently Jacob) and Other Ben and Locke going in for a quality time visit. While Locke and Other Ben are in the statue it it is revealed that Boobie-Fett and her pals were carrying around  real-Locke’s body the whole time, making everyone wonder who is in the statue with Other Ben! Cut to inside the statue, Jacob congratulates fake-Locke on finding a loop hole thus revealing him to be Nemesis. Nemesis’ plan works and Other Ben kills Jacob and for just for giggles, Nemesis kicks Jacob’s body into the fire.

Back in 1977, Kate, SawFleur & Juliet break out of the sub and go back to stop Jack (they also run into Rose, White Bernard & Vincent who have been living happily ever after for the last 3 years). Juliet changes her mind several times but eventually decides the right thing to do is to help Jack reset the future by blowing up the atom bomb down the chamber of the unbuilt hatch. Sayid who was likely given a fatal gun wound from an earlier gun fight, sets the atom bomb to detonate on impact. Ghostbuster then wisely asks the question: “How do you know blowing up the nuke isn’t the incident??” No one has an answer for him and they decide to blow up the nuke anyway. There is a big gun fight but the Losties win and Jack throws the nuke down the hatch hole but nothing happens. Meanwhile the drill hits the pocket of energy and everything metal begins to be pulled towards the pocket of energy. Juliet gets tangled in a chain and in a heartbreaking moment Sawyer loses her hand and she is pulled down to the bottom of the hatch hole. Juliet wakes up badly injuried at the bottom of the hatch hole and sees the nuke is still intact. Using a rock next to her, she slams the nuke 8 times and it explodes and we get LOST WHITE-screened. End of season. AHHHHH!

I am sure time is reset. It has to be. There is no way the writers would tease us with the possibility of a reset and then not give it to us. Based on the name of the first episode in season 6 plus the fact that everyone and Aaron’s mom is on the season 6 promo cover (welcome back Boone, Sticks, Mr. Eko), I believe 815 is landing in LAX. The question is how do the events of the island converge with the new present? The past 5 seasons can’t all be for nothing, that would be horrible! The writers would have a revolution on their hands! We’d take to the streets, shoot fire arrows at the writers and send the black smoke monster at ABC! It’s possible the nuke was “the incident” all along and somehow that flashes forward all the Losties into the present where life is happy for everyone, but I just don’t see it. Obviously everything would change if 815 lands safely in LAX starting with the passengers not knowing each other. Here are a few other not so obvious changes in history:

  • Jacob is alive. If 815 never crashes, Nemesis’ plan can never use Locke. I bet that’ll piss off Nemesis
  • What will Desmond do with himself on the island? If the hatch is never built, how does Desmond occupy himself? Does he become an Other or is he killed by The Others? He also won’t meet Faraday in Oxford and who knows what the consequences for that are.
  • Ethan is never born. Sawyer saves his mother in the future. Also who knows all the consequences that will occur from the Losties not traveling back in time!
  • Other Ben might die from his back tumor. On one hand Jack won’t be on the island to save him (neither will Ethan), but on the other hand if the hatch doesn’t blow up then the electrocal systems on the island will be intact meaning Other Ben can leave the island on the sub Locke will never blow up to see a real doctor
  • Desmond will never tell Penny to call him on christmas eve.
  • The freighter may never find the island. I think the 815 crash gave Widmore a good guess on the island’ location and without the crash, he might not have been able to find it.

And there are the obvious consequences. The bad: Sawyer is still a conman, Rose, Locke & Faraday will continue to have their physical ailments, Prego (Claire) gives up her baby, Charlie remains an addict, Jin is still a bad person and Michael is alive. But there is some good: all the passengers will survive, Sayid will be reunited with Nadia and Indiana will live because they probably never find the island. Like Sawyer, I was voting for Jack NOT to blow the nuke. Tear.

Now my theory can totally be shot to hell because in someways it doesn’t make sense. IF the Losties never crash on the island then the nuke is probably never contained and it’s certainly never blown up near the hatch which means time can’t be reset!!! Ahh paradox!!! This is and endless loop and can’t be explained and is the best evidence that time will not reset. I wonder how the writers will respond. It’s also worth mentioning that just because the hatch doesn’t rip flight 815 in-half doesn’t mean the plane won’t have electrical problems and crash land on the island just like AA 316. In fact this is the most likely scenario.

With all the other topics going on, I’ve avoided Jacob & Nemesis. I doubt I am alone in thinking that Nemesis IS the black smoke and it can take on the appearance of any dead person on the island. Since it hates humans, black smoke seems to enjoy killing them after judging them (it judged Mr. Eko the same way it judged Other Ben). I also think Jacob & Nemesis are aliens who somehow got punished and are placed on the island which is serving as a prison. Nemesis blames Jacob for the imprisonment and that’s why he wants to kill him. Makes sense to me…

Finally, I need to talk about Juliet & Sawyer. I loved them as a couple and was heartbroken when she let go of Sawyer’s hand. You really felt Sawyer’s pain in that scene. Even before that scene I was pissed at Juliet for giving up on Sawyer just because he looked at Kate. Let it go!! Kate ain’t all that and you’re almost as hott and you’re way more together. Juliet, you disappointed me…

Next up on Finally Lost…I’ll recap season 5 and formally list my Season 6 predictions. I know many of you have been reluctant to comment on the blog for fear of dropping spoilers (thank you for this, and amazingly enough nothing was spoiled!) but I’d like to hear your thoughts and theories on the upcoming series. What’s going to happen??


Daddy Said Stay Away From Juliet

Daddy said stay away from Juliet

Completed: 3-5 The Cost of Living, 3-6 I Do, & 3-7 Not in Portland. 47 episodes left, 61 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest that the survivors gets off the island at some point.

After being wrong about the invisible dino, the aliens, no main characters dying, Ethan hitting Sayid over the head with the stick, and no main characters dying (again), I’m on a winning streak. The Others kidnap Jack to operate on Other Ben’s tumor, check. Mr. Eko is the next character to die, check check. Kate picks Sawyer over Jack, check check check. Enough with the semi-gloating and onto the recap: Mr. Eko wakes up from his polar bear induced coma to follow his imaginary brother to the Nigerian crash site. He is followed by Locke, the hobbit (Charlie), Desmond, some new smoking hott chick and her boyfriend or husband or brother (after Boone and Sticks I’m not taking any chances). Sadly the rescue team is too late to save Mr. Eko from the black smoke killer thing and he uses his last breath to tell the others that they are next. Meanwhile Kate and Sawyer get it on in their cages and Jack uses his brains for once and forces The Others to Let Kate and Sawyer go free in return for fixing up Other Ben’s sabotaged kidney.

So we finally got our first Ice Princess (Juliet) flashback and we learn that she once a normal gal who used experimental injections to impregnate her cancer diagnosed sister while trapped under the thumb of her manipulative ex-husband until The Others ran over her ex-husband with a bus and conned her into going to “Portland” with them. All of this begs the question…why do The Others stay on the island? I still think they believe they are doing noble research under the leadership of CEO guy. Also if The Others have such great intelligence and science capability then why did Other Ben need Jack to do his surgery. One of The Others said they haven’t been able to communicate outside the island since the sky turned purple (hatch blewup) so that combined with Other Ben’s view that fate sent him a surgeon is probably the reason for this. I also wonder about the obvious…instead of kidnapping Jack, why not say, “Hey I’m getting you guys all off the island, could you maybe wait and take the next boat out and do some back surgery on me in the meantime?” Now while I commend Jack for finally having a great plan to rescue Sawyer & Kate, I berate him for not asking ANY QUESTIONS! The plot also thickens because the Ice Princess asks Jack to kill Other Ben via silent TV. Is this another ploy to gain Jack’s trust, or does she really want off the island that badly? I think the Ice Princess wants Other Ben dead. Assuming that’s true, why does she tell The Others that Jack will never kill Other Ben and that they should go after Kate & Sawyer?? They also said Other Ben would rather die than let Kate & Sawyer go…why?? They said Jack’s not on the list but Kate and Sawyer are…Arg! Either way Other Ben wakes up in the middle of his procedure and promises Icey that he will let her go home if she let’s Sawyer & Kate go which she does after killing Danny.

Now let’s not forget about our friends on the magic island. Apparently Locke has been trained in the corporate ways of diversity & inclusion because he opens up the Mr. Eko hunt to everyone. It’s a great way to address the fact that there are roughly 30 other survivors from oceanic flight 815 that haven’t got to go on cool hatch missions before. I think Locke is a much better leader than Jack and I hope he keeps up the openness. I know people love Mr. Eko but I was kind of getting bored of his story. Maybe death by black smoke was the only way to save this crumbling character that had begun as such a bad ass. Tailgaters…and then there was one…watch out White Bernard! Now that Mr. Eko is dead it’s time to predict the next major death. I’m going with a midseason cliffhanger of…a pretend death. It’s time for the show to make you think someone has died when they really haven’t. 3rd times a charm…no major deaths for a while!

Finally a few points I thought worth mentioning:
– Sawyer drops the funniest line in the entire series on none other than Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Don’t get mad at me just because you were dumb enough to fall for the old wookie prisoner transfer con gag!!” HA
– I love Slingshot (Frenchy’s daughter) and am willing to bet several Bart Simpson autographed rocks that she doesn’t know Other Ben isn’t her real dad…
– The writers made a huge mistake when Locke says he and Sayid rescued Mr. Eko from the polar bear, when it was he & Charlie!
– Am I really expected to believe Locke & Desmond couldn’t come up with turning on all the TVs on their own? At least this hott girl is smarter than Sticks.

Next up on Finally Lost…we’ll hopefully find out if Other Ben keeps his promise to get Ice Princess & Jack off the island.


Finally Lost Season 1 recap

Long way down

WOW what a season 1 finale. As you know Before starting I knew just about nothing about LOST (save they eventually get off the island, numbers are important and the island may be a government or alien creation) so there were quite a few things I did not see coming. Everyone got a flashback (which was awesome). Frenchy pulled a rope-a-dope and kidnapped devil baby (Aaron!) in order to swap for her 16 yr old son. The Others were really after Walt and it looks like they have a motorboat (why are they still on the island then!). Jack gives Sawyer a gun and Sawyer tells Jack about his encounter with Jack’s father (it’s like the writers read my last post). Hurley saw the numbers on the hatch. The Prof blew himself up with dynamite in a wicked cool scene (I’m sorry that the Prof died, esp since I’ve taken the trouble to give him a cool nickname). The invisible-dino is really a defense system which appears to be mechanical. Jin and Sun reconcile. Sticks shows heart, Charlie finds the heroin, the US marshal put the toy airplane in the safety deposit box, Jack is no longer married, Sayid uses gun powder to fix Charlie and the list goes on and on…

As I said before I really loved how this episode gave everyone flashbacks. They really made you feel how much the characters have changed in the last month. The theme of the flashbacks seemed to be how the main survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 almost didn’t get on the plane but fate stepped in and made sure they were. Interestingly enough we had our survivors sitting in rows 23,16,42, etc. And who is that hott chick that was hitting on Jack who just happened to be sitting in row 42 (last row in the plane). Would they bring her up and make her sit in that row if she wasn’t important? Could she be alive on the island and hanging out with Rose’s hubby??

All in all I am loving LOST right now. Season 1 had a tight the story and everything felt connected and purposeful. They probably gave us enough answers in the finale but I would have had trouble waiting between seasons to find out what happened to the folks on the boat and what’s in the goddamn hatch!! I think the next thing I need to explore is…what is the island??..because like Sawyer said, it’s too big to not have been discovered.

Next up on Finally Lost, I’m really wondering how they will bridge the time gap between seasons. So far only roughly a month has gone by. Will we pick up hours, weeks or months later? How the hell are Michael, Jin and Sawyer going to survive being 15 miles out with no boat? Will we EVER find out what’s in that damn hatch. Are the survivors going to start figuring out how they are all connected? Is hott girl #42 going to come back?


Sticks and stones will break Locke’s bones…

Seriously I've never heard of this hatch...

2 more episodes down and still NO idea what’s in the damn hatch! I only have the 2 part season finale left and there are still so many unanswered questions however this time we were given a few morsels of answers. Mystery 1 solved: John Locke knocked out Sayid and destroyed his equipment. I KNEW it! Wait let’s go back to the record…”Locke is very suspicious because he does too good of a job convincing Sayid it was Sawyer (even though the audience knows it wasn’t) and I’m not sure he wants to be rescued from what he dubbed “magic island” because unlike at home he has a role and is respected. That being said, I’m going to pin it on a yet to met character.” Good reasoning but went with unknown character who turned out to be Ethan. I’ll give myself half a point for reasoning, for narrowing it down to 2 good guesses and for identifying that there was someone already on the island that was going to cause them problems. Fair?

And we got some answers about Kate in her flashback. Kate did kill the man she loved and predictably it wasn’t at her hands although clearly it was her fault (BITCH that’s why no one’s voting for you on my poll!). We found out the significance of the plane!! Now that I know it, am I really expected to believe Kate would risk everything by breaking into a bank to get a toy plane? How did it get in that safety deposit box anyway? We still don’t know what Kate’s original crime was to set the law after her but maybe in her next flashback. I’d also love to know what she did to her mom to piss her off so much. PREDICTION: Kate was molested by her step-dad and ended up killing him by accident. That seems to fit and still keeps her hands relatively clean…

Before I get to Sticks I need to say something to the the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815: can you PLEASE tell each other more about yourselves! In honor of Walt telling his dad that he burned the raft I have my list of top info that would be really useful if shared:
– Hurley’s numbers (then maybe they’ll notice they’re on the hatch)
– Hurley’s numbers (it’s f’n important!)
– The fact that Locke can now walk
– Whatever the hell Locke knows about the island
– Prego’s psychic setup
–  The story of Jack’s father and Sawyer (this isn’t really important but it would be really nice for Jack and maybe he and Sawyer could then be bff’s)
– Am I missing anything???

One last thing about Walt. I’m starting to think he really does have some sort of super power. He touches Locke and then has a bad feeling about the hatch. In the past he always rolled the correct dice against Hurley and that bird showed up at his house when his parent’s weren’t listening to him. His step-dad DID call him the luckiest man alive…

And finally Sticks. What the hell were you thinking girl? Locke’s the bet shot you have! And how the hell did you know about the secret guns and that Jack had the key? Something was very odd about the shooting scene. I kept replaying it and it looked like she shot Locke in the stomach. Can anyone confirm? Is the island trying to protect Locke? Why did he get the use of his legs back again? Did it have something to do with the Hatch? I don’t think I like Sticks very much but Sayid is the man. His flashback was a great story and it made his scene with Frenchy more significant when he talked about giving up on finding his love. I really don’t see why he likes Stick’s other than she is pretty hott. But I guess on a deserted island that’s probably enough…

Next up on Finally Lost I get to see the Season Finale of Lost Season 1!! I’m predicting 4 answers and 2342 more questions. By the way today is the last day to vote for your favorite character, so please vote and I will do a write up on the winner.


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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