Another 4 episode clip finished and here’s the recap: Each episode continues to flashback into one characters past, Locke continues to play the part of the colonel and rehabs Charlie, Jack wrestles his demons and wins immunity and control of the tribe, Sun speaks english (finally I predicted something right, too bad I didn’t blog it) and saves Sticks from her breathing problems, Jack goes all Swiss Family Robinson and leads the tribe to the cave sans Kate, Sawyer isn’t even his real name and……Sayid gets hit over the head while trying to triangulate the power source!!

Now I don’t want to brush over all the rest but I need to take a crack of whodunit. Out of all the main characters I *think* only Rose (is she a main char?), Preg0 (what’s her name?) and Locke weren’t accounted for. I believe everyone else was digging out Jack or helping out Sayid in his 4th of July experiment. I’m ruling out Rose because of motive and Prego because she ain’t walking that far which leaves Locke or a yet-to-be-met character. Locke is very suspicious because he does too good of a job convincing Sayid it was Sawyer (even though the audience knows it wasn’t) and I’m not sure he wants to be rescued from what he dubbed “magic island” because unlike at home he has a role and is respected. That being said, I’m going to pin it on a yet-to-be-met character. I think they’ve all landed on magic island for a reason and I think someone is out there conspiring. Which brings me to this point…finally Sayid brings it up, there’s NO WAY the tribe should have survived a plane ripping in half at their altitude and no way they should coincidentally have landed on magic island (unless that’s part of the magic).

So if it’s not already obvious, I’m loving the show (clearly since I’ve ripped off 8 episodes already). No answers have really come so far which is a bit frustrating but let’s face it how many answers can they get after 6 days on a deserted island. Once Jack gets life stable for the tribe I think the first mission should be to explore the island and find the power source. There seems to be only 1 invisible dino-thing so it’s worth the gamble. Finally I need to talk about a couple of the characters. So far I’m loving Kate, Hurley and Locke. I like Jack a lot, Prego’s got some spunk, I’ve got high hopes for Sun and then there’s Sawyer. He’s the character we’re told to hate but hope he redeems himself because he had such a rough life. The Jack-Sawyer-Kate love triangle is going to be interesting but I think Jack’s gonna lose out. Sawyer’s just too damaged bad boy goods for Kate to resist, and unlike Sawyer, Jack won’t do whatever it takes to get with Kate…

Who gets the next character flashback? Unfortunately I think the alarm clock has gone off for the annoying dad but I’d like to see what Sayid is up to…

2 Responses to “Whodunit”

  1. 1 Kristin
    November 18, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    FYI, It’s Sayid…not Sahid.

  2. December 7, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    If only the Islanders would do what we want them to do. It would make total sense to follow a cord into the jungle, but these people never do what makes sense. It’s slightly maddening for a long time.

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