Sawyer’s got a gun (well really all of them)…

This time I'll really let it go to 0

Completed: 2-11 The Hunting Party, 2-12 Fire + Water, 2-13 The Long Con, 2-14 One of Them. 64 episodes left, 66 days to go. As you know I don’t know anything about this series except for I believe the survivors gets off the island at some point. Recap: Jack, Locke & Sawyer go after Michael but turn back once The Others hold Kate hostage. Charlie goes crazy and thinks he needs to baptize Aaron, Sawyer cons everyone out of the gun stock and Danielle leads Sayid to someone she claims is an Other.

I believe I’ve severely underestimated Jack’s role in all of this. All the connections seem to go through him. He’s had the most flashbacks by far and he is connected to everyone. He seems to be pivotal. The miracle he performed on his wife prompted new hotty Gabriella and her French father to seek his new found deity skills. There is something very familiar about the French dad but I can’t put my finger on it. The drawback on catching up now is I can’t google certain things for fear of running into spoilers. Then there are The Others. Zeeke (the leader) made an interesting statement about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 being guests on their island but never answered questions such as why do you want Walt (I think for his luck power), why do you stay on the island and why have you let tribe prime (main survivors) live but put the hurtpiece on the tailgater? The best theory I have is that The Others think a war with tribe prime would have been too costly while the tailgaters were weak.

I think I finally found an episode I didn’t like in Fire + Water. I am completely bored by Charlie and was not interested in his flashback at all. I got it, you were a junky with a crappy brother and now you’re seeing visions on the island, yawn. The Long Con on the other-hand was BRILLIANT. Sawyer should have been a general with his mind for strategy. He cons a woman by letting her think she’s become his partner. Back on magic island he’s long-conning Locke and Jack out of the guns and medicine. I can only imagine the chaos the tribe is in for with Sawyer in charge of the guns. Jack & Locke really need to get on the same team. If they could put aside their differences they would be a much stronger leadership group. I think the man of faith and the man of science are destined to play a game of chicken all season 2  with the computer and the armor lock as their metaphorical cars. At least we almost found out what happens when the clock goes to 000! The numbers looked like they were turning into Dharma slot machine jackpot. Maybe Hurley will let it go to 000 and add more money into his already bloated bank account. In the connections file did anyone else notice that Sawyer was being served by Kate’s mom in the diner? The more obvious connection was GI Dad (Kate’s dad) was working with Sayid in Iraq. Interesting….

Finally we get to Frenchy and her new captive. Would it kill Frenchy to answer a goddamn question?? I think Sayid is wasting his time on hot air ballon guy and needs to torture Frenchy’s ah French ass instead. If I were Sayid I think the conversation would go more like…So Frenchy where ya been? Heard anything about The Others? Do you know what the hell that black smoke was and why it didn’t kill Mr. Eko when he stood still? Me? I’m doing OK, 5-0 (Ana) killed my superficial girlfriend but at least Hurley gave me white Bernard’s receiver so I’ve been trying to boost that signal lately. Strangest thing though, I got music from the 50’s and Hurley made a time traveling comment….Cut back to me. Time Traveling! Why didn’t I think of that?? Now there’s a theory. I don’t know what the theory is but maybe there’s some time traveling going on. Give me a few more episodes and I’ll come up with something…

Next up on Finally Lost…Hot Air Balloon guy rebuilds his balloon and uses his ruby slippers to get off the island. For the record my prediction with him is he’s going to convince the survivors that he’s a regular nice guy for a while but he’s DEFINITELY another Other infiltrator.

3 Responses to “Sawyer’s got a gun (well really all of them)…”

  1. November 28, 2009 at 9:50 am

    Long Con was a fantastic episode…I feel like all of the “Saywer-centric” ones are…

    You had a couple of really good insights/predictions in this recap…but we can discuss them a
    little later, lol…

    Honestly, this is making me jealous that I can’t go back and watch all 100+ episodes before season 6 starts in February…

  2. 2 Franny
    November 28, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Long Con was on of my favorites…there’s a few episodes you’re making me want to go back and checkout again because things you’re observing may be significant, that didnt seem like it then….you’re doing a good job finding all those connections on your own without having the “morning after” convos with people to point them out

  3. December 23, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Fire + Water is truly one of the worst episodes. But I don’t really know why people liked the Long-Con so much. I admit that i liked it the first time I watched it, but there are no repercussions from it ever. It could have been a game changing episode, but in the end it changed nothing.
    Hilarious comments about Ben. I remember being so confused by him. One second you’re sure that he’s an Other, then next you’re sure that he’s innocent.

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