Vaccines, spontaneous healing, and imaginary friends…

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Completed: 2-15, Maternity Leave, 2-16 The Whole Truth, 2-17, Lockdown, 2-18 Dave, 2-19 S.O.S. 59 episodes left, 65 days to go.As you know I don’t know anything about this series except for I’ve seen previews that suggest the survivors gets off the island at some point. Recap: Prego (Claire) goes searching for the vaccine when devil baby (Aaron) gets sick and begins to remember what happened to her while she was kidnapped; Henry gives 5-0 (Ana) and Sayid a map to his ballon but they discover he killed and took on the owner’s identity; Henry tells Locke he didn’t enter the code in the computer; food drops out of the sky; we learn that Hurley had an imaginary friend; and Rose and White Bernard have an argument about making an S.O.S sign.

Just when I stopped wondering what happened to Prego when she was captured, they pull me right back in…we got answers! So in addition to being an impersonator and tracker, Ethan is also a part-time doctor. A drugged up and giddy Prego decides The Others really have her baby’s best interest in mind and she decides to leave devil baby with them so it can continue to receive the already sparse vaccine. I’ve ignored the island sickness plot so far because like on every other plot point, I’m clueless. The existence of a vaccine suggests there IS something about magic island that gets you sick and The Others have a protection against it. If we accept that as fact then The Others must not want new recruit devil baby sick, however, they unfortunately decide that Prego isn’t worth the secret stash and plan to kill her. Prego then gets good-drugged by Frenchy’s daughter and is left out in the woods to escape. Prego, still drugged up, tries to screw up the rescue attempt but Frenchy the mom shows up and knocks her out (giving Prego amnesia) and completes the mother-daughter rescue. Why haven’t The Others come after devil baby since? Maybe they decided Walt was the better quarry. If there is a sickness on the island then why haven’t any of the survivors gotten sick yet? Maybe you can only contract the sickness at a certain location on the island, and let’s face it, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have not exactly been great magic island explorers (Locke being the exception).

The rest of the episodes I watched were great character drivers but didn’t move the main plot forward much. Before we learn that devious Henry was impersonating someone he killed, he tries to fulfill Locke’s request of putting the numbers into the computer. After Henry is discovered as a fraud, he tells Locke that he didn’t enter the numbers into the computer after-all which shakes Locke to the core. Is this true? Henry had less than a minute (the last-minute alarm sound had started) to get through the vent and enter the numbers so I don’t think he did. Do The Others already know about the computer? I think they do. And what was that crazy octagonal (NUMBER) design on Star Wars blast door? I paused my DVD and stared at it for a while and I think it’s a design of all the Dharma facilities out there. Maybe when combined they form…a time machine! I told you I’d use that theory. I’m also thinking that time travels differently on the island and when/if the survivors get off they will find that a lot more time has passed in the real world than on the island. Maybe this contributed to how Locke and Rose got healed. Time will tell…

Now on to the character front. We find out Hurley went crazy because he broke a dock and killed 23 (NUMBER) people and now sees Charlotte’s husband from Sex and the City in Beautiful Mind style (Was it obvious to everyone he wasn’t there). Hurley is told by his imaginary friend to jump off the cliff so he can wake up because it’s pretty ridiculous that the numbers he heard in the loony bin contributed to him winning $130M, that they shouldn’t have survived the plane crash and no pretty girl is going to be interested in him. Tear. Because of all the strange things that have happened to Hurley he is the perfect character for the “this island is all in your dreams” plot line. Once Libby saves Hurley from himself we find out SHE was in the hospital with Hurley. AHH! Why won’t these people talk to each other about their pasts!!

Can’t forget about Sun and Rose! Turns out Sun is pregnant (don’t worry, everyone is keeping their current nicknames) and learned english from suave hotel owner. We also learn that Jin’s boys can’t swim but like everything else on this island he is magically healed and he was able to knock Sun up. And speaking of healed, Rose claims she healed for real for real this time despite lying to White Bernard after he took her to some great healer in Australia. It’s great that Rose seems to be the only person that knows Locke was in a wheelchair on the plane and they share a common bond of being healed. Thinking that Rose will only be healed on the island (because time flows differently there?), White Bernard and Rose decide to stay and play Gilligan no matter what happens. It will be interesting to see if they actually stay when/if the survivors are rescued.

Next up on Finally Lost…The return of the dumb-ass dad! Forgot to mention that Jack wanted to prisoner-swap Henry for Walt but found Michael instead!

p.s. I almost peed myself in the one scene when Sawyer used every nickname he had for Hurley…Stay Puff, Jaba, Pillsbury, Rerun…

3 Responses to “Vaccines, spontaneous healing, and imaginary friends…”

  1. November 29, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Just noticed on the cover of disc 5 that there are square roots. Maybe the numbers mean something when you square them. And maybe all the hatches are on the island and the center is the power source.

  2. December 23, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    I had a very similar theory about time progressing differently on the Island as opposed to off the Island. Except mine was backwards, I thought it was Narnian in the time progressed faster on the island and slower off of it. Too bad we were wrong, it would have been fun.

  3. 3 Lauren Moore
    June 13, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    I have to agree with you, why won’t anyone talk about their past? That just makes no sense to me.

    And also, I think that “Henry” went and got on the computer and was chatting with The Others when he went through the ceiling and that’s why they gave Michael back because they knew that Henry was there.

    It’s pretty wild that there are all these hatches all over the island.

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