An Uncomfortable Stay at Others Island

Island Number 2

Completed: 3-1 A Tale of Two Cities, 3-2 The Glass Ballerina, 3-3 Further Instruction, 3-4 Every Man For Himself. 50 episodes left, 64 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except that I’ve seen previews that suggest the survivors gets off the island at some point.

Great now there’s 2 islands! Recap: Jack, Sawyer & Kate wake up to find themselves separated and captives of The Others. Jack is kept in an underwater prison by himself while Kate & Sawyer are forced to work the chain gang. At sea Sayid, Sun & Jin set a trap for The Others but it goes wrong and Desmond’s boat is taken and Sun kills Colleen. Back at camp Locke and the hobbit (Charlie) rescue Mr. Eko from a polar bear and Desmond gains the ability to see the future. Locke inspires the survivors by telling them they are going to rescue Jack, Sawyer and Kate.

4 Episodes into season 3 and I’m as confused as ever. Here’s what I know: There is a 2nd island and The Others are living a relatively normal life there until they witness Oceanic Flight 815 rip in half above the island (total mistake by the writers since the plane should have been unseeable at 32,000 ft). Other Ben (since my name is Ben, I feel weird calling him just Ben) assigns an infiltrator to each side of the island and tells them to bring back a list in 4 (NUMBER) days. Apparently visitors drop by magic island so much that there is protocol for this sort of event. Jack is kept in solitude and Other Ben and the Ice Princess (Juliet) try to make nice with him by giving him info on his wife and updating him on current events such as Christopher Reeves dying (was that in 2004?) and the Red Sox winning the world series. BRILLIANT! That scene goes up there with Locke’s wheelchair and Desmond showing up in the hatch as my favorite moments in the series. Meanwhile, Other Ben gives Kate a dress and a nice breakfast and tells her that the next 2 weeks are going to be hard. Why only 2 weeks?? Can’t you people explain anything?? Sawyer on the other hand is left in a cage and after several breakout attempts is told by The Others that they have installed a pacemaker into his body that will kill him if his heart races to0 fast (yes that includes “being caught in a net with Freckles”). Later on Other Ben reveals to Sawyer that the pacemaker was a trick but notes that Sawyer only complied when they threatened Kate and makes an observation about his feelings for Kate. Oh yea and Other Ben reveals they are on a different island!! Did no one notice that there was an Other Island? One with electricity, plumbing, running water and Other Happiness??

Lots of questions on The Others: Why do they stay on the island? How are they getting such good intel on the survivors? Why did they kidnap Jack, Sawyer and Kate? Instead of infiltrating the survivors why not call them a cab and get them rescued?? My best guesses: They don’t want to leave the island because they are continuing what they believe is noble Dharma work. They didn’t help the survivors because they are afraid their rescue would attract too much attention to magic island and they kidnapped Jack so he can perform spinal surgery on Other Ben’s tumor! Sawyer & Kate are chips to make sure Jack does what The Others want. That theory isn’t great because if they have contact with the outside world then why wouldn’t they just bring a surgeon in? Arg!

Back on the boat. Sayid is the man! Of COURSE he figures out The 3 amigo’s have been captured and comes up with a great plan to get them back: kidnap 2 (hurting one will keep the other in line), kill the rest and hostage swap for Jack and company. This brilliant plan hits the skids when it turns out The Others are only interested in the boat which Sun is currently on for safety reasons (woops). You know how the old story goes: girl meets Other, Other makes sudden move, girl shoots Other. As a side note it turns out Sun WAS sleeping with Hotel owner bald guy (name?) and Jin’s boys can’t swim. Could Sun’s baby not be Jin’s?? Oh Sun what were you thinking? I’m also starting to think that Sun’s dad maybe involved with Mr.Widmore. He’s too powerful and too corrupt so he has to be involved right?

Finally, Locke builds a sweat lodge and sees Boone who tells him to rescue Mr. Eko from a Polar Bear. Locke succeeds using the old fire and hairspray-can trick and now all is forgiven between the two. Locke also rallies the troops and makes a speech about how he’s going to rescue Jack & company. This is old news because Desmond already saw this in the future along with the lightening that was going to hit Prego’s shelter. Wait a minute…Desmond saw the future?? What happened to him when he turned that key and how did he survive the explosion?? Maybe he was transported temporarily a few hours into the future and then came back naked? This show HATES giving answers. All I know is I can’t wait for Desmond’s next flashback…

Next up on Finally Lost…Locke goes on a scouting mission to find The Other’s secret island. He’s going to feel right at home when he finds out they grow a lot of hash out there.

p.s. This is the last day to vote on the poll for the reader’s poll. Only 12 votes so far! I’m taking suggestions for the next poll…

3 Responses to “An Uncomfortable Stay at Others Island”

  1. 1 franny
    December 1, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    “Other Ben”, who for a time was also called “Benry” is the “Character you hadn’t met yet” that is my favorite character.

  2. 3 Shay
    December 1, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Ben is also my favorite character by far. He’s very… complex. I heard that the actor (Michael Emerson) was only casted for those first few episodes, but the producers were so impressed by how he portrayed the character that they wrote him in for more episodes.

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