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As some of you who know me in the real world know, I just went through a rough stretch of starting a new business while working my regular 40 hour a week job. Unfortunately this left me very little time to blog about our favorite islanders, however, rest assured Finally Lost will be back and will help you question all your answers from now until the end of the season.

Now I wasn’t completely unproductive during my hiatus, Finally Lost was recently chosen by Chris Kelly of Stream Of Consciousness as one of the top 23 Lost sites on the Blogosphere and was asked to participate in a weekly Q/A session. Every week Chris sends us 2 questions and posts our answers on his site. Please check out Stream Of Consciousness when you get a chance and see how Finally Lost is dong in comparison to the best bloggers out there. Chris has a lot of great stuff on his site including a Cafe-Press T-Shirt Contest to the person who writes the best Lost ending.

As to not leave you completely hanging, I am posting my answers to the first 2 weeks questions which I think will start some good debate. Already I’m being told the writers have hinted the alternate theory isn’t true but I plan on blogging soon to flesh out my theory.


What is going on with the LAX scenes? Do you believe we are experiencing an alternate timeline, or is it something else entirely?
I know a common theory out there is that the X in LA X means we have a parallel universe on our hands (that’s multi-verse for all the fellow comic geeks out there). Since the “What happened happened” tenant of the show has been evicted from the show like it Walt going through puberty, I find myself clinging to another faithful tenant: Course Correction! Yes I believe LA SPACE X means we are in an alternate timeline and yes I believe we will course correct, the interesting question, however, is which timeline will win? Wouldn’t it be wild if the Losties got to choose which timeline became reality? Does Sawyer choose to be the pre-island conman with a hard-one for Kate or a post-island rebuilt man with a Juliet sized broken heart?? Time will tell, literally…

Smokey / NotLocke / ManInBlack says he wants to “go home”.  Where/what is “home”?
I’ve been convinced for sometime now that Jacob & Smokey are aliens/gods (it’s all the same to us agnostics) who have been exiled to earth on a broken down space ship, aka the island. The fact that the island has a wheel that can move it through time and space has always made me think spaceship. If Jacob and Smokey really are exiled then I think Jacob was totally the kid that convinced Smokey that one joint won’t kill ya, or whatever alien crime is punishable by an Earth exile these days, which is why Smokey wants to kill Jacob so badly. It is interesting that Jacob has no problem leaving the island but Smokey is land locked. In the end, I think E.T. want to go home and be reunited with Mrs. Smokey…


Games have been mentioned continually thoughout the series – from Locke’s backgammon allegories, to Jacob’s talk of a “loophole”. This week, Sawyer described Sayid’s ressurection as him earning “another go around“. Do you believe the Lost characters are taking part in some kind of game/test, and if so, how can they possibly win/pass this scenario?
Absolutely! Locke and pre-puberty Walt set the tone for the entire series during their backgammon scenes. At first we thought the Losties were the pawns of The Others with Ben pulling all the strings, but as the wise Richard Alpert says, “Everyone has a boss”, and clearly Jacob and Smokey are the Tony Danza on this island. The writers keep telling us not to prejudge which of our mysterious “friends” are good/evil but I’d throw my hat in the ring with Jacob. Besides the fact that he pals around with my boy Hurley, Jacob has done a much better PR job simple by not randomly turning into black smoke and killing Losties (will we ever learn why Smokey did that??) Now just because we know who the players are doesn’t mean we understand the game, this IS Lost after all. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of the series Jacob pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to Smokey “Trading Places” style and said, see I told you Kate would go for Sawyer!!!

On a lighter note, Kate just can’t stop following Sawyer around!! I know it is a question that a large part of the fandom love to ask (and an equally large number loathe to hear), so let’s get it out of the way – who will Kate finally “end up” with?
On the “Official Lost Video Podcast”, Evangeline Lilly (Kate) said she thought that Aaron is really the man in her life and her Jawyer relationship was almost moot. If you look at Aaron being the reason Kate’s returned to the island and Aaron being the crutch she leaned on to mend her Sawyer-induced broken heart, then I think it’s clear she’s right. I don’t any of us think it’s a coincidence in the flash-sideways that Kate ended up in that cab with Claire and helped her out with an Aaron problem. Aaron is the reason Kate stopped running and Aaron is the reason Kate doesn’t have room in her heart for Jack or Sawyer. In an Aaron-less world I think Kate would have picked Sawyer, like any sane woman that’s seen him without a shirt. Unfortunately for Kate, in timeline Prime (where the island is still above the ocean) Sawyer’s known 3 years of a life with a woman who didn’t constantly lie and who wasn’t bouncing between men like a employee at the Vegas Bunny Ranch. That unfortunately leaves her with a consolation prize of Jack “the crying man” and we all saw how those off-island romances work out…

4 Responses to “Finally Lost Finally Back”

  1. 1 Shay
    February 16, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Glad to see you are finally back! I missed your blogs. Should be good to get some awesome discussions going!

    As far as end-of-season theories, I will be super-pissed if this ends up being aliens. Personally, I feel like aliens are a cheesy cop-out for plots (unless aliens are actually involved otherwise). For some reason, I’m okay with the idea of gods, but aliens would kinda piss me off.


    Some thoughts on tonight’s episode (SPOILERS FOR 6.04!!!)… I saw on a lot of message boards that some people think the little boy in the jungle was Jacob. Does anyone else think it might be Aaron? That was my first thought. I have no idea how it would be Aaron, but he’s supposed to be this crazy anti-christ child to begin with, so why not? Also… Rose! And Hurley! They are amazing. And Randy should die a slow and painful death. I hope Hurley fired him. My roommates and I were kinda weirded out to see Ben at the school. Kinda crazy to think of Ben as a teacher, but if there was no island then that means Ben was never taken to the temple to “lose his innocence” (whatever THAT means…), so maybe sideways-Ben is actually a good guy. Loved Frank’s reaction to Ben’s comment at the funeral. And finally, the cave… wow. Can’t wait to find some good screencaps of the wall. Was anyone else able to see some other names on there that we may recognize? And was Kate’s name there? I don’t remember seeing it. Is there any significance behind the numbers assigned to each person? I’m not sure at this point if Flocke is a good guy or a bad guy. I want to think that he’s the bad guy, but… I don’t know anymore. Crazy Lost keeps changing the way I think about the characters.

    Great to see that we are finally nearing our way to some answers, although every time they start to answer a question I end up coming up with eight more.

    • February 16, 2010 at 10:42 pm

      So I don’t want to jump all over my next blog but here are my thoughts…

      Yes I thought the little boy was jacob and I’d like to see some screen shots so we can guess on when he is from based on his clothes. I never got the whole “Aaron is the savior thing” but I wonder if that’s because I watched all the episodes in a row. Everyone that has been with the show from the beginning always talks about Aaron.

      Interesting point about Other Ben BUT the nuke went off after Other Ben was taken to the temple so he still would have lost his Other Virginity. The big question is how the hell did he get off the island?? May be the nuke didn’t sink the island after all.

      Good catch on Kate she was not on the wall, here’s what I caught, let me know if I got any wrong
      4 – Locke
      8 – Hurley
      15 – Kwaun
      16 – Sayid
      27 – Jack
      42 – Sawyer

      Could Kate be 108?

  2. 3 Dave
    February 17, 2010 at 2:27 am

    Those numbers ain’t right…

    4 – Locke
    8 – Reyes
    15- Ford
    16- Jarrah
    23- Shephard
    42- Kwon

    I had the same thought about “Austin” (Kate) being 108. But I realized there are no women (necessarily) in the numbers! Maybe that is why Kate is exempt, and which would mean the 42 is definitely JIN.

    Also, I assumed that Jacob put the numbers up in the order that he touched people… but he definitely touched Hurley last… So did he just write all those names up there at once and assign them random numbers?

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