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A con man goes by many names friend

Definitely not dead

Completed: 3-16 One of Us, 3-17 Catch-22, 3-18 D.O.C., 3-19 The Brig, 3-20 The Man Behind The Curtain.  34 episodes left, 58 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest that the survivors get off the island at some point.

So much happened in these 5 episodes and I’ll try to get to it all. Recap: We learn that the Ice Princess (Juliet) was recruited to figure out why mothers who get pregnant on magic island die during their 2nd trimester while Other Ben used her sister’s remergent cancer as leverage to keep her on the island. We also learn that the Ice Princess is really a mole and activates Prego’s (Claire) implant to make her sick so Ice P can gain the survivor’s trust by curing her. Elsewhere after Desmond sees a future-flash, he leads Hurley, Jin & the Hobbit (Charlie) to find a helicopter crash survivor and with the help of Patch Adams (the russian Other) he returns her back to health. The conveniently hidden ultra-sound machine reveals that it was Jin who knocked up Sun and the Ice Princess explains that the sperm count of males on magic island is 4-5 times higher than on normal deserted islands. Locke returns to find Sawyer and brings him to the Black Rock so he can kill Daddy Locke for him because it turns out Daddy Locke is con man Sawyer! After revealing to Sawyer that Ice Princess is a mole, Locke returns to the Others with the body of Dead Daddy Locke and proclaims he and Other Ben are going to see Jacob. Locke hears a voice that says “Help me” but believes Jacob is a figment of Other Ben’s imagination and after an argument, Other Ben shoots Locke and leaves him for dead in a pit filled with deceased Dharma workers that Other Ben had betrayed years before. Back at Camp Survivor, Sawyer reveals that the Ice Princess is a mole but Jack says he already knows and they are trying to come up with a plan to counter the coming Other attack.

I think I know what’s going on with the Others now. The original Others are native to the island and put great value on anyone that can communicate with the island; they call these people “special”. For whatever reason they got into a long war with the Dharma folks and finally exterminated them with Other Ben’s help. Other Ben likely rose to the tops of the Others food chain because he was very special as demonstrated by his ability to see his dead mother (this must mean Jack & Mr. Eko are special too). The Others serve this Jacob fellow and would probably be content to live on the island except they can’t reproduce because mothers that conceive on the island die during pregnancy, so they need to kidnap kids and perform tests on pregnant moms. When the plane crashed Other Ben wanted a list of 4 names, this was either a list of 4 special people or potential knocked up ladies. To serve knocked-up ladies soup (a magic island specialty) simply add horny men with abnormally high sperm count with mediocre to hott -looking women on a deserted island place setting. I always wondered why The Others let Kate & Sawyer “get stuck in a net” while imprisoned in the cages but they must have wanted Kate to get prego’d. It also must be one of the reasons The Others didn’t want to help the survivors of oceanic flight 815 get off the island.

Now that we have The Others solved there are a few other topics that need to be looked at. Daddy Locke is Sawyer!! I received comments from a friend about something that was starring me in the face since season 1! I should have guessed this since his favorite character is Locke. Great plan by Locke to use Sawyer to kill his dad…How do The Others have some great info on all the survivors?? Someone is definitely pulling the strings…I like that Locke told Sawyer he is on his own path and I believe him. Locke only cares about the island, he’s not with The Others nor the survivors. It was also great to see Locke manipulate Other Ben into taking him to see Jacob. At first I was inclined to agree with Locke that Jacob is made up but now I think he is real. I don’t however,  know why Jacob needs help from Locke.

Then there was Other Ben’s flashback. I could write a whole blog just on that. He was NOT born on the island! His mother died giving birth to him 2 months premature and his father was none-other-than Roger the Workman, supplier of the beer & truck fun! Young Ben was recruited to betray his Dharma brethren by hasn’t aged a day Richard. I would attribute this a magical island property but Other Ben and SlingShot (Frenchy’s (Danielle) daughter) have clearly aged. After I finished season 2 I was given a link by a friend to a synopsis of the Lost Experience game that took place during the season 2/3 summer break. The synopsis explained what the numbers were and referenced Dharma’s work on life extension so I wonder if that’s what’s going on here.

Then there is Penny. With enough money and determination you can find anyone! Penny recruited Bi-lingual chick (Naomi) to track down Desmond but her helicopter crashed as she got close to the island. I don’t know why her helicopter failed because clearly some electronic equipment works on the island. Maybe the hatch blowing up changed the dynamic or maybe it’s only planes & ships that go bomb which is why The Others use a submarine. In either case Bi-ling revealed that the world found the wreckage of 815 and all bodies were accounted for. Dun dun dun. I think this is the CEO’s work and he wants these people with all these connections on the island. How he got them there all at the same time is beyond me.

Finally a few quick hits to keep this entry from going on forever:
– I love Sun flashbacks and it was heartbreaking to find out either she was going to die or the baby wasn’t going to be Jin’s. I’m glad it’s Jin’s baby.
– I don’t think Locke’s dead, he will Wolverine heal. I would like to go back through the episodes and see how many hints there are to the wolverine-like healing speed on the island. Makes me wonder why Boone & the marshal died.
–  The survivors don’t trust Jack anymore but I think he’s still trust worthy. The Ice Princess on the otherhand is a snake and I wouldn’t trust her. She’ll do anything to get off the island and I think she believes using Sun as a lab rat will be her ticket.
– Sayid, fix that satellite phone before The Others get it!
– Desmond almost sacrificed the Hobbit to find Penny. A ballzy move my friend.
– Deaths: The Hobbit won’t make it to season 4 and neither will Other Tom.

Next up on Finally Lost…I’ll finish Season 3! I hear that the last 15 seconds are a mind blower.


Daddy Said Stay Away From Juliet

Daddy said stay away from Juliet

Completed: 3-5 The Cost of Living, 3-6 I Do, & 3-7 Not in Portland. 47 episodes left, 61 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest that the survivors gets off the island at some point.

After being wrong about the invisible dino, the aliens, no main characters dying, Ethan hitting Sayid over the head with the stick, and no main characters dying (again), I’m on a winning streak. The Others kidnap Jack to operate on Other Ben’s tumor, check. Mr. Eko is the next character to die, check check. Kate picks Sawyer over Jack, check check check. Enough with the semi-gloating and onto the recap: Mr. Eko wakes up from his polar bear induced coma to follow his imaginary brother to the Nigerian crash site. He is followed by Locke, the hobbit (Charlie), Desmond, some new smoking hott chick and her boyfriend or husband or brother (after Boone and Sticks I’m not taking any chances). Sadly the rescue team is too late to save Mr. Eko from the black smoke killer thing and he uses his last breath to tell the others that they are next. Meanwhile Kate and Sawyer get it on in their cages and Jack uses his brains for once and forces The Others to Let Kate and Sawyer go free in return for fixing up Other Ben’s sabotaged kidney.

So we finally got our first Ice Princess (Juliet) flashback and we learn that she once a normal gal who used experimental injections to impregnate her cancer diagnosed sister while trapped under the thumb of her manipulative ex-husband until The Others ran over her ex-husband with a bus and conned her into going to “Portland” with them. All of this begs the question…why do The Others stay on the island? I still think they believe they are doing noble research under the leadership of CEO guy. Also if The Others have such great intelligence and science capability then why did Other Ben need Jack to do his surgery. One of The Others said they haven’t been able to communicate outside the island since the sky turned purple (hatch blewup) so that combined with Other Ben’s view that fate sent him a surgeon is probably the reason for this. I also wonder about the obvious…instead of kidnapping Jack, why not say, “Hey I’m getting you guys all off the island, could you maybe wait and take the next boat out and do some back surgery on me in the meantime?” Now while I commend Jack for finally having a great plan to rescue Sawyer & Kate, I berate him for not asking ANY QUESTIONS! The plot also thickens because the Ice Princess asks Jack to kill Other Ben via silent TV. Is this another ploy to gain Jack’s trust, or does she really want off the island that badly? I think the Ice Princess wants Other Ben dead. Assuming that’s true, why does she tell The Others that Jack will never kill Other Ben and that they should go after Kate & Sawyer?? They also said Other Ben would rather die than let Kate & Sawyer go…why?? They said Jack’s not on the list but Kate and Sawyer are…Arg! Either way Other Ben wakes up in the middle of his procedure and promises Icey that he will let her go home if she let’s Sawyer & Kate go which she does after killing Danny.

Now let’s not forget about our friends on the magic island. Apparently Locke has been trained in the corporate ways of diversity & inclusion because he opens up the Mr. Eko hunt to everyone. It’s a great way to address the fact that there are roughly 30 other survivors from oceanic flight 815 that haven’t got to go on cool hatch missions before. I think Locke is a much better leader than Jack and I hope he keeps up the openness. I know people love Mr. Eko but I was kind of getting bored of his story. Maybe death by black smoke was the only way to save this crumbling character that had begun as such a bad ass. Tailgaters…and then there was one…watch out White Bernard! Now that Mr. Eko is dead it’s time to predict the next major death. I’m going with a midseason cliffhanger of…a pretend death. It’s time for the show to make you think someone has died when they really haven’t. 3rd times a charm…no major deaths for a while!

Finally a few points I thought worth mentioning:
– Sawyer drops the funniest line in the entire series on none other than Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Don’t get mad at me just because you were dumb enough to fall for the old wookie prisoner transfer con gag!!” HA
– I love Slingshot (Frenchy’s daughter) and am willing to bet several Bart Simpson autographed rocks that she doesn’t know Other Ben isn’t her real dad…
– The writers made a huge mistake when Locke says he and Sayid rescued Mr. Eko from the polar bear, when it was he & Charlie!
– Am I really expected to believe Locke & Desmond couldn’t come up with turning on all the TVs on their own? At least this hott girl is smarter than Sticks.

Next up on Finally Lost…we’ll hopefully find out if Other Ben keeps his promise to get Ice Princess & Jack off the island.


An Uncomfortable Stay at Others Island

Island Number 2

Completed: 3-1 A Tale of Two Cities, 3-2 The Glass Ballerina, 3-3 Further Instruction, 3-4 Every Man For Himself. 50 episodes left, 64 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest the survivors gets off the island at some point.

Great now there’s 2 islands! Recap: Jack, Sawyer & Kate wake up to find themselves separated and captives of The Others. Jack is kept in an underwater prison by himself while Kate & Sawyer are forced to work the chain gang. At sea Sayid, Sun & Jin set a trap for The Others but it goes wrong and Desmond’s boat is taken and Sun kills Colleen. Back at camp Locke and the hobbit (Charlie) rescue Mr. Eko from a polar bear and Desmond gains the ability to see the future. Locke inspires the survivors by telling them they are going to rescue Jack, Sawyer and Kate.

4 Episodes into season 3 and I’m as confused as ever. Here’s what I know: There is a 2nd island and The Others are living a relatively normal life there until they witness Oceanic Flight 815 rip in half above the island (total mistake by the writers since the plane should have been unseeable at 32,000 ft). Other Ben (since my name is Ben, I feel weird calling him just Ben) assigns an infiltrator to each side of the island and tells them to bring back a list in 4 (NUMBER) days. Apparently visitors drop by magic island so much that there is protocol for this sort of event. Jack is kept in solitude and Other Ben and the Ice Princess (Juliet) try to make nice with him by giving him info on his wife and updating him on current events such as Christopher Reeves dying (was that in 2004?) and the Red Sox winning the world series. BRILLIANT! That scene goes up there with Locke’s wheelchair and Desmond showing up in the hatch as my favorite moments in the series. Meanwhile, Other Ben gives Kate a dress and a nice breakfast and tells her that the next 2 weeks are going to be hard. Why only 2 weeks?? Can’t you people explain anything?? Sawyer on the other hand is left in a cage and after several breakout attempts is told by The Others that they have installed a pacemaker into his body that will kill him if his heart races to0 fast (yes that includes “being caught in a net with Freckles”). Later on Other Ben reveals to Sawyer that the pacemaker was a trick but notes that Sawyer only complied when they threatened Kate and makes an observation about his feelings for Kate. Oh yea and Other Ben reveals they are on a different island!! Did no one notice that there was an Other Island? One with electricity, plumbing, running water and Other Happiness??

Lots of questions on The Others: Why do they stay on the island? How are they getting such good intel on the survivors? Why did they kidnap Jack, Sawyer and Kate? Instead of infiltrating the survivors why not call them a cab and get them rescued?? My best guesses: They don’t want to leave the island because they are continuing what they believe is noble Dharma work. They didn’t help the survivors because they are afraid their rescue would attract too much attention to magic island and they kidnapped Jack so he can perform spinal surgery on Other Ben’s tumor! Sawyer & Kate are chips to make sure Jack does what The Others want. That theory isn’t great because if they have contact with the outside world then why wouldn’t they just bring a surgeon in? Arg!

Back on the boat. Sayid is the man! Of COURSE he figures out The 3 amigo’s have been captured and comes up with a great plan to get them back: kidnap 2 (hurting one will keep the other in line), kill the rest and hostage swap for Jack and company. This brilliant plan hits the skids when it turns out The Others are only interested in the boat which Sun is currently on for safety reasons (woops). You know how the old story goes: girl meets Other, Other makes sudden move, girl shoots Other. As a side note it turns out Sun WAS sleeping with Hotel owner bald guy (name?) and Jin’s boys can’t swim. Could Sun’s baby not be Jin’s?? Oh Sun what were you thinking? I’m also starting to think that Sun’s dad maybe involved with Mr.Widmore. He’s too powerful and too corrupt so he has to be involved right?

Finally, Locke builds a sweat lodge and sees Boone who tells him to rescue Mr. Eko from a Polar Bear. Locke succeeds using the old fire and hairspray-can trick and now all is forgiven between the two. Locke also rallies the troops and makes a speech about how he’s going to rescue Jack & company. This is old news because Desmond already saw this in the future along with the lightening that was going to hit Prego’s shelter. Wait a minute…Desmond saw the future?? What happened to him when he turned that key and how did he survive the explosion?? Maybe he was transported temporarily a few hours into the future and then came back naked? This show HATES giving answers. All I know is I can’t wait for Desmond’s next flashback…

Next up on Finally Lost…Locke goes on a scouting mission to find The Other’s secret island. He’s going to feel right at home when he finds out they grow a lot of hash out there.

p.s. This is the last day to vote on the poll for the reader’s poll. Only 12 votes so far! I’m taking suggestions for the next poll…


Lost Season 2 complete

I hate Michael

Completed: 2-20 Two For the Road, 2-21 ?, 2-22 Three Minutes, 2-23 Live Together, Die Alone. 54 episodes left, 65 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest the survivors gets off the island at some point.

Season 2 is now in the books and what an ending. Recap: Dumb-ass Dad is compromised and kills 5-0 (Ana Lucia) & Libby before shooting himself and letting Henry get away. Mr. Eko has a dream about his brother telling him he needs to talk to Locke and they soon find the Big Brother of hatches underneath the Nigerian plane crash site. Sayid realizes Dumb-ass Dad’s (DAD from now on) ruse and makes a plan with Jack to pull a rope-a-dope on The Others and Michael but the plan goes wrong when Jack, Sawyer, Kate & Hurley are kidnapped. Back at the hatch Desmond shows Locke how to simulate a lockdown and locks out Mr. Eko so he can let the countdown hit 000. Desmond realizes at the last minute that this is a bad idea and uses the failsafe key to the hatch.

Where to begin?? Let’s pour out a little airplane-sized liquor for Ana Lucia & Libby. I never liked Ana but she was starting to grow on me after she decided to “getting caught in a net” with Sawyer in order to steal his gun. Libby’s death was much more tragic and Hurley’s grief was summed up when he told her, “I’m sorry I forgot the blankets”. Tear. I’m very surprised they killed Libby without resolving the fact that her and Hurley were in the same institution and without resolving the fact that she gave Desmond his sailboat! I’m not going to spend much time on DAD but it’s safe to say that I hate him and hope he drowns to death several times. AND PLEASE STOP YELLING! While we’re on the subject of characters I don’t like, how about the hobbit (Charlie) stealing all the vaccine and giving it to Prego and Devil Baby (Aaron) just so he can try and “get caught in a net” with her.

Then there is the new hatch. So it appears there are 6 hatches on the island and 1 of those hatches is a spy hatch. We are led to believe whatever is happening in the other hatches are just psychological experiments. Locke believes this is true while Mr. Eko believes the real work is being done in the non Big Brother hatch. I agreed with Locke and like Locke was I proven wrong. Before we get to the timer, there is so much ground to cover on Desmond. Desmond goes to prison and writes his gf Penny but her dad makes sure his letters aren’t delivered. When Desmond gets out of jail the father offers him money to leave his daughter alone. Desmond declines the money, gets a free boat from Libby and enter’s Penny’s father’s race around the world and ends up on the island to become the next button pusher with the army guy Sayid was working with in Iraq. PREDICTION: Penny’s dad is SO pulling the strings here! He’s not the CEO but I think he’s one level below the big bad. Back at the hatch, Desmond uses Locke’s printout to discover that HE caused Oceanic Flight 815 to crash because the crash took place when Desmond let the countdown go past 000!! The electromagnetic thing on the island must have ripped apart the plane! Still no explanation on how everyone survived but I believe it’s coming.

Now back to Jack, Sawyer, Kate & Hurley. I think Kate had it right when she said that The Others are only pretending to be feet baring and living worse than the plane survivors. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole village DAD saw was just to trick people into underestimating The Others. It seems really important to The Others that they tell people they are good and keep their word because Henry (like Ethan before him) kept making that point. I also find it interesting that he told DAD that he must drive the boat on a specific course in order to be rescued. Somehow this island must be cloaked from the rest of the world and The Others know how to get off of it. This must be why Desmond couldn’t escape the island in his boat. Luckily for Desmond and the survivors, Penny seems to know a little about this stuff and is trying to find the EM disturbance. Help maybe coming. Meanwhile Hurley is let go so he can give a warning to the rest of the survivors and we are left to ponder what will happen to Jack, Sawyer & Kate (or at least I am since you already know).

So much happened in these 5 episodes and I wasn’t able to note them all so I wanted to bullet a few things I thought were important:
–  It’s interesting that The Others wanted Michael’s blood. I think Walt has some genetic gift/immunity they want/need which is why they kidnapped him in the first place
– Henry seems to be the local leader of The Others, too bad the survivors didn’t know what they had captured
– In Mr. Eko’s flashback we learn that Prego’s psychic is a fraud and was paid 16K (NUMBER) dollars by a couple in LA to mislead her into given the couple her baby. Knowing this show, the couple will probably turn out to be important
– What is up with the statue with 4 toes that Sayid saw. Reminded me of the Colossus
– It appears there are 6 hatches on the island but that isn’t a magic number. Maybe there is one hatch to rule them all plus the ?-mark in the middle which would make 8.

And finally the end of a season means I need to come up with new Season 3 predictions (some of which I’ve already said):
–  After being wrong about aliens I’m going to say the island is a gov project that utilize the strange but natural EM properties.
– The EM properties give the island the power to heal, the cloaking ability and I think some time travel ability
– Mr. Eko will die in season 3. Someone has to die and he seems the right combination of main character but not too main.
–  Penny will show up on the island before the end of Season 3
– Michael won’t abandon the survivors and will return to the island (but I hope him and Walt are eaten by sharks)

Next up on Finally Lost…Season 3!!


Sawyer’s got a gun (well really all of them)…

This time I'll really let it go to 0

Completed: 2-11 The Hunting Party, 2-12 Fire + Water, 2-13 The Long Con, 2-14 One of Them. 64 episodes left, 66 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except for I believe the survivors gets off the island at some point. Recap: Jack, Locke & Sawyer go after Michael but turn back once The Others hold Kate hostage. Charlie goes crazy and thinks he needs to baptize Aaron, Sawyer cons everyone out of the gun stock and Danielle leads Sayid to someone she claims is an Other.

I believe I’ve severely underestimated Jack’s role in all of this. All the connections seem to go through him. He’s had the most flashbacks by far and he is connected to everyone. He seems to be pivotal. The miracle he performed on his wife prompted new hotty Gabriella and her French father to seek his new found deity skills. There is something very familiar about the French dad but I can’t put my finger on it. The drawback on catching up now is I can’t google certain things for fear of running into spoilers. Then there are The Others. Zeeke (the leader) made an interesting statement about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 being guests on their island but never answered questions such as why do you want Walt (I think for his luck power), why do you stay on the island and why have you let tribe prime (main survivors) live but put the hurtpiece on the tailgater? The best theory I have is that The Others think a war with tribe prime would have been too costly while the tailgaters were weak.

I think I finally found an episode I didn’t like in Fire + Water. I am completely bored by Charlie and was not interested in his flashback at all. I got it, you were a junky with a crappy brother and now you’re seeing visions on the island, yawn. The Long Con on the other-hand was BRILLIANT. Sawyer should have been a general with his mind for strategy. He cons a woman by letting her think she’s become his partner. Back on magic island he’s long-conning Locke and Jack out of the guns and medicine. I can only imagine the chaos the tribe is in for with Sawyer in charge of the guns. Jack & Locke really need to get on the same team. If they could put aside their differences they would be a much stronger leadership group. I think the man of faith and the man of science are destined to play a game of chicken all season 2  with the computer and the armor lock as their metaphorical cars. At least we almost found out what happens when the clock goes to 000! The numbers looked like they were turning into Dharma slot machine jackpot. Maybe Hurley will let it go to 000 and add more money into his already bloated bank account. In the connections file did anyone else notice that Sawyer was being served by Kate’s mom in the diner? The more obvious connection was GI Dad (Kate’s dad) was working with Sayid in Iraq. Interesting….

Finally we get to Frenchy and her new captive. Would it kill Frenchy to answer a goddamn question?? I think Sayid is wasting his time on hot air ballon guy and needs to torture Frenchy’s ah French ass instead. If I were Sayid I think the conversation would go more like…So Frenchy where ya been? Heard anything about The Others? Do you know what the hell that black smoke was and why it didn’t kill Mr. Eko when he stood still? Me? I’m doing OK, 5-0 (Ana) killed my superficial girlfriend but at least Hurley gave me white Bernard’s receiver so I’ve been trying to boost that signal lately. Strangest thing though, I got music from the 50’s and Hurley made a time traveling comment….Cut back to me. Time Traveling! Why didn’t I think of that?? Now there’s a theory. I don’t know what the theory is but maybe there’s some time traveling going on. Give me a few more episodes and I’ll come up with something…

Next up on Finally Lost…Hot Air Balloon guy rebuilds his balloon and uses his ruby slippers to get off the island. For the record my prediction with him is he’s going to convince the survivors that he’s a regular nice guy for a while but he’s DEFINITELY another Other infiltrator.


Collisions, Horses, and the 23rd Psalm

The lord is my shepard

Completed: 2-8 Collision, 2-9 What Kate Did, 2-10 The 23rd Psalm. 68 episodes left, 67 days to go.

We get our first Ana & Mr. Eko flashbacks and we finally learn what Kate did. Let’s start with Collision, the episode where Ana keeps Sayid tied up. I seriously wanted to strangle 5-0 (Ana Lucia’s new nickname) during this episode. She is so uncompromising and unwilling to listen to reason. She told Bernard that she kept him alive, but the lives of the other 19 tailgaters were lost in some part due to her poor leadership. At least she makes the right decision in the end and let’s Sayid go. On a lighter note, Jin goes home to Sun and has the physical/metaphorical handcuff removed. It’s going to be great to see Jin evolve as a character now that he will begin to learn english.

Now onto our girl Freckles (Kate). After a little rough touch nursing incident (Sawyer choking Kate), Kate decides to run off and get spooked by a horse. Is it real? Who the hell knows on this island! (It is later confirmed as real) BUT we FINALLY get to the bottom of Kate’s story and….we have a prediction winner. Cut to me your humble blogger host doing a solo fist pump (that’s what she said) and texting a friend bragging how right I was….Kate killed her dad! Never mind my invisible dino and alien island creation predictions looks rather poor at the moment. Who cares that my prediction record has historically resembled the Washington Generals (or Redskins for that matter)…I got one right! Or half right since it sounds like Kate was never molested, which makes her motive all the more intriguing…she didn’t want to be from someone that evil. I’m glad we finally got to meet General Dad (Kate’s dad) and I can’t help but think the onion’s going to peeled on him a bit more. This episode also gives us some more insight into the Sawyer-Kate-Jack love triangle. Jack & Kate finally kiss but it’s a total party foul on Jack due to Sawyer’s condition, due to the fact he told Jack he loves Kate, and after Sawyer did Jack such a solid by telling him about his dad. To make matters even more confusing, Kate tells Sawyer that it reminds her of Wayne (dead biological daddy) when she has feelings for him and it makes her sick. Sawyer picks that moment to have a Lazarus reawakening. There’s no WAY Kate is picking Jack, it’s Sawyer all the way…

After learning about Kate we finally get some info on our pal Mr. Eko. How cool is he?? Mr. Eko saves his brother the trouble of killing the town priest and goes all Blood Diamond and becomes a hardcore drug trafficker. In part 423 of the infinite-part series of “I don’t believe in Lost coincidences”, Boone’s downed plane turns out to be Eko’s plane and the dead are his old partners and brother!! Didn’t see that coming! Is EVERYTHING in this show going to come back full circle?? For now I’ll throw it in the closet with Locke’s wheelchair and Boone’s distress call. The jungle burial scene was great TV (or DVD) but I was hoping for Charlie to burn the heroin. Instead he takes all the statues and doesn’t explain himself well to Prego, who promptly tells him to find some other piece of charred plane and canopy to call home.

Mr. Eko doesn’t just shine is his flashback…he also gives the missing film to Locke. This must mean we’re about to find out more about the hatch?? Nope…just more questions. Don’t feed gremlins after midnight and don’t use the computer for anything else but the code! Cut to Dumb-ass Dad (Michael) talking to Walt on the computer! So The Others have a computer?? They must if they have a boat. Why haven’t The Other’s gone into the hatch already?? They are too skilled to not have broken in. Maybe this Walt thing is a ruse (your cunning attempt to trick me) to get into the hatch and get at the computer. And as far as the “incident” referred to on the film…er…some other operators screwed up before and they blew up another island somewhere.? Did I mention I got the Kate thing right!! One thing is for sure, I agree with Locke, it does not seem like a coincidence that the plane broke in 2 and both groups were able to discover pieces to the film. Finally a note on Walt’s ghost, how sad was it that we find out that Sayid could see Walt in the jungle when Sticks (Shannon) got shot? Just when he finds out she is telling the truth, she dies and he can never tell her she’s not crazy. Tear.

Next up on Finally Lost…Dumb-ass Dad goes solo and tries to rescue Walt??


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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