The rules have changed

You've just been Other Ben-Whammied
Completed: 4-8 Meet Kevin Johnson, 4-9 The Shape of Things to Come, 4-10 Something Nice Back Home. 21 episodes left, 52 days to go. As you know, I don’t know anything that is to come and like the survivors I am completely lost.

It looks like I jumped offsides a little early on taking credit for my Kate/Sawyer prediction but I bulls-eyed Mr. Charles Widmore’s role, here’s the recap: We get almost a full episode flashback of Dumb-Ass Dad’s (Michael) time away from the island and it’s nothing too surprising. After all the annoying screaming “WAAALT”, DAD(Dumb-Ass Dad) leaves Walt with grandma because he can’t get over the guilt of killing Ana Lucia & Libby (good, F him!) After telling Walt what he did to save him, DAD tries to kill himself via car and gun but Other Tom shows up to tell him the island won’t let him die because it ain’t done with him yet. DAD is convinced by Other Tom to save the Losties on the island by blowing up Charles Widmore’s boat but instead of blowing up the boat, DAD is Other Ben-Whammied into becoming Other Ben’s spy. Back on the island Other Ben gives Slingshot (Alex), Frenchy (Danielle) & Karl a map to the temple but Frenchy & Karl are killed en route while Slingshot is taken prisoner 😦 😦 Slingshot is then used as bait to get Other Ben to give himself up but Other Ben tries to call the bluff. Sadly the bluff ain’t a bluff and Slingshot is killed right in front of Other Ben causing him to say, “The rules have changed” and unleash the black smoke monster on the boat brigade. Other Ben, Locke & Hurley then go off to see Jacob while Prego (Claire), Devil baby (Aaron), Ghostbuster (Miles) & Sawyer head to the beach. Prego sees her father, Daddy Jack and follows him into the woods and we are left hanging while Sawyer calling out for Prego while holding an abandoned Devil Baby. Flash forward to Other Ben alone in a desert, kicking 2 armed guard’s ass, whamming Sayid to work for him after he reveals Charles Widmore is behind his wife Nadia’s death (check) and then having a face to face with Mr. Widmore in which Other Ben reveals he is going to kill his daughter Penny as payback. Back on the beach, Jack’s appendix is about to burst and has Kate hold a mirror so he can backseat-operate until White Bernard decides enough is enough and knocks him out leaving the Ice Princess (Juliet) to finish her work in peace. Flash forward to Kate & Jack living happily together, raising Devil Baby until Jack visits Hurley and is informed Charlie is continuing his post-mordem visits and left a message for Jack: someone will be visiting you soon. Jack seeing a flash of his father combined with Kate trying to cover up a favor she is running for Sawyer makes Jack explode and yell, “He’s not even related to you!” Weird, Kate keep a secret??

Wow, season 4 is a bloodbath! I had a feeling Frenchy was going to be the next to go (although I was half hoping for a flashback) but I didn’t expect Karl & Slingshot to die as well. I almost had to put the DVD in the freezer after they killed Slingshot 😦 Other Ben’s moment with his dead daughter was the first time during the series in which I knew he was completely sincere and despite the death being his fault, I really felt for him. I’m going to miss Slingshot and not just because she was my favorite self-made nickname. Other Ben’s flash forward was AWESOME. The end scene between he and Widmore was fantastic because, finally, Other Ben has an equal. I was very distraught to hear that Other Ben’s new plan is to kill Penny since my rooting interest is a Desmond/Penny happy ending. I’m especially frustrated because Other Ben always seems to get what he wants. It’s also curious that Other Ben said he can’t kill Widmore. Is this in the same way that DAD couldn’t kill himself? Does the island prevent normal life death until it’s done with you? It sounds like Widmore was on the island before, but then why can’t he get back to it? And why did he say Other Ben would never find Penny when as of xmas eve she was in her house? Is she hiding or did she finally make it to the island? So many questions..

Now between Other Ben’s flash forward and Jack’s second flash forward it looks like we can piece everything that’s going to happen to the Oceanic 6 when they get off the island. Hopefully that means we will start to learn HOW they get off the island and why the rest of the Losties chose/had to stay. I also loved how protective Sawyer was of Hurley & Prego. Clearly he is ready to step in as the leader of the Losties and I think he will be better leader than Jack & Locke.

And finally, some quick hits:

  • Clearly I am a stupid pathetic moron, because I COMPLETELY forgot that Prego and Jack were haflsies! Is there something special about Jack that he keeps seeing Daddy Jack or is there something special about Daddy Jack?
  • I’m starting to think Other Ben is in the coffin because all of the O6 seem to live and Other Ben is the only person to get off the island
  • Did all the Losties get a choice to leave or not? If there were only 6 spots it seems odd that Kate and Jack went. At least it makes sense why they made up the Kate story and told the rest of the world everyone else was dead. How on earth though, did they account for the extra bodies at the fake crash site though?
  • Ha I knew Other Tom is gay. During the Ice Princess’ flashback about Goodwin, Tim told her that she wasn’t his type. I forgot to note it in the blog
  • Indiana speaks Korean. There’s no way all 3 scientists and the pilot all live to see season 5
  • Sayid should have known better than to talk to DAD, it obviously would have blown his cover. I guess it didn’t matter since he then told the captain that DAD was the spy. Why did he do that?
  • I know I didn’t say much about DAD’s flashback but after you find out he got back to NYC and Walt hates him I didn’t find the episode particularly revealing. Obviously the best part was the “Not Yet” note attached to the bomb

Next up on Finally Lost…another Jacob encounter and I hope we get to find out how the O6 leave…

1 Response to “The rules have changed”

  1. December 23, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    The writers did a great job of misdirecting us from who was in the coffin. I changed my mind twenty times about who it was. I tended to go back to Sayid every time though.

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