Finally Lost Season 1 recap

Long way down

WOW what a season 1 finale. As you know Before starting I knew just about nothing about LOST (save they eventually get off the island, numbers are important and the island may be a government or alien creation) so there were quite a few things I did not see coming. Everyone got a flashback (which was awesome). Frenchy pulled a rope-a-dope and kidnapped devil baby (Aaron!) in order to swap for her 16 yr old son. The Others were really after Walt and it looks like they have a motorboat (why are they still on the island then!). Jack gives Sawyer a gun and Sawyer tells Jack about his encounter with Jack’s father (it’s like the writers read my last post). Hurley saw the numbers on the hatch. The Prof blew himself up with dynamite in a wicked cool scene (I’m sorry that the Prof died, esp since I’ve taken the trouble to give him a cool nickname). The invisible-dino is really a defense system which appears to be mechanical. Jin and Sun reconcile. Sticks shows heart, Charlie finds the heroin, the US marshal put the toy airplane in the safety deposit box, Jack is no longer married, Sayid uses gun powder to fix Charlie and the list goes on and on…

As I said before I really loved how this episode gave everyone flashbacks. They really made you feel how much the characters have changed in the last month. The theme of the flashbacks seemed to be how the main survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 almost didn’t get on the plane but fate stepped in and made sure they were. Interestingly enough we had our survivors sitting in rows 23,16,42, etc. And who is that hott chick that was hitting on Jack who just happened to be sitting in row 42 (last row in the plane). Would they bring her up and make her sit in that row if she wasn’t important? Could she be alive on the island and hanging out with Rose’s hubby??

All in all I am loving LOST right now. Season 1 had a tight the story and everything felt connected and purposeful. They probably gave us enough answers in the finale but I would have had trouble waiting between seasons to find out what happened to the folks on the boat and what’s in the goddamn hatch!! I think the next thing I need to explore is…what is the island??..because like Sawyer said, it’s too big to not have been discovered.

Next up on Finally Lost, I’m really wondering how they will bridge the time gap between seasons. So far only roughly a month has gone by. Will we pick up hours, weeks or months later? How the hell are Michael, Jin and Sawyer going to survive being 15 miles out with no boat? Will we EVER find out what’s in that damn hatch. Are the survivors going to start figuring out how they are all connected? Is hott girl #42 going to come back?

3 Responses to “Finally Lost Season 1 recap”

  1. 1 Kristin
    November 21, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    When I told you the baby’s name I meant Aaron not Erin. Haha.

  2. November 22, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    One excellent prediction by you…I won’t tell you which one though, but you’ll find out early on in Season 2…

    Looks like someone beat me to the whole Aaron/Erin thing…but while we’re making corrections for the future, it’s “Sayid” not “Sahid”

    I’d like to challenge your theory that Michelle Rodriquez is “hott”, lol…

    Also, I think we need a post of just predictions from you heading into season 2…like your top 5 predictions…whats going to happen w/ the hatch, who will die, etc…something like that…

    • November 22, 2009 at 1:41 pm

      Believe it or not I googled both Sahid and Erin and both came up without correcting me. I didn’t delve to much into it because I was afraid of spoilers, I’m living in a minefield. I’ll go back and correct the spellings soon. Predictions are up but I made them after I saw the first 4 episodes..

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