Season 3 prediction results and Season 4 predictions

Would you have killed Other Ben?

If you were Jack, would you have killed Other Ben?? 56% said Yes, while a more noble (or evil) 44% of you said No! Personally I am obsessed with mysteries (which is why I couldn’t handle this show at a weekly pace for 5 year) so I would have kept Other Ben alive just for some answers. Jack wasted his leverage playing school yard football with Tom. The reason I like Sayid so much is because he would have asked the right questions, he always does. It’s the first thing he did when the Ice Princess (Juliet) switched sides and it would have been his first move. The poll would suggest that Other Ben is a polarizing character but I don’t think he is. Either you love him or you understand why people love him. I don’t believe anyone hates Other Ben as a character.

Now onto the scoring. I definitely fared better this season than the previous two (which should be expected given I have more info) but since I didn’t grade the other 2 seasons, I’m going to list the biggest predictions in the below 3 categories:

Call me Desmond cause I swear I can see the future (check)

  • Mr. Eko would be the first to die in season 3!
  • Charlie & Tom would die in the finale! I am most proud of the obscure Tom prediction!
  • They needed dynamite to blow up the hatch
  • The EM force is what ripped apart the plane
  • The Others wanted Jack to operate on Other Ben’s spinal tumor
  • White Bernard was alive

Did Dumb-ass Dad (Michael) help me with these predictions?? (wrong)

  • Invisible dinosaur in the jungle??
  • I thought The Others were the tailgaters?? really??
  • Nothing bad will happen if they let the clock go to 000…woops
  • Charlie would get back on the heroine wagon. I meant to say he would get on the HEROine wagon…
  • None of the main characters are going to die! I I made this statement twice! Both times it was immediately followed by a death (Boone than Shannon)
  • Michael won’t abandon the survivors and will immediately return to the island to help. What the HELL was I thinking?? And I HATE Michael.
  • Aliens created the hatches

Good enough for Dhamra work (partial credit)

  • Kate killed her dad. I also said it was an accident and that he molested her.
  • A character we hadn’t met knocked out Sayid when he was triangulating the power source. In my defense I made a real strong case for Locke too.
  • The island is a gov project that utilizes the strange EM properties. Close but Dharma is not a gov project as far as I know
  • Penny will show up on the island before the end of season 3. Well Charlie talked to a her and saw a live video feed of her on the island.
  • The Others don’t want to leave because they are doing noble research for Dharma. The Others killed Dharma but they believe they are doing noble research
  • Henry Gayle was an Other. Henry Gayle is the leader of the Others

Not a bad score. I balanced out some ridiculous predictions with some dead on death predictions. And now onto the Season 4 predictions (drum roll please)

  • The 4th season will be all about the island. Why it’s so magical and how it got it’s properties
  • Locke is in the coffin. I thought about it for a while and I think if Sawyer was in the coffin then at least his baby’s mama would show up. Locke truly has no one (unless you count the 1-900 phone sex lady)
  • The big 5 (Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Locke & Sayid) will not die this season and I believe all 5 will make it to season 6 (I think the coffin future is avoidable). I also think that there is NO WAY Prego (Claire) or Hurley can die. The writers won’t kill the most beloved happy-go-lucky character and they won’t kill a single mom and leave devil baby (Aaron) an orphan
  • Jin dies. After the big 5 plus 2 untouchables it only leaves Other Ben, the Ice Princess & Desmond. Jin has to die because someone does and I don’t think they will kill off Other Ben, Ice or Desmond yet. Other Ben is too great of a character, Ice Princess is too useful and Desmond’s future power is too cool. Plus all 3 of those characters are relatively new and can still be fleshed out more. I suppose Sun could die instead but somehow she’s going to survive this prego thing.
  • In the future flash Kate is returning home to someone we haven’t met yet. Some big bad rich guy type. Who else could have gotten her out of all her legal troubles and dolled her up with all that makeup?? Maybe Mr. Widmore??
  • Time travel is going to be huge. If they’ve introduced flash forwards then time travel must be important. I think (hope) they will be able to change the future.
  • Other Ben isn’t lying, the bad guys are coming. It’s why Jacob asked Locke for help. I think we’ll learn more about Jacob
  • The survivors will leave the island at the cliff hanger of season 4. I think they’ll spend the entire season 5 off the island. This is somewhat spoiled because I know they get off and I know the first episode of season 6 is called LA X (damn TV forecast widget) so I’m doing some reasonable guessing
  • Sayid will fix 4 transceivers, Jack will cry 8 times, Kate will go back and forth between Sawyer and Jack 15, no make that 16 times, Hurley will say “dude” 23 times, Jin will learn 42 english words and Sawyer will give out 108 nicknames

Next up on Finally Lost…Season 4 begins! I have been told I have no idea what’s in store…saweet

5 Responses to “Season 3 prediction results and Season 4 predictions”

  1. 1 Franny
    December 7, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    we need a forum to discuss your predictions where you’re not allowed, haha.
    i typed responses but decided i had to delete them because even as vague as they were, I didn’t want to influence your thinking.

  2. 2 Shay
    December 8, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    You’ve got some pretty good predictions for S4. One of them in particular I’m excited to see how you react to and how you’ll score yourself.
    Thinking about the seasons, I think the fourth is my favorite, followed by five. There’s a lot going on in S4, plenty of WTF moments, some answers, more questions, more character drama, people die… It’s great. Can’t wait to see what you think of this season (especially the opening)!

  3. 3 Dave
    December 8, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    So when are you starting season 4?? Come on! Your Constant Readers are getting antsy… Haha, just out of curiosity, what format are you watching the show on? Computer/DVD/Blu-Ray… I found that once the show went HD it really made a huge difference– it’s shot really beautifully. If you can get it on Blu-Ray, that’d be the best way to go.

    • December 8, 2009 at 8:54 pm

      Haha no worries I should put a post up tonight. I just watched the first episode, not what I expected at all. I’m watching it in standard on my laptop since I’m in a hotel room in DC. A friend of mine has the Blue-Ray version but I didn’t borrow his

  4. December 23, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    I loved that the Season 6 premiere name threw you off the trail. There was no way you could have predicted how fast things would go. Seasons 4 & 5 just moved to fast it was hard for us to theorize and we had a lot more time.

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