Answers and Questions

Tie up the Libby storyline dammit!!
So I decided to take full advantage of what Hulu has to offer and began re-watching all the episodes from Season 1 to see what I missed from my first marathon viewing back in December. 18 episodes later and I was really surprised that I understood everything going on in season 1. When I first watched season 1 I was completely confused, and even after I finished the first couple seasons, I was still lost. Five seasons clearly is the charm because now we’re in the know! That thing in the jungle? It’s really black smoke that is a person trying to kill this dude name Jacob. The Hatch?? Oh let me tell you all about the Dharma Initiative. Why did Ethan kidnap Claire and who are The Others?? Let me introduce you to smoking hott Juliet Burke who’s trying to solve the island’s fertility problems. Granted I still don’t know why Walt always wins at backgammon and why dead birds fly into his house, but when last seen he was certainly old enough to beat AC security, so I’m thinking I should just leave that question alone and take the kid with me to the AC craps table…

After my initial shock about how much has been answered, I was once again shocked by how little I missed from the first viewing. I thought I was going to have a Bruce Willis-Sixth-Sense moment where I was kept saying the LOST equivalent of, “Ahh his wife didn’t acknowledge him!” but no such moment came. I guess we as fans pick apart every detail during the first run so there isn’t much that is missed in the end. Despite my best Lostapedia readings, I was able to gleam a few interesting tidbits and thought I’d share what I missed the first time around:

  • Locke’s 1-900 sex operator lady friend was also named Helen. Was this intentional by the writers or did they change the story later on? I’m guessing they changed their mind later on and were able to write around the 1-900 storyline
  • In Claire’s first flashback, her baby’s father mentions that her mother has practically disowned her, however, her mother should have been in a coma at that point. Another writer post-re-write??
  • When Sayid escaped Frenchy’s (Russo) lair he stole a gun from her and later tried to use it on her but it didn’t fire. Frenchy made a comment that her husband didn’t notice the trigger was broken either. It is cool we got to see that referenced scene in season 5
  • I didn’t connect the dots the first time around when Hurley’s accountant told him that he had just gained 51% ownership of “some box making company”. It’s more consistent that Hurley owns that company in both timelines. I still don’t understand how Hurley found out about the numbers in Timeline X since they weren’t broadcasted until 1988. For that matter, who decided to START broadcast the numbers in 1988?? The Dharma Initiative would have been wiped out by then and I don’t see The Others doing that sort of thing. I also don’t understand why Hurley was on that flight since he only went to Australia to earn about the origins of the numbers. In Timeline X he seems much happier.
  • Michael is SO much more annoying the second time around. I had to fast forward parts of his flashback because I couldn’t deal with it. I seriously had to watch his death scene in season 4 just to cleanse my pallet. Side note, Hurley owed Walt $83,000 in backgammon loses and you would have thought that he would have paid his debt off during his 3 years off the island. Thumbs down for the writers for missing such a great comedic opportunity. How great would the Locke/Walt scene in Season 5 have been if Walt said the only person he saw was Hurley because he was paying him his backgammon winnings? WAAAAAAAALT

I think my Season 1 partial re-watch just reinforced what we all know about LOST, all our questions will be answered with new questions. In honor of that I would like to finish this entry by listing the top 5 questions I need answered before ever traveling on a flight named Oceanic Flight 815 or AA316:

  1. What are the true significance of the numbers?
  2. What the hell are Jacob & The Man in Black?
  3. What is the mission statement of The Others?
  4. What is the island & why does it move through space and time?
  5. Why couldn’t Charles Widmore get back to the island if Eloise Hawking had that nifty moving phallic needle determining windows of opportunities for the island?

I know I left out a few such as”Why are Walt & Miles Special” & “Why can’t women bring babies to term on the island anymore”, and YES we all want the Libby storyline tied up, but I can LIVE without those. I however, NEED the above 5 questions explained before LOST ends or I may never sleep well again…

Did I miss any??

5 Responses to “Answers and Questions”

  1. 1 Franny
    March 1, 2010 at 11:03 am

    1 – the claire inconsistency has nagged me too
    2 – we don’t know yet in timeline X if hurleys winning numbers are “THE” numbers….and I think we can assume he may have been in australia for any number of his world-wide franchises, remember he does have chicken comercials in australia
    3 – I think Locke requested to call his 1-900 lady “helen” – you know, role playing sicne he missed her after she dumped him
    4 – I belive the numbers were broadcaste BEFORE 1988, they were what brought Rousseau’s crew to the island…then Rousseau changed the broadcast to that french transmission that Shannon ‘deciphered’…i don’t think we know when they started being transmitted, but it was before 1988 in the original timeline

    • March 1, 2010 at 2:03 pm

      Yea I think the 1-900 was a writers mistake. They decided later to deepen the Locke character and using Helen fit but I could be wrong.

      I *think* the recording started in 1988 because when Hurley visits that lady in Australia she says they hadn’t heard anything for years while monitoring the Pacific and then the signal showed up one day. This could be due to the island moving though.

      I forgot to mention in one of the episodes in season 1 they talk about how the tides changed out of no where and it made the Losties move up the beach. I’m guessing this was due to the island moving as well

      • 3 Franny
        March 1, 2010 at 4:18 pm

        hmm, i hadn’t really given much thought to the island ‘moving’ except for when the donkey wheel was unhinged

  2. 4 Dave
    March 1, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    The Helen thing was definitely not a writers’ mistake. It was a dramatic reveal– We think Locke is talking to his “girlfriend” Helen, and then we find out she is just a call girl he has become obsessed with. Then later, they throw ANOTHER twist at us, and show that there really was a Helen that he had been in love with and ruined his relationship with, so the call girl thing was a crazy delusional thing where he just pretended that was still a version of “Helen” he could have a relationship with. There’s definitely no reason to think it’s any kind of “mistake.” It’s just an intricate and engaging character reveal.

  3. 5 Shay
    March 1, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    A friend of mine gave me a link to this article in which the writers state what questions will be answered and which ones will not be answered. It was an interesting read, but I’m kind of disappointed in the few things that aren’t going to be covered.


    Also, I think I read somewhere a few years back that the reason they had that episode where the tide came up and was washing everything away was because it was really happening on set so they just decided to write it in. Maybe it’s a coincidence that it happens to fit with the plot. Or maybe the writers actually planned it that way, who knows.

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