Final Season of Lost: Destiny Found

The whole gang is back!

The whole gang is back!

With only 13 days till the season 6 premier of Lost I’ve returned! I know I’ve been gone so long that you thought I must have turned the ice wheel and joined the Dharma initiative under my assumed name of La Ben, but I assure you I was here in present day taking a relaxing holiday. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you will be happy to know I have come back and plan on blogging a couple times a week. including after each episode so we can all discuss all the latest events/theories. But before we get to the season premier (is it here yet??) I want to do some top 10 lists and go over my GLT…Grand Lost Theory.

In my previous blog I hinted at my thoughts but with a month to stew about everything I saw I had some time to come up with some new theories. Let’s start with some interesting facts we know:

  • 5 of the O6 were transported back in time which means someone wanted them to go back. If all 6 went back or if the entire plane went back then maybe you could blame it on the island’s mysterious properties but the fact that only 5 of them got transported back suggests intelligent design. Interestingly enough Sun was the only one not transported back, I have a theory on why that I will share in a moment so hold onto that thought….
  • Jacob knew what Nemesis was up to! Why do I think this? Because he gave Ilana (Booby-Fett) and her cult followers a mission: bring the dead body of Locke to my crib under the statue and show The Others. Jacob must have known about Nemesis’ plan all along. It seems like Nemesis has the gift of being able to impersonate dead people and Jacob must have known Nemesis was going to use Locke’s image to convince Other Ben to kill him.
  • If the nuke goes off and prevents the hatch from being built preventing Oceanic Flight 815 from crashing on the island then Jacob is alive. Nemesis can’t use fake-Locke to convince Other Ben to kill Jacob if he never lands on the island. Crisis averted.

If 5 out of the O6 were pulled back in time on purpose AND Jacob knew of Nemesis’ plan, then I can only conclude these were both Jacob’s counter measures to prevent Nemesis from killing him. If Booby-Fett succeeds then fake-Locke is exposed and maybe Other Ben doesn’t kill Jacob. But if Booby-Fett fails then Jacob has the backup plan of the nuke going off and resetting time. The O5 were sent back in time for a reason, it MUST have been to set off that nuke! For once I agree with Jack, they were sent back for a reason!!

Wrap up: Nemesis was using his ability to be dead people to spook Hurley & convince Jack to go back to the island so he could get Other Ben back on the island to kill Jacob. Jacob uses Nemesis’ own plan against him by pulling back the O5 so they can detonate the nuke. Hell Jacob probably even got the nuke to land on the island back in the 50’s so he could set the stage. Jacob didn’t bring Sun back so Jin would have more motivation to set off the nuke: to get back to Sun. Unfortunately everyone but Sawyer, Kate & the Ghostbuster (Miles) had a motivation to reset time.

As I’ve stated in a previous blog entry I think that Jacob & Nemesis are aliens that are trapped on earth for all eternity as a punishment for some crime. I think Jacob convinced Nemesis to do whatever they did to get in trouble which is why he wants to kill Jacob. I also believe the island is their space ship which is why it moves through time & space and can only be found on one direct course. A space ship would also explain why a wheel conveniently exists that moves it around in time/space.

After all this you probably know my answer to the million dollar: Yes I think the nuke went off and yes I think time was reset and 815 lands safely in LAX. I have NO idea how the writers will deal with the events from the past 5 seasons, maybe the universe will course correct.

Comments?? Brilliant?? Stupid?? Are these common theories?? I haven’t visited any sites with theories so I don’t know what the common theories are…

Finally a new Poll is up so please vote….What do you think happened at the end of Season 5??

7 Responses to “Final Season of Lost: Destiny Found”

  1. January 21, 2010 at 7:30 am

    I’ll be very disappointed if they go the island-as-an-alien-spaceship route. Seems like kind of a “Deus ex Machina” cop out to me.

    My feeling is that the bomb does go off, but that the bomb going off was always “The Incident”. In fact, let’s not forget what the title of the finale was…”The Incident”. I do however believe that the bomb going off will create an alternate time line where the Oceanic 6 land in LA. I’m having trouble de-conflicting these two views though. If the bomb truly is the incident, then everything should transpire as it did in seasons 1-5. So how can the bomb also cause the alternate time line So, i’m not sure what to do about that…

    I’m guessing We’ll probably end up with two parallel time lines (again) for a while (one on island, one alt-time line in LA). I’ll also stick to my theory that when they land in LA in the alt-time line they will retain their memories (or at least some of their memories) of what happened on the island, otherwise I’m not sure how the story moves forward…or maybe only the Oceanic6 retain memories? I don’t know.

    I can’t remember if I posted this here, but what if the alternate time line features a “Final Destination” factor. People start dying in the alternate time line in the same order as on the island. Gary Troupe (jet engine guy), Greg Grunburg (plane captain), Boone, Shannon, Doc Arzst, etc. I actually think that would be extremely cool, if not for the fact that there have been multiple “Final Destination” movies that did this.

  2. 2 franny
    January 21, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I think that all the hitns the producers have droppped, like at comic con, are a red herring – i dont think its as simple as the timeline wiping out….I think even if time does reset, then the Universe course corrects and then it keeps going back and forth in an infintie loopp of them crashing, then fixing it to not crash, then the course correction causes them to crash. Cause I still can’t get my head around the paradox of if this plan worked, then they dont crash, then they’re never there to go back and prevent themselves from crashing, hence they crash. My nose is gonna start bleeding. Although the line from Jacob does intrigue me “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” so maybe it loops and loops, but then now we’re at the part where it “ends once”.

  3. January 24, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    One more thing in the Jacob wanted the O5/6 to go back to the island. He is in the cab with Hurley and basically convinces him to go back! It’s gotta be part of the plan

  4. February 9, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    You got that “the island is a spaceship idea” from me. I told you that theory. I want due credit.

    Until it’s proven wrong, then you can go back to saying it was your theory.

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