A matter of perspective

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Last week’s Q/A with Stream Of Consciousness was a very interesting question, hope you enjoy!

1) You are Miles. Sayid has burst into the Temple and asks you to choose – pick Jacob and stay within the Temple with the people that have kidnapped you, tortured you and mysteriously told you to stay put, on the promise of ‘safety’, or pick Smokey and go on a vague journey with a monster that has promised to kill everyone and anyone who disagrees with him. Should you stay or should you go? Who do you trust at this point?

Finally Lost:

Dude this sucks! I shoulda got on that sub when I had the chance. I could of made some stock moves and placed a few sports bets and I would have been the Chinese Moe Green. But NOOO, I’m stuck in this damn temple with some guy from the cast of Big Trouble in Little Chinatown and his hippie translator. La Fleur’s gone AWOL, Jin never came back and even Hurley left (although I’m kinda glad I don’t have to try and explain to numb-nuts why the nuclear explosion was really the incident all along and whatever happened, happened!) I don’t trust the Arab guy because he should be dead, so until I get some answers, or La Fleur returns, I’m not moving. Btw, would it really hurt any of these Hostile chicks to take a shower once in a while? After 3 years of no play in Dharmaville, digging up Naomi is looking like a viable option!

Ms Wendy @ It’s About Bunnies:

If I’m thinking like Miles, I’m going to stick with the Jacob people, especially with this Ilana chick. She’s pretty, tough, knows what’s going on… and I dig her accent. Plus, it seemed like there was a brief moment that Miles was” listening” to something, possibly coming from the floor, right before Ilana kicked in the door. He might have been getting some “answers” there and wants to stick close to people who have a history with the Temple.

2) You are Kate. You have found yourself far from home following three people you thought were your friends – one is a zombie monster, one is a lunatic and the other has recently caused the death of many and is trying to convince you to follow the zombie monster so that all your dreams can come true. All you want to do is grab the lunatic and make a run for it. What do you do? What CAN you do?

Finally Lost:

OK Kate, 5…4…3…2…1…Ok, let’s just keep our cool and get Claire alone. She’ll understand that I had to take Aaron because she left him in the jungle all alone. God Sawyer looked hott..ok Kate, focus! Maybe Claire didn’t remember leaving Aaron behind, stranger things have happened on this island, like the time I got trapped in a cage with Sawyer yum!…Come on Kate, pull it together! You just out that Smoke monster thing is impersonating Locke and Claire is bff with it. I have to convince her to leave with me so we can find Sawyer and maybe get stuck in a net with him..dammit Kate this is what you get for shacking up with a guy that cries all the time. I’ll just explain to Claire that I’ve had Aaron this whole time and he’s safe and sound off the island with her mother. Then I’ll convince her to leave the smoke monster and try and find a way off this island with me so I can reunite her with Aaron and so she can wash her hair.

Scott @ The Stuff Of Legend:

Ugh, I have to be Kate? Hmmm…this one will be tougher.

Well, at this point she’s pretty much sold out to the idea of reuniting Claire and her bay-bee. Where else is she going to go? She finally blew off Jack (funny that the one time she DOESN’T tag along with Jack, this is what happens), Sawyer basically told her to hit the bricks…unless she’s going to try and set up an unprecedented Love Pentagon by going after Miles, I guess she’s pretty much committed to sticking with Claire at this point.

And, just like with Miles, she doesn’t have all of the information that we do…she doesn’t know that Claire has become an axe-wielding, trap-setting, more homicidal version of Rousseau. Although, to be honest….shouldn’t the hair have given it away?

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I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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