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Answers and Questions

Tie up the Libby storyline dammit!!
So I decided to take full advantage of what Hulu has to offer and began re-watching all the episodes from Season 1 to see what I missed from my first marathon viewing back in December. 18 episodes later and I was really surprised that I understood everything going on in season 1. When I first watched season 1 I was completely confused, and even after I finished the first couple seasons, I was still lost. Five seasons clearly is the charm because now we’re in the know! That thing in the jungle? It’s really black smoke that is a person trying to kill this dude name Jacob. The Hatch?? Oh let me tell you all about the Dharma Initiative. Why did Ethan kidnap Claire and who are The Others?? Let me introduce you to smoking hott Juliet Burke who’s trying to solve the island’s fertility problems. Granted I still don’t know why Walt always wins at backgammon and why dead birds fly into his house, but when last seen he was certainly old enough to beat AC security, so I’m thinking I should just leave that question alone and take the kid with me to the AC craps table…

After my initial shock about how much has been answered, I was once again shocked by how little I missed from the first viewing. I thought I was going to have a Bruce Willis-Sixth-Sense moment where I was kept saying the LOST equivalent of, “Ahh his wife didn’t acknowledge him!” but no such moment came. I guess we as fans pick apart every detail during the first run so there isn’t much that is missed in the end. Despite my best Lostapedia readings, I was able to gleam a few interesting tidbits and thought I’d share what I missed the first time around:

  • Locke’s 1-900 sex operator lady friend was also named Helen. Was this intentional by the writers or did they change the story later on? I’m guessing they changed their mind later on and were able to write around the 1-900 storyline
  • In Claire’s first flashback, her baby’s father mentions that her mother has practically disowned her, however, her mother should have been in a coma at that point. Another writer post-re-write??
  • When Sayid escaped Frenchy’s (Russo) lair he stole a gun from her and later tried to use it on her but it didn’t fire. Frenchy made a comment that her husband didn’t notice the trigger was broken either. It is cool we got to see that referenced scene in season 5
  • I didn’t connect the dots the first time around when Hurley’s accountant told him that he had just gained 51% ownership of “some box making company”. It’s more consistent that Hurley owns that company in both timelines. I still don’t understand how Hurley found out about the numbers in Timeline X since they weren’t broadcasted until 1988. For that matter, who decided to START broadcast the numbers in 1988?? The Dharma Initiative would have been wiped out by then and I don’t see The Others doing that sort of thing. I also don’t understand why Hurley was on that flight since he only went to Australia to earn about the origins of the numbers. In Timeline X he seems much happier.
  • Michael is SO much more annoying the second time around. I had to fast forward parts of his flashback because I couldn’t deal with it. I seriously had to watch his death scene in season 4 just to cleanse my pallet. Side note, Hurley owed Walt $83,000 in backgammon loses and you would have thought that he would have paid his debt off during his 3 years off the island. Thumbs down for the writers for missing such a great comedic opportunity. How great would the Locke/Walt scene in Season 5 have been if Walt said the only person he saw was Hurley because he was paying him his backgammon winnings? WAAAAAAAALT

I think my Season 1 partial re-watch just reinforced what we all know about LOST, all our questions will be answered with new questions. In honor of that I would like to finish this entry by listing the top 5 questions I need answered before ever traveling on a flight named Oceanic Flight 815 or AA316:

  1. What are the true significance of the numbers?
  2. What the hell are Jacob & The Man in Black?
  3. What is the mission statement of The Others?
  4. What is the island & why does it move through space and time?
  5. Why couldn’t Charles Widmore get back to the island if Eloise Hawking had that nifty moving phallic needle determining windows of opportunities for the island?

I know I left out a few such as”Why are Walt & Miles Special” & “Why can’t women bring babies to term on the island anymore”, and YES we all want the Libby storyline tied up, but I can LIVE without those. I however, NEED the above 5 questions explained before LOST ends or I may never sleep well again…

Did I miss any??


Ben Avicolli is a Stupid Pathetic Moron (by Dave Terruso)

The island won't let me!

The island won't let me!

For those of you who only know me as “Finally Lost”, in real life my name is Ben Avicolli and the following was submitted by guest blogger Dave Terruso:

This article is for those of us who’ve seen every episode of LOST. Maybe you’ve watched each episode when it first aired since the premier. Maybe you watched the first three seasons on DVD and then started watching them each week with Season 4. Either way, you know as much as any other viewer knows about what’s going on with Magic Island.

When we find out that a friend of ours has started watching LOST, our first thought is “Finally. Finally. I’ve been telling you how good it is for years and it finally sunk in. You would think that when I described it as ‘as good as hate sex with your hottest ex on a bed of your favorite treats, so that you could just tear off a Fruit Rollup in the middle of humping,’ you would’ve gotten onboard sooner.”

Once he starts watching, we start to get jealous. We remember how amazed we were when something ripped the pilot out of the airplane and then a polar bear ran through the jungle. We remember how blown our minds were when we first discovered that the Others used to be able to leave the island whenever they wanted and were in contact with the main land. We think about those joys, and we feel sad because we know we can never experience those things again in the same way. If we go back and rewatch the episodes now, we’d just be thinking “Oh, look, I didn’t even realize that guy was gonna be such a big deal later!” It’s the feeling we get when our friend starts dating someone new and is all googly-eyed and overjoyed, and we think about our five year relationship and miss those firsts and the euphoria of infatuation. (Thank goodness we can’t watch past seasons of our relationships on DVD, that would be awful.) We want to wipe our memories of LOST like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and start the magic over.

Then comes a feeling of superiority. Our friend starts telling us what he’s seen and what he thinks is going on. And we get to laugh at him and smirk and think, “Oh, Ben Avicolli, you stupid pathetic moron. I remember what it was like to be you. So green, so clueless, so adorably cute in your out-of-the-loopness. You really think Bernard is Jacob? Really? Idiot. Your world is gonna be so rocked the first time you see Vincent stand on his hind legs and reveal that he’s Jacob. (I can’t write any real spoilers for Ben’s sake).” Then we realize we don’t want to start over with the show. We like knowing as much as we know, obsessing over it after all these years and then getting rewarded with earned plot twists. Our five year relationship is great; it’s not infatuation any more, it’s true love, with depth and history. We lie in bed with our live-in lover laughing about how Ben just found out that his new girlfriend hates rap music and Harry Potter, and it’s never gonna work out between them. Or whatever. (I may have taken the relationship metaphor too far.)

Just imagine what it must be like to be one of the writers of LOST. To be Damon Lindelof. To be Carlton Cuse. To know the last thing to be revealed before the final LOST title pops up to end the whole shebang. To know secrets about things that the rest of us don’t even know have secrets about them yet. That must be the greatest feeling ever. To be a god of knowledge over everyone. Even the stars of the show are in the dark compared to you. You’ve known how important Charles Widmore is to the story from the beginning, back when the rest of us stupid pathetic morons just thought he was the dad of Desmond’s girlfriend, a throwaway character like the guy who played Hurley’s boss and Locke’s boss. And, hey, maybe you know that the guy who played Hurley’s and Locke’s boss is actually more important to the story than Christian Shephard. You’re one of a handful of people on this earth who know how this will end, and you have from the beginning—or you have since season three and you know about the lie you’ve told the public about knowing how this will end since the beginning.

You, the writer, know why Libby was in the mental institution with Hurley.

You, the writer, know why the Dharma Initiative was dropping food on the island ten years after everyone who worked for them had been wiped out.

You know why that giant parrot flew by and screamed Hurley’s name.

You know the real reason none of the women on the island can get pregnant and take the baby to term.

You know what the whispers in the jungle are.

All of this makes me think about what it must be like to be God. To know everything. God already knows how LOST will end, has known since before the first episode. God knows how the world ends, if it ends at all.

I sure hope God isn’t jealous of us for watching the episodes of our lives for the first time, or even worse, finds us to be stupid pathetic morons like Ben Avicolli.

About Dave Terruso:

An aspiring novelist/screenwriter, Dave Terruso’s screenplay MAKE YOURSELF was a finalist in the 2006 Set in Philadelphia Screenplay Contest.

As one-half of sketch comedy duo Animosity Pierre, Dave has been a finalist in the 2007 Project Breakout Comedy Competition, a finalist in the 2007 XBox Live Originals Contest, and had his cartoon short The Inventionors screened at the 2007 New York Television Festival. Pierre’s viral video about the TV show LOST earned them a write-up on Time Magazine’s website.

Dave is one of the founders and producers of Philly Sketchfest, the only sketch comedy festival in Philadelphia.


Finally Lost Season 1 recap

Long way down

WOW what a season 1 finale. As you know Before starting I knew just about nothing about LOST (save they eventually get off the island, numbers are important and the island may be a government or alien creation) so there were quite a few things I did not see coming. Everyone got a flashback (which was awesome). Frenchy pulled a rope-a-dope and kidnapped devil baby (Aaron!) in order to swap for her 16 yr old son. The Others were really after Walt and it looks like they have a motorboat (why are they still on the island then!). Jack gives Sawyer a gun and Sawyer tells Jack about his encounter with Jack’s father (it’s like the writers read my last post). Hurley saw the numbers on the hatch. The Prof blew himself up with dynamite in a wicked cool scene (I’m sorry that the Prof died, esp since I’ve taken the trouble to give him a cool nickname). The invisible-dino is really a defense system which appears to be mechanical. Jin and Sun reconcile. Sticks shows heart, Charlie finds the heroin, the US marshal put the toy airplane in the safety deposit box, Jack is no longer married, Sayid uses gun powder to fix Charlie and the list goes on and on…

As I said before I really loved how this episode gave everyone flashbacks. They really made you feel how much the characters have changed in the last month. The theme of the flashbacks seemed to be how the main survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 almost didn’t get on the plane but fate stepped in and made sure they were. Interestingly enough we had our survivors sitting in rows 23,16,42, etc. And who is that hott chick that was hitting on Jack who just happened to be sitting in row 42 (last row in the plane). Would they bring her up and make her sit in that row if she wasn’t important? Could she be alive on the island and hanging out with Rose’s hubby??

All in all I am loving LOST right now. Season 1 had a tight the story and everything felt connected and purposeful. They probably gave us enough answers in the finale but I would have had trouble waiting between seasons to find out what happened to the folks on the boat and what’s in the goddamn hatch!! I think the next thing I need to explore is…what is the island??..because like Sawyer said, it’s too big to not have been discovered.

Next up on Finally Lost, I’m really wondering how they will bridge the time gap between seasons. So far only roughly a month has gone by. Will we pick up hours, weeks or months later? How the hell are Michael, Jin and Sawyer going to survive being 15 miles out with no boat? Will we EVER find out what’s in that damn hatch. Are the survivors going to start figuring out how they are all connected? Is hott girl #42 going to come back?


Sticks and stones will break Locke’s bones…

Seriously I've never heard of this hatch...

2 more episodes down and still NO idea what’s in the damn hatch! I only have the 2 part season finale left and there are still so many unanswered questions however this time we were given a few morsels of answers. Mystery 1 solved: John Locke knocked out Sayid and destroyed his equipment. I KNEW it! Wait let’s go back to the record…”Locke is very suspicious because he does too good of a job convincing Sayid it was Sawyer (even though the audience knows it wasn’t) and I’m not sure he wants to be rescued from what he dubbed “magic island” because unlike at home he has a role and is respected. That being said, I’m going to pin it on a yet to met character.” Good reasoning but went with unknown character who turned out to be Ethan. I’ll give myself half a point for reasoning, for narrowing it down to 2 good guesses and for identifying that there was someone already on the island that was going to cause them problems. Fair?

And we got some answers about Kate in her flashback. Kate did kill the man she loved and predictably it wasn’t at her hands although clearly it was her fault (BITCH that’s why no one’s voting for you on my poll!). We found out the significance of the plane!! Now that I know it, am I really expected to believe Kate would risk everything by breaking into a bank to get a toy plane? How did it get in that safety deposit box anyway? We still don’t know what Kate’s original crime was to set the law after her but maybe in her next flashback. I’d also love to know what she did to her mom to piss her off so much. PREDICTION: Kate was molested by her step-dad and ended up killing him by accident. That seems to fit and still keeps her hands relatively clean…

Before I get to Sticks I need to say something to the the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815: can you PLEASE tell each other more about yourselves! In honor of Walt telling his dad that he burned the raft I have my list of top info that would be really useful if shared:
– Hurley’s numbers (then maybe they’ll notice they’re on the hatch)
– Hurley’s numbers (it’s f’n important!)
– The fact that Locke can now walk
– Whatever the hell Locke knows about the island
– Prego’s psychic setup
–  The story of Jack’s father and Sawyer (this isn’t really important but it would be really nice for Jack and maybe he and Sawyer could then be bff’s)
– Am I missing anything???

One last thing about Walt. I’m starting to think he really does have some sort of super power. He touches Locke and then has a bad feeling about the hatch. In the past he always rolled the correct dice against Hurley and that bird showed up at his house when his parent’s weren’t listening to him. His step-dad DID call him the luckiest man alive…

And finally Sticks. What the hell were you thinking girl? Locke’s the bet shot you have! And how the hell did you know about the secret guns and that Jack had the key? Something was very odd about the shooting scene. I kept replaying it and it looked like she shot Locke in the stomach. Can anyone confirm? Is the island trying to protect Locke? Why did he get the use of his legs back again? Did it have something to do with the Hatch? I don’t think I like Sticks very much but Sayid is the man. His flashback was a great story and it made his scene with Frenchy more significant when he talked about giving up on finding his love. I really don’t see why he likes Stick’s other than she is pretty hott. But I guess on a deserted island that’s probably enough…

Next up on Finally Lost I get to see the Season Finale of Lost Season 1!! I’m predicting 4 answers and 2342 more questions. By the way today is the last day to vote for your favorite character, so please vote and I will do a write up on the winner.


Did anyone see my keys to the alien hatch??

What's in the hatch?f

Ok i’ll bite…what’s in the damn hatch?? I seriously was only going to watch one episode before I went to bed last night but then Locke is banging on the hatch and it lit up! Finally I’m going to get some answers…cut to episode credits. OK I’ll only watch ONE more episode just so I can finally see what’s in the damn hatch…cut to Locke/hatch are nowhere to be found in the entire episode!! How did you people survive watching this show week by week?? Especially when the show was running with off weeks. This alone made me feel vindicated in waiting all these years to finally begin watching the show. I’ll only have to deal with this frustration for one season. I understand I missed countless theory conversations and internet easter egg hunts but I think the hatch episodes would have killed me. There had better be something good in that hatch…

So the recap: Locke begins to lose his ability to walk but gains the ability to see the future/hear what the island is telling him. We are also treated to another compelling Locke flashback. So far I think Locke is the most interesting and layered character on the show. He’s got it all. He’s a foster child with abandonment issues, he was conned by his own mother and father for a kidney, he was a cripple for 4 (NUMBERS) years (presumably from said kidney surgery?) and of course…by day he’s a mild mannered Walmart/box company employee, but by night he’s an expert tracker, hunter, knife thrower and jack of all trades. Plus he seems to understand everyone and knows exactly what they need. Locke is badass. Unfortunately he’s now got Boone’s death on his conscience. After his bloody Boone vision, some part of him had to know that Boone wasn’t coming away with roses from that plane. I think we can safely say Boone died a hero. He risked his last healthy seconds trying to get out a Mayday and successfully let someone know that the folks of flight 815 (NUMBERS) survived. Unfortunately for Boone he’s going home with a t-shirt that says “I risked my life for the survivors of oceanic flight 815 and all I got was this lousy case of heroin”. Sorry Charlie, heroin is back in play…

I won’t totally skate over Jack’s 3rd flashback but I have to say I found it a little boring. Jack saved his future wife on the operating table and they fell happily in love and got married. No doubt we are in store for another flashback about how they got divorced or more likely how she died. Otherwise I can’t believe Jack would be so interested in Kate. I think I was more let down by the episode because there was no hatch. Yes it was great of Jack to heroically give his blood to Boone, yes Jin showed humanity in helping Prego and yes Kate delivered the devil baby to the world but…what was that light??

Next up we find out what’s in the hatch or I’ll jump out of my window. Also Sticks (Shannon) will have to deal with some issues since her step-brother-lover-from-another-mother died while she was away playing a game of blue lagoon with Sayid…


4 8 15 16 23 42

4 8 15 16 23 42

The number’s are finally here! As I’ve said before I know almost nothing about Lost except they eventually get off the island and there may be some alien or government connection with the island. I left out one thing…I kept hearing about numbers (although I didn’t know what they were or their significance). Numbers have arrived in spades. The numbers are on the capsule, 815 is the flight everyone was on, Frenchy’s been on the island for 16 years, Hurley’s pyscho friend got the number message 16 years ago. I’m willing to bet if I re-watch the episodes they will appear everywhere. And is it just me or are the numbers inherently freaky? I haven’t figured out a pattern between the numbers yet but there is something familiar about them. 42 is of course famous because in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy it is the secret to life, the universe and everything, and there is no question the writers put that in on purpose.

So I’ve received feedback that I haven’t made enough predictions in this blog which I promise is more a result of me having no idea what’s going on as opposed to me being afraid of predicting dumb things. To celebrate the arrival of the numbers I plan on making bold predictions but first I’ve got to talk about Michael, Jin and Hurley…

I got something right!! I KNEW Walt set the raft on fire and I KNEW he was going to pay for being a poor parent. Michael please come to the beach to receive your burnt raft debris as prize for winning the ‘worst father on magic island’ award. Jin we haven’t forgotten about you…we have an ass beating from Sawyer and betrayal in the form of learned English from your wife. What to say about Jin. I was ready to hate him after Sun’s episode and then we learn Jin recognized his mistakes and planned on leaving the business (it also doesn’t hurt that the blood on his hands was a result of SAVING someone’s life). But then Jin breaks my heart (and Sun’s) by leaving her (or by traveling 1 mile to the beach). Jin why didn’t you accept the fresh was right there!! Before moving on to Hurley, it’s worth mentioning that Locke has a super power of knowing exactly how to help everyone. He keeps Walt’s secret (hell he even figured it out), builds Prego a crib, gets Charlie off heroine and even stops Boone from having step-incest with Sticks (Shannon). For his next trick he’s going to open the capsule and use the alien technology to fly the tribe off the island??

I finally understand why people love Hurley and I would like to officially register my man crush on Hurley. Multi-Multi-Millionaire?? I did not see that one coming. It makes the scene where he lost 23 thousand dollars to Walt that much funnier. Once again great writing here, who better to bring in the serious/cursed number plot than the most unserious character on magic island. Hell Charlie wouldn’t even consider the fact that Hurley is a millionaire.

Ok, I’ve stalled for too long. Here come some predictions…I’m going to go with aliens. The capsule is an alien artifact stranded on the island. It somehow pulled The Others boat to the island and made most of them go crazy. The power source was sending off the numbers as a beacon but had the unfortunate affect of making everyone who encountered the numbers go crazy. Frenchy saved us all by switching the beacon to her Mayday signal instead of the crazy aliens. The message wasn’t cancelled in time however and it affected more people than just The Others (like Hurley and his psycho friends). I also think somehow everyone on the island has been affected by the numbers and it somehow got them on the plane and the power of the numbers/magic island saved them so they can complete whatever the aliens need help with (ET go home?). That’s all I got! No help your complete mockery till I catch up in a few weeks!

Next up…um I have no clue…but Prego’s got to have that devil child at some point…


That’s why the Red Sox will never win the world series

ease his pain

I made mention that this show had great writing before but they went off the charts with the episode Outlaws (my new favorite episode). That was a 16 episode payoff. Sawyer meets who his thinks is the real Sawyer and spares his life. In a twist of fate he meets Jack’s dad in a bar and listens to his tale of how much he loves and admires his son but is too weak to tell him. Jack’s dad then advises Sawyer to complete his business if it will ease his pain. Based on his Red Sox baseball reference and that particular phrasing, I wonder if the writers are giving a nod to Field of Dreams because “ease his pain” was used to help repair a relationship between a dead father and his son who betrayed him. Ironically Sawyer has the opportunity to ease Jack’s pain but like Jack’s father he is too weak to do it. Unfortunately all this phrase does is convinces Sawyer to take revenge on the man who he thinks has ruined his life. Sawyer’s pain is anything but eased when he finds out he killed the wrong man and was setup. Top all this off with the fact that the Red Sox have won the world series while Jack and Sawyer are on the island and you have a writing masterpiece. Sawyer now has quite a lot of power over Jack, it’ll be interesting to see how he uses it…

Now onto a much lighter topic…incest. Boone and Shannon are only step brother and sister and get it on! On one hand it’s disgusting, but on the other hand I’m with the writers here…any reason to put Shannon in situations where her clothes come off is OK with me. We’ve been flirting with creepy disaster since the series began with these two. Every time Boone and Shannon were onscreen together it gave me an uncomfortable feeling, finding out they are step brother/sister dispels some of that tension. I’m glad the writers hung us out there so long. Other than that not much has gone on unless you count the fact that Frenchy was quoting kid’s lyrics on her maps, Prego appears out of thin air with no memory, the tribe surrounds Ethan with guns (how thick was Ethan walking into that trap?) , Charlie kills Ethan and Michael builds an arc. First Ethan. Congratulations, you get the dumb-ass of the blog award! With all your super tracking skills and formidable strength, you fall for an obvious trap with obvious bait. As Death Helmet once said to Lone star..ok I’ll give you the ring back…OH NO you fell for the oldest TRICK man!  And Charlie how could you?? We were 10 minutes of Sahid torture away from finally getting some answers, but you decided to blow that away along with Ethan. I suppose I can’t hate too much, the man tried to hang ya. Is it too soon to decide to track down Frenchy and get some answers?? Why do The Others want Claire?? Who are they??

I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on Michael’s flashback. Am I now supposed to like him now that I know he was a great father before Walt was born and his baby’s mama was a 2 timing selfish heartless biatch? NO. I still think he’s annoying and not very likable. The fact that he was once a good parent makes me even more mad that he’s a bad dad now. Treat your kid like a person or you never know when it’ll come back to bite ya. P.S. I almost laughed when you got hit by that car…

Finally I need to make a few comments about the show. Much like the tribe I feel pretty lost. I’ve already given my lab island/invisible dino theory but that’s all I got. I’m guessing that all the people in the plane are some how connected although it’s asking a lot of luck from magic island that the right people survived the crash. Maybe everyone was connected and it doesn’t matter who survived? Not sure I buy that. My point is, I don’t have any great theories yet and I’m not sure I have enough info either. When talking to a friend this weekend he kept talking around things and I couldn’t understand anything all I got was…”I have a theory on that…”, “I have an idea on why that is…” and it struck me that I can’t say that at all. I wondering if I’m as thick as Michael or just supposed to be in the dark like Prego…

I’ll give people a week on the poll and then I’ll do a write up on everyone’s favorite character. I’m also taking ideas for any topic if people want to guest blog (why you started watching the show, an entry on how obsessed you are etc.). Next up we get to see if this raft goes anywhere and I’m hoping for a Hurley-centric episode…


All That For A Toy Airplane??

All that for an airplane??

Hurley creates a golf course  and starts a census (I’m starting to love him), Prego (Claire) has a freaky past and is kidnapped by Tom Cruises’ cousin (Ethan?), Sahid finds Frenchy, Charlie is almost hung to death and Kate risks it all for a…um…toy airplane?? Now I know hindsight is 20-20 but if I’m Kate’s mom I’m advising her to stay away from planes of all kinds, they’ll only get you arrested and stuck on deserted islands. I should have known something sinister was afoot when we were ACTUALLY going to get an answer! Jack makes Kate show us what’s in the envelope! For Kate to conspire in holding up a bank it must be…the Kennedy assassination papers?…info on the Roswell landing?…bank account numbers?…family jewelry?? Nope just more questions in the form of a toy airplane. At least Kate tells us/Jack that’s she’s responsible for the death of someone she loves. Finally some info on why Kate is so broken. The writing on this show is clearly top notch and you have to love the subtlety of Sawyer being the one that helps Kate find the suitcase while Jack helps her re-retrieve it (from Sawyer of course), open it and eventually is the the one she confides her secrets to. I still think she’s gonna pick Sawyer.

Now not to burry the lead but The Others kidnapped Prego! I guess I was totally wrong about The Others being the people from the other half of the plane which is bad news for me and Rose who is heart-warningly still holding out hope her husband is still alive (sucker!). Prego’s backstory is my favorite so far. Her clairvoyant psychic (ha get it) either sends her to her death OR sends her to the island. Maybe the psychic knows about The Others and wants them to have the baby. Or maybe The Others are just a creep cult that want to worship the devil baby. Either way can’t the tribe do better than “the trail went cold?” Jack has the right idea, find Frenchy and torture everything she knows about the island and The Others out of her! At least go back to Frenchy’s hideout and see if you can use any of her equipment to get off the island!

And then there’s the hatch (wow a lot of things are going on right now).  What the hell could be in there? The lab where the invisible dinosaur was created?The source of all the crazy magic? Something that I don’t quite understand (and maybe someone can explain it) was how did Locke escape the invisible dino-thing? Or was he being attacked by a boar? I didn’t get it but after he came back he was talking all this “I’ve seen the heart of the island” mumbo-jumbo and I thought maybe he knows something the rest of the tribe doesn’t.  Well I hope it’s how to make TNT because if he wants to open that hatch I think he’s gonna need to blast…

Finally I need to say something about Hurley. He’s the man. It’s about time someone on this island decided to have some fun. Just wait till he discovers Kate and Sawyer’s swimming blue lagoon and starts games of chicken and marco polo (writers please any excuse to see more footage of Sticks in a bathing suit). Conversely I’m hating Michael. He really needs to treat Walt like a person instead of just yelling at him all the time…and not offering his son a chance to golf when it was his turn up…that’s just cold. I’m not sure what’s going on but first you abandon your kid and now you just yell at him all the time. You won’t be receiving the magic island father of the year award anytime soon..

Next up Boone and Locke try to open the hatch and I’m hoping for a spectacular rescue mission for Prego led by Locke. Those guns from Kate’s briefcase just might come in handy…




Another 4 episode clip finished and here’s the recap: Each episode continues to flashback into one characters past, Locke continues to play the part of the colonel and rehabs Charlie, Jack wrestles his demons and wins immunity and control of the tribe, Sun speaks english (finally I predicted something right, too bad I didn’t blog it) and saves Sticks from her breathing problems, Jack goes all Swiss Family Robinson and leads the tribe to the cave sans Kate, Sawyer isn’t even his real name and……Sayid gets hit over the head while trying to triangulate the power source!!

Now I don’t want to brush over all the rest but I need to take a crack of whodunit. Out of all the main characters I *think* only Rose (is she a main char?), Preg0 (what’s her name?) and Locke weren’t accounted for. I believe everyone else was digging out Jack or helping out Sayid in his 4th of July experiment. I’m ruling out Rose because of motive and Prego because she ain’t walking that far which leaves Locke or a yet-to-be-met character. Locke is very suspicious because he does too good of a job convincing Sayid it was Sawyer (even though the audience knows it wasn’t) and I’m not sure he wants to be rescued from what he dubbed “magic island” because unlike at home he has a role and is respected. That being said, I’m going to pin it on a yet-to-be-met character. I think they’ve all landed on magic island for a reason and I think someone is out there conspiring. Which brings me to this point…finally Sayid brings it up, there’s NO WAY the tribe should have survived a plane ripping in half at their altitude and no way they should coincidentally have landed on magic island (unless that’s part of the magic).

So if it’s not already obvious, I’m loving the show (clearly since I’ve ripped off 8 episodes already). No answers have really come so far which is a bit frustrating but let’s face it how many answers can they get after 6 days on a deserted island. Once Jack gets life stable for the tribe I think the first mission should be to explore the island and find the power source. There seems to be only 1 invisible dino-thing so it’s worth the gamble. Finally I need to talk about a couple of the characters. So far I’m loving Kate, Hurley and Locke. I like Jack a lot, Prego’s got some spunk, I’ve got high hopes for Sun and then there’s Sawyer. He’s the character we’re told to hate but hope he redeems himself because he had such a rough life. The Jack-Sawyer-Kate love triangle is going to be interesting but I think Jack’s gonna lose out. Sawyer’s just too damaged bad boy goods for Kate to resist, and unlike Sawyer, Jack won’t do whatever it takes to get with Kate…

Who gets the next character flashback? Unfortunately I think the alarm clock has gone off for the annoying dad but I’d like to see what Sayid is up to…


Superman can’t walk…but Locke can!

Why didn't I think about where the wheel chair came from??
I’m as bad as my word. My Friday afternoon was spent watching the first disc of season 1 and I’m hooked. What the hell is going on?? Kate is the prisoner…didn’t see that one coming. Locke is/was a cripple with a life dream of hosting his own edition of “Man vs. Wild”…definitely didn’t see that one coming. Until the episode “Walkabout” (bravo job on the naming writers) I thought the colonel was Lost’s version of Creed (although having a 1-900 gal as his love interest does no favors for his creepiness factor). So what sums up my thinking after 4 episodes….um what the hell is going on?? What could Kate have done that caused a $23K bounty on her head? I’m going to go with misunderstanding here because I think she’s good at heart. Why does Jack/Charlie keep seeing a man in a suit? And how is the hobbit going to hold up when he has to go through withdrawal on a deserted island??

So after 4 episodes I think I’ve reached a point to make some predictions. Um I’m thinking the dinosaur thing is invisible?? I also find it very suspicious that the french chick keeps counting up. I don’t think Doc Brown had that voice counting technology in 1988 (2004-16yrs) and I’m assuming she hasn’t been sitting around on the island just counting away for eternity. As far as the french chick goes, she seemed like she knew exactly who she was talking to in that help message which makes me think her and her demised companions went to the island on purpose, or at least she did. I also think Rose’s line about her husband surviving is alluding to these mysterious others I’ve heard about. And on that note, how the hell did anyone survive if the plane got ripped in half at that elevation??

Well one CD down and lots more to go. I’m not sure how the show is going to deal with time so who knows when prego’s gonna pop. So far in 4 episodes we’ve traveled 4 days. At this rate she might give birth by season 2. Not sure how they’ll handle that little kid growing up…


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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