Did anyone see my keys to the alien hatch??

What's in the hatch?f

Ok i’ll bite…what’s in the damn hatch?? I seriously was only going to watch one episode before I went to bed last night but then Locke is banging on the hatch and it lit up! Finally I’m going to get some answers…cut to episode credits. OK I’ll only watch ONE more episode just so I can finally see what’s in the damn hatch…cut to Locke/hatch are nowhere to be found in the entire episode!! How did you people survive watching this show week by week?? Especially when the show was running with off weeks. This alone made me feel vindicated in waiting all these years to finally begin watching the show. I’ll only have to deal with this frustration for one season. I understand I missed countless theory conversations and internet easter egg hunts but I think the hatch episodes would have killed me. There had better be something good in that hatch…

So the recap: Locke begins to lose his ability to walk but gains the ability to see the future/hear what the island is telling him. We are also treated to another compelling Locke flashback. So far I think Locke is the most interesting and layered character on the show. He’s got it all. He’s a foster child with abandonment issues, he was conned by his own mother and father for a kidney, he was a cripple for 4 (NUMBERS) years (presumably from said kidney surgery?) and of course…by day he’s a mild mannered Walmart/box company employee, but by night he’s an expert tracker, hunter, knife thrower and jack of all trades. Plus he seems to understand everyone and knows exactly what they need. Locke is badass. Unfortunately he’s now got Boone’s death on his conscience. After his bloody Boone vision, some part of him had to know that Boone wasn’t coming away with roses from that plane. I think we can safely say Boone died a hero. He risked his last healthy seconds trying to get out a Mayday and successfully let someone know that the folks of flight 815 (NUMBERS) survived. Unfortunately for Boone he’s going home with a t-shirt that says “I risked my life for the survivors of oceanic flight 815 and all I got was this lousy case of heroin”. Sorry Charlie, heroin is back in play…

I won’t totally skate over Jack’s 3rd flashback but I have to say I found it a little boring. Jack saved his future wife on the operating table and they fell happily in love and got married. No doubt we are in store for another flashback about how they got divorced or more likely how she died. Otherwise I can’t believe Jack would be so interested in Kate. I think I was more let down by the episode because there was no hatch. Yes it was great of Jack to heroically give his blood to Boone, yes Jin showed humanity in helping Prego and yes Kate delivered the devil baby to the world but…what was that light??

Next up we find out what’s in the hatch or I’ll jump out of my window. Also Sticks (Shannon) will have to deal with some issues since her step-brother-lover-from-another-mother died while she was away playing a game of blue lagoon with Sayid…

3 Responses to “Did anyone see my keys to the alien hatch??”

  1. November 20, 2009 at 5:34 am

    Can you please start calling them flashbacks? Every time you say “Deep Dive” all I think of is work, lol.

  2. December 7, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Ugh, when that heroine came back into play I was so pissed. I get that fate is just playing with Charlie, but that was just maddening.
    And that light, I remember that episode. I think it might have been just before a mini break. That was a rough cliff-hanger.

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