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Back to the Future

I'll be your constant brother

Completed: 4-3 The Economist, 4-4 Eggtown, 4-5 The Constant. 26 episodes left, 54 days to go. As you know, I don’t know anything that is to come and like the survivors I am completely lost.

One right, and a few wrong. I predicted that time flows differently on the island (check) but I thought Sayid & Devil Baby (Aaron) would stay on the island (wrong). For partial credit I said that the man Kate had to get back to was a powerful man that got her out of prison. Well one could argue that Aaron was a big reason she got off…

On to the recap: We start with a Sayid flash forward and learn he is a hit man that is whackin people with connections to Oceanic Flight 815. We then watch Sayid seduce a woman (Elsa) whose boss is an “economist” in order to get close to him and presumably whack him, but the tables are turned when she shoots him after he warns her to leave the city. This being Sayid, he eventually gets the upper hand, kills her and goes off to find his doctor/boss to fix him up. Oh by the way his boss is Other Ben! In real time Sayid hostage swaps the Ghostbuster (Miles) for Indiana (archeologist name?) so he and Desmond can helicopter back to the boat. Next, Kate gets a flash forward and we watch pre-bearded Jack lie under oath and say that Kate pulled most of the 8 survivors out of the water and onto the beach. Kate’s dying mom shows up and decides not to testify for the fee of seeing her new grandchild. Kate denies this request but her mom still declines to testify and the case against Kate falls apart. Kate is given 10 years probation and is restricted to travel in the state (I’m not sure what state they are in). Back in real time Kate brings the Ghostbuster to see Other Ben while Sawyer runs Locke interference. The Ghostbuster tells Other Ben he will tell his employer that Other Ben is dead for $3.2M Euro and Kate gets banished from Camp Locke for this ruse. Back at Camp Jack there is concern because no one has heard from the helicopter in over a day and the trip should have only taken 20 minutes. They survivors haven’t been told that time flows differently on the island and if you recently had exposer to electromagnetism there could be some side effects. We then watch a disoriented Desmond jump back and forth between present time and 1996 while he tries to follow 1996-Daniel’s advice, which is to communicate with a constant in both times: Penny! In 1996, Desmond pleads with Penny to keep her number until christmas eve of 2004 when he will call her. Once Sayid fixes the communication equipment he talks to Penny and he is fixed like brand new.

There was so much going on in these episodes that I can’t cover them all, however, I will bullet what I think are important notes so I don’t totally ignore them:

  • When Sayid looks at Naomi’s bracelet it looks very much like the one Elsa is wearing when she dies. This probably means R.C. is the economist and might be the main bad guy. Who is R.C.??
  • I would have thought the first thing Sayid would do after he left the island is find Nadia. Maybe Other Ben was referring to her when he made reference to how the people on the list hurt those closest to him
  • The payload shot from the ship to the island was the first conclusive proof of how time flows differently on the island
  • Mr. Widmore bought the diary of the captain of the Black Rock, very interesting…
  • Why even bother to say there were 2 plane crash survivor’s that died on the island? Does that really make the story more believable?
  • Kate isn’t allowed to leave the state? That’s a very interesting demand. If she goes back to the island she could end up in jail and if they rescue the rest of the survivors Jack could end up in jail for perjury

Now the big stuff. Why did Kate take Devil Baby off the island? I doubt it was by force. Either Prego (Claire) dies or she wanted Kate to give her baby a non-island life. This begs the bigger question: why did the 6 who got off the island lie about everything?? I can understand why they made up the story of Kate’s heroics but why did they decide to leave everyone else on the island? If they were forced into it then what sort of deal did they make? I’m guessing that one by one, the 6 are going to decide they have to go back to the island and that’s how season 6 is going to start (LA X). Do all of the 6 know Other Ben is not on the island? It doesn’t seem likely because you would think Jack would use him to get back to the island…unless he’s in the coffin! Other Ben clearly has the necessary skills and passports to pose as someone from Oceanic Flight 815!

Time travel! Check! Is it just me or does a sci-fi time travel theme all of the sudden seem so out of place on this show? You have such normal everyday people like Sun, Jin and Sawyer and then you throw time travel into the island waters and everything seems off. Somehow I don’t see Prego & Rose sitting around the camp fire discussing electromagnetism and how the island-time flows compared to the rest of the world. The big question if course is can the future be changed? Every sci-fi movie/TV show that deals with time travel must answer this question before creating their time rules. I don’t know what the answer for Lost is but I suspect the future can be changed because Desmond kept saving Charlie and he got Penny to keep her number for 8 years. The physicist didn’t seem to recognize Desmond right away but he of course he could have been acting. This time traveling business will no doubt get more confusing before it becomes more clear…

Next up on Finally Lost…maybe we’ll find out who the 6th survivor was!

p.s. Hurley and Sawyer as roommates, pure gold! It’s like the writers are reading my mind!


Oh my god it’s Oceanic Flight 815

Oceanic Flight 815
Completed: 4-1 The Beginning of the End, 4-2 Confirmed Dead. 29 episodes left, 56 days to go. As you know, I don’t know anything that is to come, like the survivors I am completely lost.

Season 4 begins and I’m just as clueless as ever, was I really expecting anything else? Did I expect a flash forward? Yes. Would Hurley have been in my top 5 guesses of who got the first flash forward? No. Recap (this is going to be tough with the flash forwards): The survivors split into 2 camps: Camp Jack believes the folks from the boat are good and here to rescue the survivors, Camp Locke is taking orders from mid-puberty Walt and believes the folks from the boat are bad and should be killed. Hurley convinces half the survivors to go with Locke by telling them that Charlie’s last act was to warn them about the people on the boat…flash to future Hurley in mental hospital and we hear him telling a pre-bearded Jack that he regrets that decision and says we need to go back. Hurley was put in the mental home after seeing Charlie’s ghost in a convenience store and giving the cops an OJ-like car chase. Back in what I think is current time, we see an A-Team land on the island: a ghostbuster, an archeologist, a physicist and a pilot that was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 the day it crashed. Everyone but the archeologist (who gets shot) ends up with Camp Jack and it is revealed that the team’s primary target is Other Ben. We find out the person who visited Hurley in the mental home (char name? I’m calling him Lt. Daniels from The Wire for now) put together this supposed covert team with Bi-Ling (Naomi) as the leader, all while assuring her that no one from 815 survived. The last thing we learn is that Other Ben has a man on the boat and he knows everything about the team.

Dude, I’m part of the Oceanic 6! I’m sorry Hurley did you say 6?? So for some reason 6 of the survivors got off the island, got famous, are miserable and are haunted by the island until they go back. I’m kind of sad that there appears to be no way to change the fact that characters I like are going to leave their friends behind on the island and no matter what happens, Jack will grow a hideous beard. OK, I’ll bite and take a guess at the 6: Jack, Kate, Hurley (man I’m good at this), Locke (because I think his body is in the coffin), Sun (otherwise she’ll die on the island), and a random person! I picture Sawyer staying behind for some reason, Prego (Claire) not going because she and devil baby would make 7, Sayid has to stay behind to protect the survivors and all the rest weren’t on the plane. I think I only missed Jin and I already predicted that he would die so it would be hypocritical to say he got saved. Interestingly enough, Hurley is now seeing dead people when he isn’t even on magic island, what’s that all about?

Who is Lt. Daniels and why does he want to extract Other Ben from the island? How did he and Naomi know that 815 crashed there? Why was Indiana (archeologist chick) digging up Dharma-tracking jewelry from polar bears? One thing is for sure, Lt. Daniels knows his stuff. If I were assembling a team to extract someone from magic island I would definitely want someone that could talk to ghosts, someone that knew something about physics and someone that could actually land a helicopter on that damn island. I think the most logical guess is that the A-Team is working for Mr. Widmore. Since I already identified Widmore as a bad guy in a season 2 blog, I’m pot committed. If he doesn’t show up in season 4 I think I’m going to have to finally abandon this prediction.

New poll is up…When the survivors divided would you have gone with Jack or Locke?

Next up on Finally Lost…Locke takes the crew to see Jacob and Other Ben gets knocked around again. This time from his own stolen daughter!

p.s. I love the title name, “The Beginning of the End”. It sets the tone for the entire season in a similar way that “A Man of Science a Man of Faith” did in season 2. Plus Other Ben said it which makes it way cooler.


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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