Everyone’s favorite island activity

Dude, I found these golf clubs

And the winner of this week’s poll question, “What island activity would you most like to do”….play golf with Hurley of course! 44% of you would like to shoot a round with everyone’s favorite multi-millionare recovering psychotic. I think if the survivors ever get discovered Hurley should use his cash to open up a magic island golf course. Watch out for the invisible smoke thing guarding hole 18…

And the runners up: 25% of voters would like to help Locke open up that hatch, probably because it would be quicker than waiting around for the writers to show you what’s in the hatch. A solid 13% of you would give Sayid a hand with the transceiver hoping that it would be your best chance off the island no doubt. And just a paltry 6% of you would either help Michael with the raft or help Sun garden. Personally I would rather be in the hatch when it blew up than hang out with Michael under any circumstances. Finally I would like to apologize to disappointed readers that requested “getting caught in a net” with Sawyer (4 write-ins) or Kate (2 write-ins). I should have known that’s there only 1 activity people really want to do on a deserted island. If I was a gambling man I would say that “netting” with Sawyer would have gotten more votes than any girl I could have listed…

The next poll is up and I’m interested in seeing your reaction: When you first saw the episode in which Jack operated on Other Ben’s tumor, did you want Jack to kill him?

Finally, a little bit of house cleaning. I’d like to thank our new readers from some of the new sites linked on the sidebar. If you have a fan site I haven’t listed please let me know and I will link you. I would also like to thank my friend Johnny Dynamite for helping me create the new Finally Lost logo at the top and I will shameless plug his fantastic t-shirt website in thanks.

Next up on Finally Lost, I finished 3 more episodes in Season 3 and I have a bit to say on some of the mistakes the writers made…

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I have always had a difficult time waiting to find out the ending of my favorite movies, TV shows & books. My resume of obsession includes watching Season 1 of 24 in 3 days, watching Season 2 of 24 in 18 hours and reading each Harry Potter book in one sitting. Knowing that I would love and become obsessed with Lost, I decided to wait before the last season to begin watching it.

This blog will follow me as I watch 5 seasons (103 episodes) of Lost before the final season begins. Relive the experience through me and feel free to mock my terrible theories. Please do not post any spoilers!

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