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The rules have changed

You've just been Other Ben-Whammied
Completed: 4-8 Meet Kevin Johnson, 4-9 The Shape of Things to Come, 4-10 Something Nice Back Home. 21 episodes left, 52 days to go. As you know, I don’t know anything that is to come and like the survivors I am completely lost.

It looks like I jumped offsides a little early on taking credit for my Kate/Sawyer prediction but I bulls-eyed Mr. Charles Widmore’s role, here’s the recap: We get almost a full episode flashback of Dumb-Ass Dad’s (Michael) time away from the island and it’s nothing too surprising. After all the annoying screaming “WAAALT”, DAD(Dumb-Ass Dad) leaves Walt with grandma because he can’t get over the guilt of killing Ana Lucia & Libby (good, F him!) After telling Walt what he did to save him, DAD tries to kill himself via car and gun but Other Tom shows up to tell him the island won’t let him die because it ain’t done with him yet. DAD is convinced by Other Tom to save the Losties on the island by blowing up Charles Widmore’s boat but instead of blowing up the boat, DAD is Other Ben-Whammied into becoming Other Ben’s spy. Back on the island Other Ben gives Slingshot (Alex), Frenchy (Danielle) & Karl a map to the temple but Frenchy & Karl are killed en route while Slingshot is taken prisoner 😦 😦 Slingshot is then used as bait to get Other Ben to give himself up but Other Ben tries to call the bluff. Sadly the bluff ain’t a bluff and Slingshot is killed right in front of Other Ben causing him to say, “The rules have changed” and unleash the black smoke monster on the boat brigade. Other Ben, Locke & Hurley then go off to see Jacob while Prego (Claire), Devil baby (Aaron), Ghostbuster (Miles) & Sawyer head to the beach. Prego sees her father, Daddy Jack and follows him into the woods and we are left hanging while Sawyer calling out for Prego while holding an abandoned Devil Baby. Flash forward to Other Ben alone in a desert, kicking 2 armed guard’s ass, whamming Sayid to work for him after he reveals Charles Widmore is behind his wife Nadia’s death (check) and then having a face to face with Mr. Widmore in which Other Ben reveals he is going to kill his daughter Penny as payback. Back on the beach, Jack’s appendix is about to burst and has Kate hold a mirror so he can backseat-operate until White Bernard decides enough is enough and knocks him out leaving the Ice Princess (Juliet) to finish her work in peace. Flash forward to Kate & Jack living happily together, raising Devil Baby until Jack visits Hurley and is informed Charlie is continuing his post-mordem visits and left a message for Jack: someone will be visiting you soon. Jack seeing a flash of his father combined with Kate trying to cover up a favor she is running for Sawyer makes Jack explode and yell, “He’s not even related to you!” Weird, Kate keep a secret??

Wow, season 4 is a bloodbath! I had a feeling Frenchy was going to be the next to go (although I was half hoping for a flashback) but I didn’t expect Karl & Slingshot to die as well. I almost had to put the DVD in the freezer after they killed Slingshot 😦 Other Ben’s moment with his dead daughter was the first time during the series in which I knew he was completely sincere and despite the death being his fault, I really felt for him. I’m going to miss Slingshot and not just because she was my favorite self-made nickname. Other Ben’s flash forward was AWESOME. The end scene between he and Widmore was fantastic because, finally, Other Ben has an equal. I was very distraught to hear that Other Ben’s new plan is to kill Penny since my rooting interest is a Desmond/Penny happy ending. I’m especially frustrated because Other Ben always seems to get what he wants. It’s also curious that Other Ben said he can’t kill Widmore. Is this in the same way that DAD couldn’t kill himself? Does the island prevent normal life death until it’s done with you? It sounds like Widmore was on the island before, but then why can’t he get back to it? And why did he say Other Ben would never find Penny when as of xmas eve she was in her house? Is she hiding or did she finally make it to the island? So many questions..

Now between Other Ben’s flash forward and Jack’s second flash forward it looks like we can piece everything that’s going to happen to the Oceanic 6 when they get off the island. Hopefully that means we will start to learn HOW they get off the island and why the rest of the Losties chose/had to stay. I also loved how protective Sawyer was of Hurley & Prego. Clearly he is ready to step in as the leader of the Losties and I think he will be better leader than Jack & Locke.

And finally, some quick hits:

  • Clearly I am a stupid pathetic moron, because I COMPLETELY forgot that Prego and Jack were haflsies! Is there something special about Jack that he keeps seeing Daddy Jack or is there something special about Daddy Jack?
  • I’m starting to think Other Ben is in the coffin because all of the O6 seem to live and Other Ben is the only person to get off the island
  • Did all the Losties get a choice to leave or not? If there were only 6 spots it seems odd that Kate and Jack went. At least it makes sense why they made up the Kate story and told the rest of the world everyone else was dead. How on earth though, did they account for the extra bodies at the fake crash site though?
  • Ha I knew Other Tom is gay. During the Ice Princess’ flashback about Goodwin, Tim told her that she wasn’t his type. I forgot to note it in the blog
  • Indiana speaks Korean. There’s no way all 3 scientists and the pilot all live to see season 5
  • Sayid should have known better than to talk to DAD, it obviously would have blown his cover. I guess it didn’t matter since he then told the captain that DAD was the spy. Why did he do that?
  • I know I didn’t say much about DAD’s flashback but after you find out he got back to NYC and Walt hates him I didn’t find the episode particularly revealing. Obviously the best part was the “Not Yet” note attached to the bomb

Next up on Finally Lost…another Jacob encounter and I hope we get to find out how the O6 leave…


Ji Yeon and my broken heart

Completed: 4-6 The Other Woman, 4-7 Ji Yeon. 24 episodes left, 53 days to go. As you know, I don’t know anything that is to come and like the survivors I am completely lost.

I didn’t have the heart to watch another episode after Ji Yeon. Before Jin’s death, I think there was some big surprise having to do with Dumb-Ass Dad (Michael) returning as Other Ben’s spy on the boat. It didn’t matter, Jin died. Has there been one character that has done more of an about-face than Jin? Charlie turned things around in 1 episode but Jin’s turnaround has been slower, steadier, more believable as a result, we’ve invested more into him. He started as a very unlikeable character, representing everything our culture hates:  a criminal misogamist who yells at his wife for displaying independence and too much skin AND he didn’t even speak english! Then we learned the sacrifices Jin made for Sun, we learned he was once a good man and he became that man again. As his english improved so did our affection for him. It was with a heavy heart that I predicted his death, and now on to the recap…

The Ice Princess’ psychiatrist (and Other Goodwin’s wifey) appears out of thin air to let her know that Indiana (Charlotte) and Doc Brown (Daniel) are going to release gas on the entire island. Oh yea p.s. Other Ben is exactly where he wants to be (even when he’s not on screen, he’s cool). With little-to-no questions asked, Jack follows the Ice Princess but gets ditched when he stops to help Kate, who was knocked out when she saw Doc Brown’s gas masks. The Ice Princess beats Jack & Kate to the island gas factory and is persuaded by Indiana to let The Doc finish disabling the gas so Other Ben can’t gas anyone else (like he did to those poor Dharma saps). The episode ends with the Ice Princess feeling sorry for herself because her love affair with Goodwin made Other Ben send him as an infiltrator because as Other Ben notes to the Ice Princess, “You’re Mine!” Did I mention that Other Ben reveals to Locke that Charles Widmore is the man financing the boat and seeking Other Ben?? (grieving check) Back on Widmore’s boat we learn from “The Captain” that someone (probably Other Ben) has spent a lot of resources to plant the real oceanic flight 815 black box at a fake plane crash site with 324 (NUMBERS backwards) dead bodies and Daddy Chuck (C Widmore) wants to find out why. A note from Other Ben’s spy says “The Captain” is not to be trusted and Sayid & Desmond tend to agree when the capt. lets some chick tie herself up with chains and jump into the water without trying to help her. Afterwards The Captain shows them to their poop-stained quarters and they realize Dumb-Ass Dad (DAD) is both the janitor & spy (dun dun dun). Back on the island (deep breath) Sun & Jin decide to go to Camp Locke but the Ice Princess Ben-whammies them into staying by telling Jin that Sun slept with another man and thought her baby might be that man’s instead of Jin’s (now he know why his father-in-law wanted him to throw that hotel owner’s son out of a window!) Jin goes off fishing with White Bernard who imparts some serious karma wisdom on him and Sun is convinced by the Ice Princess to stay at Camp Jack and try to get off the island. Meanwhile in the shows first flashback/flashforward we are meant to think that both Jin & Sun got off the island but alas it is revealed that Jin is dead and Sun has a healthy baby girl by herself in Korea 😦 Fantastic writing…

Now I didn’t mean to bury the lead but yes, I was SOOO confused with Jin’s flashback and Sun’s forward flash. I kept coming up with crazy theories on how one of the 7 oceanic survivors were hidden. Or may be the baby didn’t count as 1?? So well done. While Sun was in the delivery room, she kept saying she was waiting for Jin, Jin kept getting phone calls from the hospital and wanted to buy a panda for a baby! Sun & Jin were the perfect people to use this trick on because they have had simultaneous flashbacks before, arg! And then the great Hurley shows up (of course he does) and it all makes sense…Except…the grave has a death-date of 9-22 which is the date of the plane crash!!!! Wooooo! Jin stayed on the island for some reason and isn’t dead…at least I think. I don’t know why he couldn’t leave the island but it makes perfect sense why he would have let Sun go without him. That has to be right! Take my check off the board for now because that’s new my theory and I’m sticking to it (otherwise I’d be really depressed)…

There are no words to describe how manipulative Other Ben is. I believe Goodwin’s wifey when she says Other Ben is exactly where he wants to be, just like it’s no shock that he knew Indiana and the Doc were going after the gas. Hell he may have even wanted them to succeed, who knows with him. One thing I know about Other Ben is that he doesn’t let people go; that’s why I shouldn’t have been as shocked as I was when DAD showed back up under Other Ben’s employee. So how did DAD end up getting Ben-Whammied? Too many theories come to mind, but maybe he and Walt got kidnapped by the boat and now he’s bidding his time till he can escape. In fact I wouldn’t put it past Other Ben to have sent him right on a course that got him kidnapped…

Next up on Finally Lost…I get to see 3-8 which many people rave about. Well 3-7 sure lived up to the hype.

p.s. Hurley to Sawyer: “Sawyer, I challenge you to a game a horseshoes, a game of hooorsehoes”…Take me to another island…


Lost Season 2 complete

I hate Michael

Completed: 2-20 Two For the Road, 2-21 ?, 2-22 Three Minutes, 2-23 Live Together, Die Alone. 54 episodes left, 65 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest the survivors gets off the island at some point.

Season 2 is now in the books and what an ending. Recap: Dumb-ass Dad is compromised and kills 5-0 (Ana Lucia) & Libby before shooting himself and letting Henry get away. Mr. Eko has a dream about his brother telling him he needs to talk to Locke and they soon find the Big Brother of hatches underneath the Nigerian plane crash site. Sayid realizes Dumb-ass Dad’s (DAD from now on) ruse and makes a plan with Jack to pull a rope-a-dope on The Others and Michael but the plan goes wrong when Jack, Sawyer, Kate & Hurley are kidnapped. Back at the hatch Desmond shows Locke how to simulate a lockdown and locks out Mr. Eko so he can let the countdown hit 000. Desmond realizes at the last minute that this is a bad idea and uses the failsafe key to the hatch.

Where to begin?? Let’s pour out a little airplane-sized liquor for Ana Lucia & Libby. I never liked Ana but she was starting to grow on me after she decided to “getting caught in a net” with Sawyer in order to steal his gun. Libby’s death was much more tragic and Hurley’s grief was summed up when he told her, “I’m sorry I forgot the blankets”. Tear. I’m very surprised they killed Libby without resolving the fact that her and Hurley were in the same institution and without resolving the fact that she gave Desmond his sailboat! I’m not going to spend much time on DAD but it’s safe to say that I hate him and hope he drowns to death several times. AND PLEASE STOP YELLING! While we’re on the subject of characters I don’t like, how about the hobbit (Charlie) stealing all the vaccine and giving it to Prego and Devil Baby (Aaron) just so he can try and “get caught in a net” with her.

Then there is the new hatch. So it appears there are 6 hatches on the island and 1 of those hatches is a spy hatch. We are led to believe whatever is happening in the other hatches are just psychological experiments. Locke believes this is true while Mr. Eko believes the real work is being done in the non Big Brother hatch. I agreed with Locke and like Locke was I proven wrong. Before we get to the timer, there is so much ground to cover on Desmond. Desmond goes to prison and writes his gf Penny but her dad makes sure his letters aren’t delivered. When Desmond gets out of jail the father offers him money to leave his daughter alone. Desmond declines the money, gets a free boat from Libby and enter’s Penny’s father’s race around the world and ends up on the island to become the next button pusher with the army guy Sayid was working with in Iraq. PREDICTION: Penny’s dad is SO pulling the strings here! He’s not the CEO but I think he’s one level below the big bad. Back at the hatch, Desmond uses Locke’s printout to discover that HE caused Oceanic Flight 815 to crash because the crash took place when Desmond let the countdown go past 000!! The electromagnetic thing on the island must have ripped apart the plane! Still no explanation on how everyone survived but I believe it’s coming.

Now back to Jack, Sawyer, Kate & Hurley. I think Kate had it right when she said that The Others are only pretending to be feet baring and living worse than the plane survivors. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole village DAD saw was just to trick people into underestimating The Others. It seems really important to The Others that they tell people they are good and keep their word because Henry (like Ethan before him) kept making that point. I also find it interesting that he told DAD that he must drive the boat on a specific course in order to be rescued. Somehow this island must be cloaked from the rest of the world and The Others know how to get off of it. This must be why Desmond couldn’t escape the island in his boat. Luckily for Desmond and the survivors, Penny seems to know a little about this stuff and is trying to find the EM disturbance. Help maybe coming. Meanwhile Hurley is let go so he can give a warning to the rest of the survivors and we are left to ponder what will happen to Jack, Sawyer & Kate (or at least I am since you already know).

So much happened in these 5 episodes and I wasn’t able to note them all so I wanted to bullet a few things I thought were important:
–  It’s interesting that The Others wanted Michael’s blood. I think Walt has some genetic gift/immunity they want/need which is why they kidnapped him in the first place
– Henry seems to be the local leader of The Others, too bad the survivors didn’t know what they had captured
– In Mr. Eko’s flashback we learn that Prego’s psychic is a fraud and was paid 16K (NUMBER) dollars by a couple in LA to mislead her into given the couple her baby. Knowing this show, the couple will probably turn out to be important
– What is up with the statue with 4 toes that Sayid saw. Reminded me of the Colossus
– It appears there are 6 hatches on the island but that isn’t a magic number. Maybe there is one hatch to rule them all plus the ?-mark in the middle which would make 8.

And finally the end of a season means I need to come up with new Season 3 predictions (some of which I’ve already said):
–  After being wrong about aliens I’m going to say the island is a gov project that utilize the strange but natural EM properties.
– The EM properties give the island the power to heal, the cloaking ability and I think some time travel ability
– Mr. Eko will die in season 3. Someone has to die and he seems the right combination of main character but not too main.
–  Penny will show up on the island before the end of Season 3
– Michael won’t abandon the survivors and will return to the island (but I hope him and Walt are eaten by sharks)

Next up on Finally Lost…Season 3!!


Vaccines, spontaneous healing, and imaginary friends…

4 8  15 16 23 42

Completed: 2-15, Maternity Leave, 2-16 The Whole Truth, 2-17, Lockdown, 2-18 Dave, 2-19 S.O.S. 59 episodes left, 65 days to go.As you know I don’t know anything about this series except for I’ve seen previews that suggest the survivors gets off the island at some point. Recap: Prego (Claire) goes searching for the vaccine when devil baby (Aaron) gets sick and begins to remember what happened to her while she was kidnapped; Henry gives 5-0 (Ana) and Sayid a map to his ballon but they discover he killed and took on the owner’s identity; Henry tells Locke he didn’t enter the code in the computer; food drops out of the sky; we learn that Hurley had an imaginary friend; and Rose and White Bernard have an argument about making an S.O.S sign.

Just when I stopped wondering what happened to Prego when she was captured, they pull me right back in…we got answers! So in addition to being an impersonator and tracker, Ethan is also a part-time doctor. A drugged up and giddy Prego decides The Others really have her baby’s best interest in mind and she decides to leave devil baby with them so it can continue to receive the already sparse vaccine. I’ve ignored the island sickness plot so far because like on every other plot point, I’m clueless. The existence of a vaccine suggests there IS something about magic island that gets you sick and The Others have a protection against it. If we accept that as fact then The Others must not want new recruit devil baby sick, however, they unfortunately decide that Prego isn’t worth the secret stash and plan to kill her. Prego then gets good-drugged by Frenchy’s daughter and is left out in the woods to escape. Prego, still drugged up, tries to screw up the rescue attempt but Frenchy the mom shows up and knocks her out (giving Prego amnesia) and completes the mother-daughter rescue. Why haven’t The Others come after devil baby since? Maybe they decided Walt was the better quarry. If there is a sickness on the island then why haven’t any of the survivors gotten sick yet? Maybe you can only contract the sickness at a certain location on the island, and let’s face it, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have not exactly been great magic island explorers (Locke being the exception).

The rest of the episodes I watched were great character drivers but didn’t move the main plot forward much. Before we learn that devious Henry was impersonating someone he killed, he tries to fulfill Locke’s request of putting the numbers into the computer. After Henry is discovered as a fraud, he tells Locke that he didn’t enter the numbers into the computer after-all which shakes Locke to the core. Is this true? Henry had less than a minute (the last-minute alarm sound had started) to get through the vent and enter the numbers so I don’t think he did. Do The Others already know about the computer? I think they do. And what was that crazy octagonal (NUMBER) design on Star Wars blast door? I paused my DVD and stared at it for a while and I think it’s a design of all the Dharma facilities out there. Maybe when combined they form…a time machine! I told you I’d use that theory. I’m also thinking that time travels differently on the island and when/if the survivors get off they will find that a lot more time has passed in the real world than on the island. Maybe this contributed to how Locke and Rose got healed. Time will tell…

Now on to the character front. We find out Hurley went crazy because he broke a dock and killed 23 (NUMBER) people and now sees Charlotte’s husband from Sex and the City in Beautiful Mind style (Was it obvious to everyone he wasn’t there). Hurley is told by his imaginary friend to jump off the cliff so he can wake up because it’s pretty ridiculous that the numbers he heard in the loony bin contributed to him winning $130M, that they shouldn’t have survived the plane crash and no pretty girl is going to be interested in him. Tear. Because of all the strange things that have happened to Hurley he is the perfect character for the “this island is all in your dreams” plot line. Once Libby saves Hurley from himself we find out SHE was in the hospital with Hurley. AHH! Why won’t these people talk to each other about their pasts!!

Can’t forget about Sun and Rose! Turns out Sun is pregnant (don’t worry, everyone is keeping their current nicknames) and learned english from suave hotel owner. We also learn that Jin’s boys can’t swim but like everything else on this island he is magically healed and he was able to knock Sun up. And speaking of healed, Rose claims she healed for real for real this time despite lying to White Bernard after he took her to some great healer in Australia. It’s great that Rose seems to be the only person that knows Locke was in a wheelchair on the plane and they share a common bond of being healed. Thinking that Rose will only be healed on the island (because time flows differently there?), White Bernard and Rose decide to stay and play Gilligan no matter what happens. It will be interesting to see if they actually stay when/if the survivors are rescued.

Next up on Finally Lost…The return of the dumb-ass dad! Forgot to mention that Jack wanted to prisoner-swap Henry for Walt but found Michael instead!

p.s. I almost peed myself in the one scene when Sawyer used every nickname he had for Hurley…Stay Puff, Jaba, Pillsbury, Rerun…


Collisions, Horses, and the 23rd Psalm

The lord is my shepard

Completed: 2-8 Collision, 2-9 What Kate Did, 2-10 The 23rd Psalm. 68 episodes left, 67 days to go.

We get our first Ana & Mr. Eko flashbacks and we finally learn what Kate did. Let’s start with Collision, the episode where Ana keeps Sayid tied up. I seriously wanted to strangle 5-0 (Ana Lucia’s new nickname) during this episode. She is so uncompromising and unwilling to listen to reason. She told Bernard that she kept him alive, but the lives of the other 19 tailgaters were lost in some part due to her poor leadership. At least she makes the right decision in the end and let’s Sayid go. On a lighter note, Jin goes home to Sun and has the physical/metaphorical handcuff removed. It’s going to be great to see Jin evolve as a character now that he will begin to learn english.

Now onto our girl Freckles (Kate). After a little rough touch nursing incident (Sawyer choking Kate), Kate decides to run off and get spooked by a horse. Is it real? Who the hell knows on this island! (It is later confirmed as real) BUT we FINALLY get to the bottom of Kate’s story and….we have a prediction winner. Cut to me your humble blogger host doing a solo fist pump (that’s what she said) and texting a friend bragging how right I was….Kate killed her dad! Never mind my invisible dino and alien island creation predictions looks rather poor at the moment. Who cares that my prediction record has historically resembled the Washington Generals (or Redskins for that matter)…I got one right! Or half right since it sounds like Kate was never molested, which makes her motive all the more intriguing…she didn’t want to be from someone that evil. I’m glad we finally got to meet General Dad (Kate’s dad) and I can’t help but think the onion’s going to peeled on him a bit more. This episode also gives us some more insight into the Sawyer-Kate-Jack love triangle. Jack & Kate finally kiss but it’s a total party foul on Jack due to Sawyer’s condition, due to the fact he told Jack he loves Kate, and after Sawyer did Jack such a solid by telling him about his dad. To make matters even more confusing, Kate tells Sawyer that it reminds her of Wayne (dead biological daddy) when she has feelings for him and it makes her sick. Sawyer picks that moment to have a Lazarus reawakening. There’s no WAY Kate is picking Jack, it’s Sawyer all the way…

After learning about Kate we finally get some info on our pal Mr. Eko. How cool is he?? Mr. Eko saves his brother the trouble of killing the town priest and goes all Blood Diamond and becomes a hardcore drug trafficker. In part 423 of the infinite-part series of “I don’t believe in Lost coincidences”, Boone’s downed plane turns out to be Eko’s plane and the dead are his old partners and brother!! Didn’t see that coming! Is EVERYTHING in this show going to come back full circle?? For now I’ll throw it in the closet with Locke’s wheelchair and Boone’s distress call. The jungle burial scene was great TV (or DVD) but I was hoping for Charlie to burn the heroin. Instead he takes all the statues and doesn’t explain himself well to Prego, who promptly tells him to find some other piece of charred plane and canopy to call home.

Mr. Eko doesn’t just shine is his flashback…he also gives the missing film to Locke. This must mean we’re about to find out more about the hatch?? Nope…just more questions. Don’t feed gremlins after midnight and don’t use the computer for anything else but the code! Cut to Dumb-ass Dad (Michael) talking to Walt on the computer! So The Others have a computer?? They must if they have a boat. Why haven’t The Other’s gone into the hatch already?? They are too skilled to not have broken in. Maybe this Walt thing is a ruse (your cunning attempt to trick me) to get into the hatch and get at the computer. And as far as the “incident” referred to on the film…er…some other operators screwed up before and they blew up another island somewhere.? Did I mention I got the Kate thing right!! One thing is for sure, I agree with Locke, it does not seem like a coincidence that the plane broke in 2 and both groups were able to discover pieces to the film. Finally a note on Walt’s ghost, how sad was it that we find out that Sayid could see Walt in the jungle when Sticks (Shannon) got shot? Just when he finds out she is telling the truth, she dies and he can never tell her she’s not crazy. Tear.

Next up on Finally Lost…Dumb-ass Dad goes solo and tries to rescue Walt??


Sawyer and Sayid, your poll winners

Poll Winners

Say hello to the winners of the “who is your favorite character poll”…Sawyer and Sayid. Before we look at the favorite characters lets look at who didn’t get any votes:
– Jack: I guess he really does cry to much for his own good. No one voted for the fearless leader! It’s like teenage mutant ninja turtles, everyone loves Michelangelo and Rafael but there’s no love for Leonardo. All Jack’s done is keep the survivors together, safe, and given them hope. Plus he has a sick golf game.
– Kate: This surprised me more than anything else. I thought we’d have SOME Kate lovers. She’s a hott bad ass rebel with a heart of gold. She can fight, track, shoot and steal, what’s not to love about Kate?? Who else could manipulate a gang to rob a bank for a toy airplane??
– Charlie: Everyone’s not so favorite junky rockstar. I agree with this non-pick. While I like Charlie, he hasn’t really done anything that stands out. He is an underachiever among superstars (Locke, Sayid, Kate, Jack, Sawyer I’m looking at you). His codependence on Prego is pretty annoying and someone needs to tell him that he is not Aaron’s dad.
– Prego (Claire):  I like Claire, I just don’t love her. I do however love the psychic story line so I’m hoping the writers take her character somewhere beyond the crying mom that’s always defending her baby.
– Boone: He probably died too early in the series for people to really get attached to. Then there was the thing where he banged his hott step sister. Not sure if that helps or hurts his cause. Props for being Locke’s understudy, getting seriously injured while on the plane radio and for accepting his death in order to conserve the already scarce medicine.
– Sticks (Shannon): You all know she is not my favorite character. Sadly she also died too early (my bad). She could have made a comeback with the whole looking for Walt mission but I think it was too little to late.
– Michael: The character I hate most. What’s most frustrating is I only hate him when he’s dealing with Walt. If he’s looking for Walt or talking to Walt I want him to moonwalk right into the defense mechanism/invisible dino. When he’s playing with the adults (raft building time with Sawyer & Jin) then I really like Michael. Plus points for building the raft, minus points for bailing on your kid shortly after he was born.
– Walt: It was going to be really hard for the kid to get some votes. You got to like the fact that everything seems to go his way except of course when he gets kidnapped by The Others. I’m hoping he gets rescued and becomes more of an interesting character.
– Sun: I’m pretty shocked that no one voted for her. I think Sun is such a deep and intriguing character. She runs a garden, learns english on the sly and stays with her husband even though it may not be the best choice at the time. I forgot to put Jin up there and I hope he would have gotten at least one vote. He seems to be loyal to Michael and Sawyer and he still loves Sun. I’m looking forward to Jin developing as a more complete and beloved character.

Now onto the characters that did receive votes:
– Hurley (2 votes):  Known best by the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 for creating a golf course and hosting junkfood-thanksgiving, Hurley is probably the most well-liked survivor. Add the ingredients that he can’t keep a secret, is worth $130M, and knows about the numbers, and you have a lovable character.
– Someone I haven’t met yet (3 votes): I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is either Mr. Ed (Eko) or Desmond. I don’t know much about Desmond but Eko rocks. He saved my favorite character (Sawyer) and doesn’t listen to Mean Bitch (Ana). I also love that he gave up speaking for 40 days.
– Locke (3 votes): John Locke, the man, the myth, the legend. Conned out of a kidney by his own father, crippled for a so-far-unexplained reason, un-crippled for a so-far-unexplained reason, master hunter, master tracker, hatch discoverer, hatch opener and of course ALWAYS knows what is troubling the survivors (and often helps them through it). Minus points for the preachy faith thing, otherwise full-fledge bad ass.

And the WINNERS are (2-way tie):
– Sayid: I think I know why people love Sayid. He’s tough, he always knows what to do and he’s always fixing some ridiculous electronic device. He tends to fly off the handle a bit but that’s just part of his charm. I have high hopes for Sayid. I’m still holding out hope that he will meet his great Iraqi love if (when?) they get off the island. I also think he will be a key contributor because he’ll fix some yet-to-be-seen device to get them to safety. Sayid you are a winner!

– Sawyer
My favorite character. He’s the survivor you are supposed to hate but like Kate you can’t help falling in love. Like every misunderstood bad boy with a complicated and tragic past, he tries to do the right thing when you least expect it (telling Jack about his father, attempting to protect Walt). He also shares my hobbies of nicknames and doesn’t let the fact that he’s on a deserted island get in the way of him having the perfect amount of bad boy scruff. Looking forward to Sawyer becoming more domesticated with Kate as the show moves along…

Thanks to everyone that voted in the poll and please vote on the next poll: If you were stuck on the island, you would most likely be found doing which activity:….


Lovers, Tailgaters and Others…

Hott on hott girl crime

3 more episodes down (“…And Down”, “Abandoned” & “The Other 48 Days”) and so much to talk about. First we get a Sun & Jin flashback episode centered around Sun losing her wedding ring. While nothing really happened this episode I still thought it was a great episode. No main plot revelations were needed because Sun and Jin carried the episode like it was Sawyer with a gun shot wound. And speaking of gun shot wounds…I’m sorry, Sticks, I think I’ve jinxed your family. One episode after I declared no main characters would die in Season 1 Boone took a nose dive in a tree-parked plane. Incredibly  only 2 episodes following my latest dumb prediction that no main characters from Season 2 will die, you get shot. There is nothing I hate (or love) more than hott on hott girl crime. On the bright side you’ve given Sayid an out and he can now go back to pining over a much more worthy gal.

Now it’s in poor taste to mock Sticks after she was given a semi-tragic death scene and a spectacular flashback episode. First we find out Stick’s dad was the person Jack’s wife killed in the car crash (we even see Jack in the same room). Then I remembered Jack viewed her dad as a lost cause and didn’t even bother to work on him. Next we meet a mother-in-law so mean that we actually feel bad for Sticks. Really? You’re not going to feel even a little bad after taking all her inheritance? Well I hope Sticks gets back at you someday and pretends to get beat by her boyfriends just to con you out of money. Dammit, now I’m even OK with that behavior!  And for a cherry on top, Shannon (got to give her some respect) selflessly runs off to chase ghost Walt resulting in her own demise. Sticks, I’ll miss you in a bikini and I’ll miss you because I think given time you could have really redeemed yourself and turned into a productive citizen on magic island.

And now to the meat of it. The Tailgaters!!! The beach scene was AWESOME. The plane looked like an asteroid falling to earth which keeps me wondering how all those people survived the crash. We also get a great parallel between the tailgaters and tribe prime. Great writing to show how the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 continued to live their affluent first class existence. They got all the luggage, they got all the skilled survivors and they even landed on the beach instead of the water. The folks in the back of the bus were literally in the back of the bus. Those second class citizens were awarded beach front property right in the lair of The Others. They got no resources from the plane, no doctor and not enough good people to help them survive. I thought the symbolism of Ana letting gimpy-leg guy die in order to save resources was so striking verses Jack (at the same exact time across the island) spending too many resources to save the doomed US Marshall. Then The Others come and turn the happy-to-be-alive Tailgaters into an untrusting band and cause Mr. Ed to give up speaking for Lent. Very interesting that The Others were able to infiltrate both sides and they are a bit obsessed with kids. NEW PREDICTION: The island is really Michael Jackson’s super secret Neverland 2 ranch(too soon??). If that prediction doesn’t work then I suppose they kidnap the kids so they can retrain them while they are young so someday they can grow and be child kidnappers and killers just like their Other parents. Oh and before I forget, how about the fact that Boone was talking to Bernard when he was in the plane! The monumental events that followed made me totally forget thinking…who the hell is answering the plane radio?? The range can’t be so good, it’d have to be somebody really close…you know like Rose’s white husband (love that they made a half joke about it on the beach). All in all great episodes and I don’t hate Mean Bitch half as much. She is almost a product of her magic island environment…notice I said almost. Jack would have saved gimpy-leg or cried trying…

Next up on Finally Lost…On Day 48 (NUMBER) the two tribes converge and we get to see how Sayid reacts to Mean Bitch killing his girlfriend. I predict he will fix a transceiver and shove it where the sun don’t shine…

p.s. I think it’s very interesting that while Shannon saw ghost Walt the other survivors heard the strange whispering. What is going on there…


I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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