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Lovers, Tailgaters and Others…

Hott on hott girl crime

3 more episodes down (“…And Down”, “Abandoned” & “The Other 48 Days”) and so much to talk about. First we get a Sun & Jin flashback episode centered around Sun losing her wedding ring. While nothing really happened this episode I still thought it was a great episode. No main plot revelations were needed because Sun and Jin carried the episode like it was Sawyer with a gun shot wound. And speaking of gun shot wounds…I’m sorry, Sticks, I think I’ve jinxed your family. One episode after I declared no main characters would die in Season 1 Boone took a nose dive in a tree-parked plane. Incredibly  only 2 episodes following my latest dumb prediction that no main characters from Season 2 will die, you get shot. There is nothing I hate (or love) more than hott on hott girl crime. On the bright side you’ve given Sayid an out and he can now go back to pining over a much more worthy gal.

Now it’s in poor taste to mock Sticks after she was given a semi-tragic death scene and a spectacular flashback episode. First we find out Stick’s dad was the person Jack’s wife killed in the car crash (we even see Jack in the same room). Then I remembered Jack viewed her dad as a lost cause and didn’t even bother to work on him. Next we meet a mother-in-law so mean that we actually feel bad for Sticks. Really? You’re not going to feel even a little bad after taking all her inheritance? Well I hope Sticks gets back at you someday and pretends to get beat by her boyfriends just to con you out of money. Dammit, now I’m even OK with that behavior!  And for a cherry on top, Shannon (got to give her some respect) selflessly runs off to chase ghost Walt resulting in her own demise. Sticks, I’ll miss you in a bikini and I’ll miss you because I think given time you could have really redeemed yourself and turned into a productive citizen on magic island.

And now to the meat of it. The Tailgaters!!! The beach scene was AWESOME. The plane looked like an asteroid falling to earth which keeps me wondering how all those people survived the crash. We also get a great parallel between the tailgaters and tribe prime. Great writing to show how the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 continued to live their affluent first class existence. They got all the luggage, they got all the skilled survivors and they even landed on the beach instead of the water. The folks in the back of the bus were literally in the back of the bus. Those second class citizens were awarded beach front property right in the lair of The Others. They got no resources from the plane, no doctor and not enough good people to help them survive. I thought the symbolism of Ana letting gimpy-leg guy die in order to save resources was so striking verses Jack (at the same exact time across the island) spending too many resources to save the doomed US Marshall. Then The Others come and turn the happy-to-be-alive Tailgaters into an untrusting band and cause Mr. Ed to give up speaking for Lent. Very interesting that The Others were able to infiltrate both sides and they are a bit obsessed with kids. NEW PREDICTION: The island is really Michael Jackson’s super secret Neverland 2 ranch(too soon??). If that prediction doesn’t work then I suppose they kidnap the kids so they can retrain them while they are young so someday they can grow and be child kidnappers and killers just like their Other parents. Oh and before I forget, how about the fact that Boone was talking to Bernard when he was in the plane! The monumental events that followed made me totally forget thinking…who the hell is answering the plane radio?? The range can’t be so good, it’d have to be somebody really close…you know like Rose’s white husband (love that they made a half joke about it on the beach). All in all great episodes and I don’t hate Mean Bitch half as much. She is almost a product of her magic island environment…notice I said almost. Jack would have saved gimpy-leg or cried trying…

Next up on Finally Lost…On Day 48 (NUMBER) the two tribes converge and we get to see how Sayid reacts to Mean Bitch killing his girlfriend. I predict he will fix a transceiver and shove it where the sun don’t shine…

p.s. I think it’s very interesting that while Shannon saw ghost Walt the other survivors heard the strange whispering. What is going on there…


To avoid island destruction press 4 8 15 16 23 42 followed by the pound key…

Put in the code!

Not wanting to wait too long to find out what happened to the survivors of Oceanic flight 815, I popped season 2 in and immediately finished the first CD (ending with the great ‘Everyone Hates Hurley’). Most shows get better in their 2nd season because the writers get a chance to learn what worked and what didn’t work during season 1 so I was interested in seeing how different Season 2 would be. The writers seemed to have found a new technique to drive their fans nuts…perspective cliff hangers. Let’s leave our fans hanging on the Jack/Desmond/Locke gun scene for almost 2 episodes because we want to show it from everyone’s perspective. Great idea, very frustrating to wait. Plus how cool was it when you find out Desmond’s supposedly harmless gun shot almost hits Kate.

Now on to the big things. Ohhh the hatch. Finally. After so much waiting. And it was worth it. An enormous bunker, with tons of supplies and best of all a computer from the 80s that prevents the island/world from being destroyed. Prediction1: Doc Brown invented the computer from used pinball machine parts.Prediction2: letting the 108 minute counter go down to zero will NOT destroy the earth nor the island. Balls to the wall. As an agnostic I’m going with the man of science over the man of faith (even if it seems like all the man of science does is cry) however, like Jack I would have entered code, and ’cause you never know. And in part 15 of the infinite part series “I don’t believe in coincidences”, Jack had already met Desmond following the unsuccessful surgery on his future wife. This is followed by her immediately regaining the ability to walk again. I have no idea what it all means but there is something going on. I also hope we get to learn more about this Dharma group and the CEO behind it. In the Chris Tucker “follow the rich white guy” school of law enforcement, he’s the prime candidate for #1 bad guy.

Now when we last left our friends on the raft not much was going on except Sawyer got shot, Jin & Walt were kidnapped and the raft was blown to bits like it was the Prof holding dynamite (got to use that nickname somehow). Sawyer is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters while I continue to loathe Michael. Hey Mike, remember that time Sawyer got a bullet in his shoulder because he was trying to rescue your son and then he saved your life and gave you CPR? How do you want to repay him? Um I’m not so sure yelling at him and saying it was all his fault because he told you to fire the flare is the proper response but to each his own. So after a shark attack and a lucky current the crew finds Jin (a character I like more and more every episode) and is taken out by a Clarke Duncan look alike. Cut to the crew captured and then…of all the pit prisons in all the islands in the world, she walks into mine…Welcome back lady from row 42, I do believe a victory speech is in order. I got another one right!! I’d like to thank the academy and the writers for making it so obvious that you were going to come into play. Same goes for Bernard. Welcome Bernard, we’ve heard so much about you and I had no idea you’d be white! Can I just say that Ana Lucia is a mean bitch. You survived a plane crash which was a billion to 1 shot, try to perk up a bit. And what kind of shoddy tribe are you running here where most of the 23 (NUMBER) survivors died? When the two tribes merge you’d better hope you get immunity or else your ass is getting voted off. I loved the shot of Michael, Jin and Sawyer looking uncomfortable around the tattered tribe while their leadership argues. Despite his reluctance and other flaws this was a great vindication of Crying Man’s (Jack) leadership. It really made you appreciate how well he’s kept tribe prime together.

Now it wouldn’t be a respectable post if I didn’t comment on “Everyone Hates Hurley”. Great idea to put the fat guy whose life was changed by winning the lottery in charge of the food. I also love that he asked Rose to help him, the show has a great cast of characters and I like when we get to see new pairings interact. Hurley’s idea of having an island thanks-regular-food-day was classic Hurley. Shout out to Kyle from Road Trip. “No you don’t get it, because it’s YOUR dog…”

Finally due to the fact that I couldn’t wait to start season 2 I didn’t do a prediction blog. I was asked to give a top 5 list of predictions for season 2 and in the spirit of the numbers I’ll list 4 (Mean bitch and Bernard coming back would have been my 5th).
– The island will not blow up if they don’t enter the numbers into the computer
– The electromagnetic force on the island is what ripped apart the plane and caused it (and all the other boats/planes) to crash there
–  Charlie falls off the wagon and feasts at the all you can eat Virgin Mary heroin buffet bar
–  None of the main characters from season 1 die (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie, Locke, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Prego, Sticks, Michael, Walt).

Next up on Finally Lost…mama said not to hit a girl but Sawyer might have to slap around Mean Bitch


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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