Sticks and stones will break Locke’s bones…

Seriously I've never heard of this hatch...

2 more episodes down and still NO idea what’s in the damn hatch! I only have the 2 part season finale left and there are still so many unanswered questions however this time we were given a few morsels of answers. Mystery 1 solved: John Locke knocked out Sayid and destroyed his equipment. I KNEW it! Wait let’s go back to the record…”Locke is very suspicious because he does too good of a job convincing Sayid it was Sawyer (even though the audience knows it wasn’t) and I’m not sure he wants to be rescued from what he dubbed “magic island” because unlike at home he has a role and is respected. That being said, I’m going to pin it on a yet to met character.” Good reasoning but went with unknown character who turned out to be Ethan. I’ll give myself half a point for reasoning, for narrowing it down to 2 good guesses and for identifying that there was someone already on the island that was going to cause them problems. Fair?

And we got some answers about Kate in her flashback. Kate did kill the man she loved and predictably it wasn’t at her hands although clearly it was her fault (BITCH that’s why no one’s voting for you on my poll!). We found out the significance of the plane!! Now that I know it, am I really expected to believe Kate would risk everything by breaking into a bank to get a toy plane? How did it get in that safety deposit box anyway? We still don’t know what Kate’s original crime was to set the law after her but maybe in her next flashback. I’d also love to know what she did to her mom to piss her off so much. PREDICTION: Kate was molested by her step-dad and ended up killing him by accident. That seems to fit and still keeps her hands relatively clean…

Before I get to Sticks I need to say something to the the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815: can you PLEASE tell each other more about yourselves! In honor of Walt telling his dad that he burned the raft I have my list of top info that would be really useful if shared:
– Hurley’s numbers (then maybe they’ll notice they’re on the hatch)
– Hurley’s numbers (it’s f’n important!)
– The fact that Locke can now walk
– Whatever the hell Locke knows about the island
– Prego’s psychic setup
–  The story of Jack’s father and Sawyer (this isn’t really important but it would be really nice for Jack and maybe he and Sawyer could then be bff’s)
– Am I missing anything???

One last thing about Walt. I’m starting to think he really does have some sort of super power. He touches Locke and then has a bad feeling about the hatch. In the past he always rolled the correct dice against Hurley and that bird showed up at his house when his parent’s weren’t listening to him. His step-dad DID call him the luckiest man alive…

And finally Sticks. What the hell were you thinking girl? Locke’s the bet shot you have! And how the hell did you know about the secret guns and that Jack had the key? Something was very odd about the shooting scene. I kept replaying it and it looked like she shot Locke in the stomach. Can anyone confirm? Is the island trying to protect Locke? Why did he get the use of his legs back again? Did it have something to do with the Hatch? I don’t think I like Sticks very much but Sayid is the man. His flashback was a great story and it made his scene with Frenchy more significant when he talked about giving up on finding his love. I really don’t see why he likes Stick’s other than she is pretty hott. But I guess on a deserted island that’s probably enough…

Next up on Finally Lost I get to see the Season Finale of Lost Season 1!! I’m predicting 4 answers and 2342 more questions. By the way today is the last day to vote for your favorite character, so please vote and I will do a write up on the winner.

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